Air Meditation – Music Only




This 20 minute song clears your thoughts and frees you from the vicious cycles of over-thinking, non-productive thinking, and persistent negative thinking and replaces it with an inspired frame of mind and allows you to access a higher, more creative and inspired self.

Use this song when you seek new solutions, want to create anew, or are stuck in the same old patterns of thought with no result. It lifts your mind to new levels of understanding and brand new ways of viewing things.

How To Use:

Each song contains 45 minutes of beautiful original music that activates the frequency of the corresponding element in your own expression and energy field, as well as a guided meditation to further call that frequency into play in your life.

Enjoy the music by itself or with the meditation to nurture and balance your spirit and strengthen your ability to succeed.

Each one expresses one of the five elements and helps change the rhythm and direction of your life and guides you to a more authentic and creative path of expression.

Choose the one that speaks to you at this time or get all five so you are able to call up these frequencies as you need them.