Trust Your Vibes – The Live Workshop (One pay)




Your sixth sense…..Don’t leave home without it…

Intuition is not a fluke or something some of us have while others don’t. It’s not  woo-woo or weird and some crazy notion to be ignored or dismissed.

Intuition is our natural, innate guidance system. Based in the heart, intuition is our highest, most authentic and  empowering inner guidance system that you need to live your best life!

It is the voice of our divine spirit and is essential to navigating  safely and successfully through our human journey.  

Intuition comes to our attention through vibrations which inform us of more than meets the eye and which reveal the truth of any situation or person. 

The better informed we are, the better the decisions we make. 

That’s is why smart people  ALWAYS trust their vibes.

Whether you use your intuition to protect you from danger, lead you to the right people at the right time for love, romance, and business success, guide you to your soul’s true purpose in life, or create some fabulous and wonderful  new invention, it is the highest faculty we have for living our best , most joyful, healthy, happy life.


Where: Eaglewood Resort and Spa – Itasca, IL

When: TBD

Price: $950