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5 thoughts on “Chakra 1 – Moodra and Meditation

  1. Is the first chakra to do with your bladder etc

  2. Wow what a powerful exercise, I felt it deeply, feel so grounded now. Thank you Sonia!

  3. These lessons on the chakras are soooo helpful to me!!! I’ve been wanting to learn all of this for the longest time! Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Sonia
    I see that chakra one only has two tutorials for it . I don’t see one for the topic of understanding like all the othe chakras have to tell me how I’m out of balance and to heal / balance it. I struggle with finding and holding on to jobs and steady income and hoped to hear a video on understanding , like second chakra understanding which I found helpful.

  5. I definitely feel more grounded. It’s a good, solid and energetic feeling. Thanks.

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