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  1. Dear Sonia, I just finished my first week and had so many break throughs I can’t even list them all… It would go on for ever 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful White Light I now see inside of me expand around and outside all of me. Thank you for Birdie who decided to show up in the most comical way but had words of wisdom too for me: “there are no short cuts!” Thank you for allowing me to open my eyes to the fact that I have already been guided all my life: making a list was so enlightening to understand that many Angels were around me with messages. I was not paying attention. Now a lot of things are making sense.
    I listed my insecurities, fears etc and immediately started receiving help in many ways. Here are some of my 1st ever in life:
    Started drawing! Hugged but really connected with a tree! Saw the Ocean and a wave breaking in front of me while meditating! I said out loud: I am a healer!! I felt hands of a woman on my neck when the tension was there: guardian Angel? Walked into an Ethiopian restaurant and immediately tears started rolling down my face like a silent waterfall !! Questions are popping up and answers are coming like a quick whisper. I am talking to my guides and Angels. I am waking up at 4:30 am feeling rested and ready to stretch, breathe, meditate, journal (never done!). I feel in peace. Calm. Present. Curious. Focused. I am reading (instead of scrolling down a screen…) I am reaching out friends to express my gratitude.
    I adore the course. The guided meditation bonus was is amazing. I am very excited and not sure I have words enough to thank you. P.s. I met you some 22 years ago, while signing your book you told me we were going to meet again !!

  2. Well, I did it. It took me over a year, but I finished this course. I took notes and use them. This was such a valuable course for me. I so appreciate your gifts, Sonia. xxoo.

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