Good Vibes Tribe 2.0 – VIP Annual Membership

$285.00 / year

As a member you will get, monthly coaching calls, handpicked lectures, meditations, visual journeys, 13 online courses, your own tribe, weekly emails from me, and online courses, including the brand new Ask Your Guides 2.0, available only to members! I’m giving you all of this because I want to see you live your life at the highest level!


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 Good Vibe Tribe Membership – Annual


Are you ready for 13 courses and an additional 13 member perks. Your membership includes it all!!!

The Good Vibes Tribe is a dedicated community, designed to help you activate your intuition and improve your life exponentially!

A membership like no other!

I want you to feel excited about your intuition and your daily practices, without them take back seat to everyday life. That’s why I’ve built the Good Vibes Tribe membership community—to make it easy for you to access the guidance and support you need and to learn how to live the life you want!

As a member, you will get monthly calls, phone app., handpicked lectures, meditations, visual journeys, surprises like new online courses, your own tribe, weekly emails from me, and over $3000 worth of my courses. I’m giving you all of this because I want to see you live your life at the highest level!

Let me help support you throughout the year, as you practice and strength your intuitive skills.

I’ll see you inside!

1 Year Annual Membership


You will receive:

  • Ask Your Guides 2.0 – This course is only available through the Good Vibe Tribe membership. How to really learn at the deepest level with guides and get in the flow.
  • Monthly group coaching call – Every month, we come together LIVE as a community on a Zoom call.
  • Your very own phone app. – Thats right, this membership will be one of the first to offer it’s members their very own app. You are simply one touch away from your membership.
  • 13 Online courses – Your annual membership will automatically unlock 13 of Sonia’s courses.
  • Guided Meditations – In-depth guided meditations directly from my spirit guides. You can practice the meditation as often as you want and you’ll always have access to past meditations.
  • Visual Journeys – We could all use a daily break, a breather, an escape from the daily grind. These visual journeys do just that.
  • Intuitive Talks – Some of my favorite and most powerful live talks.
  • Weekly Email From Me -You’ll get a good vibe email from me at the start of every week to help you feel inspired, uplifted, and supported. I will personally make sure you stick with your new daily practice.
  • Exclusive Discounts – As a Good Vibes member you get exclusive discounts to my workshops, online courses. Do discounts up to 70% off sound good?
  • A Supportive Community – Connect with like-minded Good Vibe Tribers, where you can, share your story, ask and answer questions and just enjoy the vibe.
  • Surprises – New online courses, conference calls, workbooks, all things that you will receive, the question is, when will they arrive?
  • Daily Inspiration – Receive daily, inspirational messages directly to your phone.

Join the Good Vibes Tribe Today! And become a part of a truly genuine, engaged, uplifting community, with a whole lot of perks!!



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