Private Mentoring Deposit (JB Only)

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2024/25 Mentoring

2 reviews for Private Mentoring Deposit (JB Only)

  1. Heather Dusseault

    Well, looks like we’ll be manifesting this considering I am being guided to write a review here not knowing what it why but trusting my guidance to evolve for the greater good.
    Thank you for your time. ♥️

  2. Ulla Jensen

    +45 27730818

    My long term goal is to connect with my Spirits on a higher level,
    being able to help my clients together with the power of the Spirits.

    I am very sensitive, but for some reasons I have a problem /not comfortable connecting with the Spirits on a deaper level.

    To do that in a powerfull way, I also need help to heal my inner child and guilt, way back from previous lifes.

    That includes all my chackras.

    It is not to be seen, that a car hid the back of my car, years back,
    but it still gives me challances using my arms and brain too much.

    Maybe it was not by a coincidence, that my waterpipe leaked last Sunday.
    I am still in pain, after trying to cloce the stopcock for all the water.
    That means it is hurting to read, speak or concentrat to much. My teeth.
    Clearing out my energies is hurting as well as walking in normal tempo.
    No decire to eat. This weakness has a connecting to my colon and heart.

    Clearing out my energies daily has helped a lot, but as I just experienced,
    I am not totally over it yet,….. but soon 🙂

    Looking forward to connecting with you <3

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