Space Meditation – Music Only

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This 45 minute song focuses on grounding your spirit and helps you draws from the earth and all sources of support so you can firmly and happily be in your body and walk in confidence on your path.

Use it when you feel scattered, afraid, insecure, unsupported, and want extra energy and confidence to walk your path. It also helps free you from negative ancestral patterns and pulls in the best of your lineage to support your way.

How to use:

Each song contains 45 minutes of beautiful original music that activates the frequency of the corresponding element in your own expression and energy field, as well as a guided meditation to further call that frequency into play in your life.

Enjoy the music by itself or with the meditation to nurture and balance your spirit and strengthen your ability to succeed. Each one expresses one of the five elements and helps change the rhythm and direction of your life and guides you to a more authentic and creative path of expression.

Choose the one that speaks to you at this time or get all five so you are able to call up these frequencies as you need them.

5 reviews for Space Meditation – Music Only

  1. Mirella Cooper (verified owner)

    Love this!!!! WOW! The music, the flow of the breathing you can hear on it, and the length of it is all so perfect and otherworldly. I sat with it under my pyramid and followed along with the breathing that you hear, my thoughts were no where but out there in space. I eventually felt my Kundalini rising and it was powerful …. and delicious.
    Thank you for this!

  2. debedds (verified owner)

    This meditation immediately invites my body and mind chatter to melt, and so I return to a place of peace and inner connection. I love the idea of focused breath as I listen. I am making Space Meditation a daily practice, in the evening as I prepare myself for rest.

  3. Martina Alkharaz (verified owner)

    It is a great meditation, it worked wonders to empty my mind of all the tiring thoughts I have in my head whole day. I felt relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I am still enjoying the emptiness in my mind…which is so lovely.

  4. Tanya Sootes (verified owner)

    This meditation is great, it is my favorite so far. The sound is deep and helps me tune inward instantly. it gives me an instant sense of calm. I feel the vastness and the vibration of space.
    The sound of this meditation is very soothing and is great for falling asleep to.

  5. Susan Giles (verified owner)

    This is a great meditation. The music and tempo really helped me to stay focused on my breathing, therefore my ego thoughts and chatter dissipates quickly and easily. I felt really peaceful afterwards.

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