Lesson 1 – Recognize Your Spirit Type

NOTE: After hearing from so many people from Guides 1.0. Sonia decided it would be best if each student did their own journal through their own means (electronic, free write, paper, etc..) instead of having a generic PDF that they have to print out. Sorry for the miscommunication. ~ Ryan Kaiser, Sonia’s Assistant
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47 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – Recognize Your Spirit Type

  1. homework- 2 love people 1st person was water-sensitive & grounded, 2nd person sensitive & fire. 1 neutral person-grounded. 2 opposite personality- Both-etheric & fire.
    I have to say that im learning difference between my minds opinion and feeling the energy piece. Very Helpful.

  2. I completed this lesson over the past 2 days as instructed and VERY powerful.

  3. Video was ssssoooo helpful! I can associate with all the spirit types, lol.

  4. WOW! Just what I needed to hear and think about~ I am an Earth Spirit with a little water. I was just informed by the person’s whose house I share ~ that he has decided to put the house on the market Feb. 12. The middle of Winter in New England. My dog Lucy and I have lived here for the past 4 years after moving 1,000 from our last home. This older couple welcomed us into their house. It has been very positive and a lovely experience. But the man’s wife of 45 years passed away last year. He asked Lucy and me to stay till he sold the house. I kept getting mixed messages about whether he really wanted to sell it. Then WHAM! I am a high school teacher~ Special Ed. and I have 3 conferences in the next 2 weeks. I am also taking a class which ends mid-March. I am angry~ then I try to be grateful. I am completely overwhelmed. My bedroom needs to be photo ready by this week. I am usually very grounded and need to adjust to change slowly. He is definitely an Air spirit ~ except the communication part.

  5. I too didn’t feel there was enough information on the spirit elements and so did a search. Earth, Air, Water and Fire are elements but etheric is “spirit,” is that correct? I can clearly see I am a mix with Air primary followed by water. As far as the assignment I can more easily identify spirit in people I love, however strangers make it more difficult as there are layers of social construct and I have to really move to heart rather than brain to try to see it. Thank you to the person who shared the link to Sonia’s piece at Omega, that was the piece I really needed because it gave examples Those examples helped me more clearly identify the five people (in the assignment). The feel and not absorb is a continuing practice for me.

  6. How do i recognize what spirit type i am?

  7. Over the last day I started as fire, moved into water , then air , then etheric, today I recognise my need to GROUND and earth myself .
    There are qualities of my spirit expression in all spirit types , and at the moment noticing how I need to spend time to ground my desires, ground my spirit and discover how to come to fruition !
    Thank you .

  8. Thank you Sonia. My spirit is Fire. I am learning to recognize when fire is needed and when needing to ground. My body is very high vibrational, so my nervous system is wacky when I do not take care of it. I move so swiftly, exactly how fire moves. Always shifting and changing, this is probably the reason why it is a challenge for me to be disciplined. I sometimes find myself all over the place in my thoughts and actions. This lesson will be a pivotal one. All my Love

  9. I have picked this up quickly–too quickly, it seems!

  10. Hi Sonia,
    I’m wondering if I could get something that explains what the different Spirit Types there are and what are their characteristics

    1. Here is the link to a video by Sonia

    2. Hi there. In the book “The Answer is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit! that Sonia wrote. It briefly describes 4 of the types of spirits. It is on page 36 to 38. This is in Step 2: Welcome your spirit. In Love and Light. Elisheva

  11. I too would love a list but I also have a question. How can you tell what spirit someone is if they are not being authentically themselves? I have a couple of people that I see are trying to come off a certain way but actually have found that they do not act in the way they profess. Thank you to anyone who can explain xo

  12. Hi, How can we identify if what kind of spirit a person is? How can we know if your a fire, water, air spirit how can we identify?

  13. Can we get a list of the characteristics of each spirit?

    1. Could you please send it to my email?

  14. Hi Sonia,
    It’s nice to hear you teach – I love listening to your voice and let your words wash over me! πŸ™‚ However, I’m not fully clear how to identify the Spirit essence – I think I need more descriptions, examples, etc. to better understand this lesson and apply the homework or integrate the information with mind, spirit, and intuition.
    I didn’t notice one, but is there an e-book or course manual that accompanies this course and maps out the topics with information for each lesson? Thank you!

  15. A list would be fabulous since I am more visual, not auditory.

  16. I think I am a mixture of all of them …depending on the day

  17. I am only just getting started with these videos and already glad to be here ..Feel like I am a mix of all the spirits …depending on the day and circumstances …

  18. Thank you. Loving getting back to my knowing. I have let it slide for a long time. Thank you!

  19. This is really interesting. At first I felt I must be a water spirit. Then I thought “Oh I am not sensitive or compassionate enough”. Then I thought “there is a lot of air spirit in me”, but I actually DO read the books I get and I have a hard time assimilating certain information so I get stuck if I am trying to impart certain things (usually philosophical or economical things I don’t quite get!) When I am ignited (needs to be doing something creative like writing or something expressive like acting), then I will take off like there is no stopping me, but that’s not that often. I am not sure if earth spirit ever appears … maybe I am 3/ 4 etheric (or just bonkers!)

    1. I’m new at replying or making a comment online. I can’t tell whether it looks like I’m replying to someone’s comment or just making my own. I guess I’ll figure it out eventually?! I’ve read chinese medicine books on earth, water, fire, and air and tarot reading has those four elements as well. I’ve always felt I was mostly earth with some water and fire, definitely not air. With Sonia’s description I think I am mostly water because I am overly emotional, with some earth and definitely needing more fire. I could be etheric cause I am very impulsive and tend to be a rule breaker instead of a rule follower

  20. I am air and fire with a heavy dose of earth. My air though is the pilot to my fire – the getting things going and earth – creating organization. If I use a travel experience as a descriptor, my air decides where I am going, and deeply explores the history and opportunities. Air gets me on amazon where I order a million books on the places and history of that city. My air wants to know what is currently happening in Paris but also where did the Knights of Templar reside? My fire pushes me to make connections with people/organizations so that I have wonderful experiences while i’m in that city and loves a full to-do list. My earth happily researches where to stay- what environment will feel right, is it a neighborhood that has coffee shops and restaurants, where do I want to sit on the plane, etc. This was very fun.

    1. Hello, brethren! I am an Air-Fire type as well πŸ™‚
      Things that move andmotivate me are:
      Beauty, both observing and creating it
      Changing things for better
      Letting people see their best, so – bringing new possibilities, creating opportunities for things to happen
      Organizing, starting projects
      I adore ideas, thoughts
      I enjoy communicationwith people and teaching

  21. i feel so blessed to begin this journey. I already feel like I am returning to who I am just a little bit more…can’t wait to keep going…for now time to pay attention to my spirit….wishing everyone grace at finding your true spirits.

  22. Dont you all get it? You suppose to observe and list them as you see, as u begin to know your spirit.

  23. Me too. I need to know what are these fire, water, sky, air, earth mean? Then I can complete this homework.

  24. Hi everyone. Hi Sonia. This is so helpful to me in trying to connect on a deeper level and being more aware in ways that I didn’t understand before. or even know. I’m a water spirit with elements of earth and air. I really don’t move very quickly, growing and learning are important to me.
    Thank you Sonia,

  25. Sonia’s assistant here. After hearing from so many people from Guides 1.0. Sonia decided it would be best if each student did their own journal through their own means (electronic, free write, paper, etc..) instead of having a generic PDF that they have to print out. Sorry for the miscommunication.

    Ryan Kaiser

  26. My spirit type is a mix of Earth, Water, and Etheric. Is it possible to have all these qualities in one?

  27. Here is a little more information in this video on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TrustYourVibes/posts/10203008238712871

    1. Thank you Janine! The video was helpful!

    2. You’re welcome. Tina πŸ™‚
      I had to laugh, I guess all of us on there wanting more information have an air-spirit side.

    3. Janine…I thought the same thing!!! πŸ™‚

    4. Yes this video finally explained them at length – helped make sense for this excercise above..thanks

    5. Janine, thank you for the fb link. That was very helpful… the AIR in me loved the information! lol

    6. Hugely helpful! Thanks, Janine πŸ™‚

  28. I was going to take written notes from the video

  29. Following the posted questions….

  30. Sonia mentioned a PDF with lessons to complete after each module. Where is it located? Thank you!

    1. Following as I can’t seem to find it either πŸ™‚

    2. Anyone find it yet????

  31. I also need more clarity and information on each type but also it seems to me that I have not just two most basic but four can that be?

  32. Can you describe the Etheric? I think I understand the earth, fire, water and air spirits but I donΒ΄t think I get the etheric. Thank you!

  33. I need a list of the characteristics of each spirit.


    1. I have the same need.

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