Lesson 2 – Sense the Spirit in Everything

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30 thoughts on “Lesson 2 – Sense the Spirit in Everything

  1. I like knowing about the different elements and can see the different aspects. vacillate between one element water sentimental, if i have get something done go into fire mode – does not work well with earth people. i came from earth, but ive had to shift in order move fwrd and trust and find work. water and air.

  2. I get excited about learning and love to share what I’ve learned. I tend to be a very compassionate and emotional (water) spirit but also like the stability of the earth spirit. I have moments of Fire and Air as well. I’m just beginning to have an awareness – more insight into my type of spirit.

  3. Thank you Sonia!

  4. Otis the cat has a fire spirit.
    I am going to introduce some more candles in the apartment.
    My spirit is 20 percent air 40 percent water 5 percent fire.30 percent earth.
    5 (10 percent) etheric….

    1. Hello! Very interested to see your breakdown Spirits. How did you get to those percentages??!!

  5. My pup greets me every time I enter my home. I could have stepped out for 10 minutes and he is thrilled to see me. I just love his spirit and how he never fails to brighten my day, even on the best of days his lil spirit just make mine shine that much brighter.

  6. Ahh, big light bulb. I am air, then water in a close second. I am actually, as Sonia said, all of them. I now see why, after being out social or at a work event I long to come home to “touch base.” I call my home my sanctuary because it has nature surrounding it and I have created a space that speaks to who I am. I often get messy when working (home based office) and couldn’t understand why I needed order and clean but then could get so messy with my work and play. I see it is not this or that it is both….both are needed for me to be in spirit. Big sigh to understand this. Thank you.

  7. Outside my front door a beautiful Jasmine is in flower , I sense it’s spirit and fragrance .
    I am moved by the spirit of colour , of Love ,of orderliness ,of efficiency ,of care , of artistry, harmony and humour .

  8. I’ve felt restless in my house for many years. It has a fire/air feel and I’m a earth/water person. For this and many other reasons–time to move!

  9. Is there some chats or chat rooms so we can talk to others doing the courses cuz I some times feel a bit isolated doing courses on line by myself

    1. we have a facebook group where we all chat with each other.

    2. That is a great idea. Are you part of the facebook group?

  10. What does your spirit most want
    you to know and do today?
    ~ Alan Cohen

  11. Feeling so unmotivated this week! I will add some fire to my home and wardrobe. Thanks for the guidance!

  12. I’m becoming aware of the energies that I sense from others, some can be so disturbing to me , I have to be careful that I don’t absorb it. I ask for a shield to be put around me from my angels to help me interact with the person or persons.

  13. Hey Everyone! This lesson really resonated with me too! I don’t tolerate chaotic envirnoments well. I make my home my haven and it is peaceful, grounded and serene. I instantly sense the energy in places and people and feel most comfortable in nature (I live in the mountains). City environments can really rattle me. I learned so much these past few lessons and now know that I can watch the energy and not absorb it, observe and not let it envelope me. This is HUGE for me and has made me so grateful!! Can’t wait to try this out!

  14. This exercise brings up gratitude for me, and my thoughts tend to polarize when I’m focusing on anything (too much air), and this exercise reminds me that I have so many things to be grateful for, not just the obvious ones. This takes me from photo still shot to panorama. Thank you.

  15. Thank you. This has shown me that I am too grounded and I need to stir things up

  16. This is a lovely session to view. Things that I have felt over the last 6-12 months or so, consciously felt. Usually being in the heavy overwhelming places like emergency department of a hospital or a crowded shopping centre ie boxing day sale….stepping outside and finding a place with nature feels much better. Or when my ‘aetheric’ daughter visits – the energy in my home changes dramatically. Have to white sage it to clear it .
    Also interesting when I walk into a room in my house, and it feels clogged. Moving furniture around and tidying it up (ie art room) changes the energy – feels so much better.
    I also felt the tree energy when I had to lop off the top of the tree and I felt my tree so much that when everyone had left, I went out and hugged my tree. I look forward to ‘acknowledging’ the spirit within everything on a continual basis…..thank you x

  17. Love this. Looking at the spirits I love : Love the energy of the place I live, having the sea a short walk away. Love being with my wonderful friends and the convent where we meditate, the cafe where we gather and have coffee afterwards, my Qi Gong class. Meditation and Qi Gong ground me. Reading uplifting books and watching certain movies feeds my soul. I love my little house when I have a fire lit like tonight and I can hear the wind and rain outside.

  18. This instantly made me realize I’ve created a “too” grounded space around me, probably to deal with current life/career chaos. Need to loosen up, air out, a little!

  19. I loved this lesson because I often feel things about spaces- restaurants, offices, hotels, even buildings but certainly homes- that can sound very “woo-woo” if I share with anyone. Recently I was looking for a new home, returning to a city I had previously lived in and realized I’ve always known when I walk into a home if it “feels” like it can be my home. I know within minutes, which can drive real estate agents crazy. I’ve always been this “opinionated” as other will often describe it. Now I’ve learned, I’m just reading energy. Same for restaurants, places of business, group gatherings, even people and much more. The lesson for me is to accept that the energy I’m reading is real rather than let my mind try to convince me otherwise through rational analysis.

  20. I created a sacred space indoor and outdoor. In my sweet home is already a higher vibration. I connected with the spirit of nature, water and fire I feel peace and serenity and see in everyone a Divine Spirit.
    I am grateful for that can go deeper in my inner world. I find amazing. It’s such a pleasure to be all round connected with the Divine Support System and have a lot of fun.
    I love it.
    Love and light,

  21. I am really grateful for Sonia. Sonia is a TRUE Light Being. I can feel her HUGE positive energy around her. She can light up all the peoples around her. Bring JOY and HAPPINESS to us. She is an ANGEL from Heaven. That is what I can sense her spirit with LOVE.

  22. I have become aware of the spirit in everything surrounding me! Much Love!

  23. Thank you so much Sonia. I too am so happy to learn and think about everything in this way.

  24. This is so much fun , I can’t wait to try doing this on a higher spiritual level. 💓 Thank you Sonia for these lessons , it will completely change how we interact with each other and with everything around us. Loving this vibe tribe !!!!!

  25. This is exactly how I live, sensing and feeling, connecting to everything around me.

  26. This is very helpful🙏

  27. I am very pleased that I can learn this like this.
    I am in love
    and I like good vibrations.

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