Archangels Invocation to Call in Your Archies

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2 reviews for Archangels Invocation to Call in Your Archies

  1. Lee Ann Self (verified owner)

    This is such a great meditation, I am really grateful I was able to listen to this meditation. It just makes u feel nice inside. I listen in the morning its helping to keep me calm throughout the day. The music & the guided voice of Sonia is wonderful. It is different from any meditation I have ever listened to. Thank you Sonia

  2. Andrea Cicchillo (verified owner)

    Absolutely transformational for me! I personally don’t feel like a expert meditator. Although I feel like a very good visualizer. I’ve had personal guided meditation through yoga classes and downloads from many other folks through the past twelve years. This is the most powerful guided meditation for me to date. I feel calm, protected, loved, warm, open, and ready for me to see and feel the world. If I could hug and thank Sonia personally I would have done this many time over again.
    Thank You Sonia!!!!!!!!!! Love to You!!!!!

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