Earth Meditation

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This 45 minute song focuses on grounding your spirit and helps you draws from the earth and all sources of support so you can firmly and happily be in your body and walk in confidence on your path.

Use it when you feel scattered, afraid, insecure, unsupported, and want extra energy and confidence to walk your path. It also helps free you from negative ancestral patterns and pulls in the best of your lineage to support your way.

How To Use:

This meditation consists of 45 minutes of beautiful original music that activates the frequency of the corresponding element in your own expression and energy field, as well as a guided meditation to further call that frequency into play in your life.

Enjoy the meditation to nurture and balance your spirit and strengthen your ability to succeed.


3 reviews for Earth Meditation

  1. jdage88 (verified owner)

    I love this meditation it is so easy to deeply fall into, leaving me feeling very centred and grounded. Thank You Sonia

  2. Paula Frandsen (verified owner)

    This meditation is amazing, it took a couple times for,me to connect and really experience this one as I have to get out of my head! The spirit guide who stepped forward showed me the hawk to remind me of the power and support to be aware of while on earth, also my gift was these hawk feathers that were out my back door not to long ago, so it’s perfect how I was given the feathers tangibly ahead of time, but when I asked in transparency I was shown the reality of my connection to earth thru hawk energy. I was told many years ago to understand animals speak and along with my gift today I looked at the message from the hawk and they are protectors of earth and so much more….this meditation is just the beginning to a new perspective if you will allow it to open you up to receive the messages for your wellbeing and growth! Which in turn you naturally extend to others to build up rather than tear down.

  3. ewyrobek (verified owner)

    The Earth Meditation is a powerful and life changing tool! I strongly recommend it, unless you are attached to your ego ;).

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