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The 4-Step Plan to Letting Your Intuition Guide You

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Acting on your intuition is one of the most empowering choices you can make, by “tuning in” and listening to your sixth sense, you can chart a new course, one that brings deep peace and satisfaction.

I want to let you know that I’m just like you. Full of dreams, hopes, talents as
well as flaws and fears.

I am no smarter, gifted or fortunate than you and everything that I’ve achieved, I started from my parents small house in Denver (with 7 kids) when I was just 12. I did this all by listening to my gut, my vibes, my intuition, whatever you want to call it and you can do the same thing. I tell you this, because if I can make my dreams and hopes come true then I know you can. You might be successful but just can’t seem to get to the next step, or maybe you have given up on your largest dreams. You are smart enough, you have what you need, it is sitting literally right in front of you. You just need to TUNE IN!

That is why I created my newest and I believe most life changing course yet…. TUNE IN!

From Waking Up, to Digging Deep, Taking the Leap and finally Entering the Flow, this invaluable online course instructs seekers at all stages of their journey and those who are looking to take their first step, how to directly tune in to their intuition. Whether you’re just beginning to tap into your intuition or are already living in the flow, Tune In offers a wealth of inspiration that will enable you to engage more deeply with your sixth sense, your authentic self, and allow you to live a more rewarding, fearless, effective and enjoyable life. Things can work in your favor, trust me!!!

You Will Learn…

  • A simple four-step plan for tuning into your intuition
  • How to get into the flow of your greatest fulfillment on every level
  • Effective step-by-step direction in how to let go of your frustrations and disappointments
  • How to experience the satisfaction and joy of an intuitively guided life

This Course Includes:

  • IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE – Your life will – bit by bit – start to change for the better.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS – The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 30 days. If you feel there is no value we’ll happily refund you.
  • VIDEO LESSONS – Watch 15 brand new high definition video lessons, yours to work 365/24/7 at your own pace, when and where you want to.
  • VISUAL JOURNEY – We all need a break during the day, instead of coffee or tea use this!
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – Access 4 brand new and never before released meditations that work with each lesson. Use them as you need when you need.

13 reviews for Tune In

  1. hayat.faysal (verified owner)

    Thank you for this refreshing course! I loved it

  2. Shoshana

    Tune IN- seriously
    Sonia Choquette is the Real Deal. If you want to get in touch with your intuition and inner guidance-go with her! I am very very specific about who I learn from and who I listen to because of the large quantity of heeby jeeby people out there trying to steal your soul or get your money. She isn’t trying to do any of those. She is trying to help you guide yourself, trust yourself, follow your gut,and live the best life of your dreams possible! I am enjoying this course so much. It is so Real and Honest and gets right to the core of how I can tune in, listen to my own inner guidance and trust myself. Thank You Sonia!

  3. Gina

    Tune In
    Thoroughly enjoyed these videos! Very informative, positive and uplifting! Sonia has such a great spirit. She does a wonderful job of conveying abstract concepts in a way that makes them immediately applicable in your life!

  4. Rebecca Dawn

    Though I’ve been trying for most of my life to gain greater access to my intuition I was blocked, cut off and wandering around in the dark. This course gave me the tools to start finding my way. Since I started paying attention I can feel the energy in my body shifting and opportunities I thought were a pipe dream are popping up all over the place. Sonia is a breath of fresh air and presented exactly what I needed to hear in a way that was engaging and fun. Thank you for giving me the keys to finally unlock the door between me and my Higher Self.

  5. Tish

    Whats the Frequency, Kenneth?
    I really needed this video course at this time. I used to be very self grounded and followed my intuition with great results and lately I have lost that, this course is helping me to get that back. Ive only just completed 6 days of it and am doing it along with the book “The Psychic Pathway” and its like getting a super sonic blast of being back on my course and in my flow. Already Ive had some interesting things happen with following this guidance and seeing direct results of following my intuition! Thanks!

  6. Ronda

    Tune in
    I was really not sure if I should purchase this course because I am already doing the online 6th sensory course but let me tell you that I am so happy that I did! If you have the 6th sensory course you will find this to be an added bonus. Thank you Sonia! I am loving this course and so happy because I am really beginning to TUNE IN to my source. 🙂

  7. Mary A. Osborne

    Tune In – Let Your Intuition Guide You Online Couse
    Watching and listening to Sonia in the videos in this course feels like spending one-on-one time with her. “Tune In” is fun and insightful, and it teaches you how to use your own intuition to illuminate your path in life. This is a really enjoyable and worthwhile class.

  8. Shari R

    Great Course
    Incredible pearls of wisdom shared by Sonia regarding how to tune in to one’s own intuition. She provides, step by step, clearly stated directions on how to learn to receive guidance. Awesome course.

  9. Leanne Van Zwam

    Tune In – Let Your Intuition Guide You Online Course
    I have just started part 1 and already I feel the benefits. I was in two minds when purchasing this product but when I started to listen to the introduction and part 1, I was so glad that I did. Sonia has a calming voice and the words that are used are so easily felt and understood. You instantly obtain an epiphany of what is being said. You feel that jumping in feet first is what you need, you can’t wait to get started and move forward.

  10. Deborah Hutchings

    Love the course
    Am loving the course – its also made be reach out to those people in my life I love and trust and learn more!

  11. Lynda Haines

    Thank you so much for this excellent course. I also have the book now and after reading it I will revisit the course. This course is light and refreshing and makes using your intuition very comfortable to go with. Thank you Sonia. Lynda

  12. Henrietta Atkin

    Such a great course!
    Sonia just ties everything together in this course. It makes listening to your inner voice so easy. She says that our intuition is our authentic self, and then goes on to show you how to become your spirit. I feel such a connection to my true self after listening to a couple of these video lessons a day. She shows you that you’re not leaping into the unknown when you follow your intuition, but, rather, that you leaping back into the spirit that you have always been and are meant to be! I have had some amazing psychic experiences since listening to her teachings, and I expect to have many many more. This is such a worthwhile and fun course.

  13. Jodi

    Love it!
    I love the way Sonia presents all of her online courses. I like that you get the courses forever so that you can go back over it as many times as you need with fresh eyes. The meditations are wonderful! This course really calmed me down and brought me into deeper gratitude and focus. Thank you Sonia!

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