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The Most In-Depth Intuition Training Course on the Market

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For the first time ever, I have created the most in-depth, professional and intuitive training courses on the market.

I decided to developed this course in response to many requests to make these tools available for everyone.

This ground-breaking Six Sensory Living course will give you ethical guidelines to enhance your overall well-being. I’ll give you in-depth guidance to lead you to a more successful and fulfilled personal and professional life. Plus, you’ll get practical training and professional support.

Take this course at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

I know this will change your life!

Amazing Benefits You’ll Enjoy…

  • You’ll face life with grace and a newfound sense of abundance
    You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists, or the constantly evolving articles to read, or the multitude of people to catch up with. Your intuition will stand by you and guide through each and every moment of your life. The next best step — from finding the car keys you misplaced, to the parking spot you badly need, or even the next business opportunity that will change your fortune — everything moves into your perception with ease and grace.
  • Enjoy deeper connections and more significant relationships
    When you follow the still, quiet voice within you’ll strengthen your connection with the people around you, which helps you empathize with them. Plus, better intuition helps you sense what’s going on with your partner — so you’ll be a better lover and friend. (You can even use your intuition to recognize and release the relationships which are bad for you.)
  • Solve challenges with free-flowing inspiration and creativity
    People with a developed sixth sense are able to manifest creative solutions, solve problems and even “pick the right answer”… way beyond the probabilities of chance. It’s often said that intuition and inspiration are two sides of the same coin – so as you get better at hearing your intuition, don’t be surprised to feel inspired, generate money-making ideas and solve problems … with ZERO stress.
  • Make better decisions, instantly
    Imagine meeting someone for the first time and knowing in a heartbeat if they’re trustworthy (or not). Imagine if you could sense when someone is lying to you. The better your intuition, the more you’ll be able to read people & situations quickly and accurately, and the more you’ll find yourself instinctively “making the right choice.” Imagine the positive impact on your relationships, career, finances, happiness… and in every important area of your life… when you consistently make the best decision.
  • Attract more money like you’re magnetized to it
    Picture this – you want to figure out a way to make an additional $1000 a month. Rather than fretting about what to do, you simply ask your intuition for guidance… and let go. Almost immediately, you start to receive guidance. You have a clear sense of what to do. You “attract” the money you need. It seems strange, but it’s been proven that people who tune into their intuition make more money.
  • Live authentically and fulfill your life purpose
    Best of all… your intuition is simply the whisper of your highest and most authentic self. This means that the more you follow your intuition, the more you’ll live in alignment with your highest self. You’ll start living with more integrity, personal power, and overall fulfillment. Plus, every time you follow your heart you’re one step closer to living your life purpose. Imagine that!

This Course Includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS – The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 30 days. If you feel there is no value we’ll happily refund you.
  • VIDEO LESSONS – Watch over 70 lessons (25+ hours) of web HD quality!
  • AUDIOS – Download 6 mp3 songs – The same songs I play at the in-person training.
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – Access 3 never before released meditations.
  • WORKBOOK – A comprehensive 32-page workbook!
  • MINI EMAIL READING – That’s right, Sonia will answer any question that you have. This one time question can be asked whenever you want during the first year of your program.

16 reviews for Six Sensory Online Training

  1. trweav (verified owner)

    I feel like a kid in a candy store. I want to binge watch all of the classes at once and soak up everything. You feel like you’re sitting with Sonia having a visit. I had the intent of improving my intuition and was looking for a class. So I reviewed this class and went on. When it popped up in the middle of a game I was playing on my tablet I took it as a big nudge from my guide. So glad I ran with the nudge. If you want to improve your sixth sense this is the class for you.

  2. arthurhung38 (verified owner)

    I read one of your books 10 years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I recently picked up Ask Your Guides at a local bookstore, and my whole body shook as I picked it up. I also recently did oracle readings with your Ask Your Guides oracle cards, very accurately and successfully. It made me make a commitment to become an entrepreneur and also to make channeling a profession of some sort – I prefer channeling Shiva Shambho, as opposed to angels.

    I’m at around 38% of your 6th sensory course, and because I do Sadhguru’s Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya and have done a bunch of his other meditations, I find your 6th sensory meditations a bit unclear and the amount of them is severely slowing down my speed of getting through the program. Your instructions are a bit too fast at times when you talk in your meditations for my ability to comprehend, and I have to go back and click on it. I am sure I would have missed a lot if I met you in one of these seminars in person.

    However, your personal stories about the portal warp when your were a teen and your personal stories are what I like about it best. I also appreciate the legal guideline as an ethical guideline before we do this professionally. I feel by the time I finish this course I will need to review it again at least a few more times in order to find my own path in this subtle path of being a professional channel for others.

    I really appreciate the work you’re doing, when I use my intuition on your heart my heart sings, so even if this live workshop course recording isn’t a perfect fit for me, mostly because I feel a bit resistant to your meditations that are said a bit too fast, I appreciate the work you’re doing, and am glad to monetarily support your vision at the highest package you currently offer.

    I wish you would tell me the name of my higher self guide, but if I never figure that out, my heart is telling me to use Shiva Shambho as the highest for me to channel, based on my leanings towards Sadhguru’s personal channeling muse and my current highest aspirations to attain enlightenment from.

  3. Mary Newman-Jordan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this program!
    Sonia has such soft and gentle energy throughout this program which is exactly what I need.
    As I work through this program I feel like I am home, and somewhere where I feel so comfortable. The information strongly resonates with me and helps me feel so supported on my journey. Thank you Sonia for offering a program that really “speaks to my soul.” I am overjoyed to have found this program when I needed it. Perfect timing!

  4. Yudian Ryall (verified owner)

    I have only a few lessons of this course and so far I am happy with it.
    I was very sensitive and intuitive as a child and I shutted it down in order to be “strong” for the world. Now I can comeback to myself and Sonia’s teachings are helping me fine tune the process . The course has dept and you feel like you are one of the students live in the studio with the teacher. I think it is as good as it gets.
    So far is been important through the lessons the realisation that the rational mind uses all its power to sabotage all the beautiful experiences with the guides. I am grateful for that.

  5. lydiastacey (verified owner)

    I signed up for this course at Sonia’s recommendation and I was so excited to start. I really didn’t know what to expect, intuition work is something I recognise as always being a part of me but never really giving it full credit, so I wanted to develop this. It did take a few days for me to adjust after listening to the intro, I suppose it scared me a little and I resisted. This is a whole different way of being than I am used to, that’s the whole point. Sonia challenges you, but she has a really warm and personable style. Watching the videos now calms me, it’s what gets me up in the mornings, I’m so excited to learn. I feel hopeful and that I can trust what she says. I know these 81 lessons are really going to benefit and I’m already starting to pay attention to the world around me in a new way. 4 stars as I think the layout could be better, the video ends in the middle of a story for example, but the content is good so far

  6. Lisa Marguerite Mora

    Gone through it once, going through it again. Such a profound offering am so happy to have access to. It has helped me to make sense of experiences I’ve had all my life and given me tools to work with my gifts and to stretch. Self-understanding and personal growth is important to me and Sonia’s free sharing of her own experiences I have found invaluable — the click into place– that I’ve needed. She is an astute, and I think, masterful teacher with a gentle, loving heart. Ryan, part of her support team, is efficient and I always know I can get any questions answered in a more than timely manner. Am grateful beyond words for this course and for all that Sonia offers. Have been studying her material since her first book came out. Her video courses have helped all the texts I’ve read to gel even more. Thank you again. I feel blessed to have connected with all of this.

  7. Christina

    I’m off and running!
    I’ve only had the course for a week, but after immediately starting, I have felt my sixth sense start to kick in higher gear right out of the gate. It’s been an incredible week, and I’m looking forward to how much more this course is going to do for me. This was a great purchase for me as I work in a service industry and am looking to up my game.

  8. Emma

    Six Sensory Online Course
    I was looking to improve my Six Sensory. I saw Sonia’s course my guides told me to purchase the course. OMG what a great course. This was the best thing I did for myself. The video are great I studied at my own pace. You can do the course with someone or alone. I have incorporated into my daily life what I have learned from the course. This course made me understand what I was already doing it and helped me to strengthen my gifts. I have learned to be more centered and view situation and life in a different way but most of all be truly who I am which is love. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn or who are a six sensory but doesn’t know who to deal with their own gifts. Thank you Sonia this is a very well thought course. Peace E.

  9. Margaret Sweet

    Six Sensory Training Online Course
    I have wanted to do this course for eight years so I am very happy Sonia has made it available via the internet. I began reading Sonia’s books nine years ago, during which time I had a powerful healing with Sonia’s guides, which prompted me to go to San Diego to attend a 3 day course with Sonia – which created such a positive turning point in my inner life. I find the Six Sensory Course so well put together. The quality of the videos is excellent. The teachings, exercises are fabulous, and the guided meditations – well they’re something else entirely! I feel so much love and daily hands-on guidance coming from Sonia’ Guides. They are with me so much of the time as I go through the course, helping me define my own spiritual journey, and assisting in my work with others. I feel more ease, clarity and heightened intuitive awareness. This is exactly what I was desiring when I signed up for this course, given that I am at another one of life’s turning points. Now, things are coming into focus for me. I am so appreciative that I have access to such a clear, deep, stream of wisdom. This is a true gem. Thank you, Sonia!

  10. Yury

    A Treasure Of Knowledge
    I’m just ecstatic working with the course and I’m amazed how much is opening up to me. The world which I was always wondering about and thought I knew a few things about is starting to opening up to me in a new magical light! This is the best gift I given myself this year and I’m celebrating my choice, my intuition telling me to get enrolled and study the Six Sense in depth with Sonia. If you are looking for a teacher you are looking at the right place, Sonia is just a treasure of knowledge, light and beautiful energy.

  11. Mark

    A Fantastic Course … For Life!
    As someone who has experienced profound yet uncontrolled psychic insights I was looking for guidance. I found it! Its an in depth course that gives you plenty of exercises that challenges your way of thinking and nurtures you on a path of controlled and functional psychic awareness. I look forward to discovering more about myself and my psychic abilities as I practice! Thanks Sonia! Great job!

  12. Steven Montagna

    Sixth Sensory Training Online
    Sonia, I started working through this amazing course almost three months ago. When I look back and think how many incredible things I’ve learned, how many wonderful things I’ve experienced, all the ways I feel I’ve grown – my goodness, words of gratitude just can’t do justice to it. You have really helped set me free to fly down this path of expansion. It is all such a joy. I want to especially thank you for what I call the “kick-ass” segments of this training, in which you call us out on our “stuff,” all those trappings and illusions of ego, and challenge us to tell the truth and not be indulgent and lazy with it. I’m going to be listening to this course ongoing as daily practice, and I know those pieces in particular are what I need to focus on. Following this training, there are two words now hanging above my bathroom mirror, in bright bold purple: SHOW UP. I intend to show up to the mission I’ve shaped and will continue to shape for myself. There are two other words hanging right below, just as bold: BE GRATEFUL. And to you, in particular, I am incredibly grateful. I’m grateful for your wisdom, your integrity, your energy, your example, your empathy, your skill. I’m grateful to have found someone to admire, without the slightest qualification. This course and your words are a living, breathing, growing part of me now. My job is to practice all those gifts in my own life with all my energy and love. Rest assured, I will do so. With much love and the most profound respect, Steven

  13. Jude McColm

    The Best Online Training!
    I was looking for something to help me truly develop as a person and gain a greater understanding into the world of energy. I was actually looking for a mentor to help me develop my psychic abilities. After reading Sonias books I was wondering how I could gain personal guidance from her when I live in Australia and her in the US. Instantly I had the idea to look up her website. There to my delight I found various products and this course. I am absolutely loving it! I instantly connected with her through the video sessions, she felt strangely familiar. It felt as though Sonia developed the course just for me I devote nearly every night to the course and have been able to make some very positive changes in my life that I know are a reflection of finally getting in touch with my own spirit. I am in awe of her amazing gift and ability to show me clearly how to improve my life. I hope one day to meet her and physically attend one of her classes and learn much more. Thank you with all my heart! Love Jude x

  14. Suzi

    Great program…important information
    This program is full of information that would benefit anyone in living a fuller life. The content is beautifully organized to explain a fuller way of living as well as practical exercises as if you were in the workshop. I especially appreciate the work on yourself first approach, becoming a worker of light first in my own life…the responsibility approach…being cognizant of what energies I bring into the world.

  15. Evergreen

    A Well Done Course!
    Sonia’s course was very well done. It paralleled many things I have learned from the spiritual tradition I carry, which is an earth wisdom tradition. It was a good blend of intuitive work and practical recommendations. I love her meditations as well. Thank you, Evergreen.

  16. Rebecca Wigley

    This Course Is Amazing
    This course is amazing! Truly a wealth of information and the meditations are priceless. I love this class! I was blown away when Sonia gave the What is so readings. I love how she cuts through the bs and tells it like it is while acknowledging the beauty of who we are. I love it! Sonia Choquette has the most amazing customer service. He is prompt and efficient at returning emails and answering questions with competency and kindness. As I take these courses I feel like I am entering into a family, not like I am sending money into some vast wasteland of Internet space.

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