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I would like to introduce you to my online course, Creating Your Hearts Desire. As many of you know, it has always been my heart’s desire to start a revolution and lead us into the light and peace of six-sensory living. I am on a mission and taking the next step to make it possible for everyone who is interested in learning how to create the life they really want.

The difference between this course and others is that I will personally escort you step by step to success. With my help the process of creating what you really want becomes easy.

In this course, I will introduce you to the 9 principles of creativity; one at a time. I then break each principle down, into 3 weekly mini-steps toward implementing that principle for the 10 weeks. In this way, I keep you on track so you don’t miss a step. The best part is that our work together is fun, and before you know it, you are succeeding.

The great thing about this course is that no matter where you live, you can work this course and you can do so on your own schedule, at your own pace and in a way that is affordable to you.

Whether you are seeking money, a new job, a relationship, or just want to get out of the muck and into the fresh air, working with me will give you the opportunity to attract it.

I Will Personally Teach You…

  • Immediately identify your most authentic hearts desire
  • Eliminate your obstacles
  • Make choices that accelerate your success
  • Tap into your power of attraction
  • Relax as you create, knowing you will succeed
  • Eliminate second guessing and wasting your time

This Course Includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS – The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 30 days. If you feel there is no value we’ll happily refund you.
  • VIDEO LESSONS – Online access to all 30 courses for life ($209 value)
  • VISUAL JOURNEY – Your Hearts Desire Wisdom Flash Visual Journey ($59 value)
  • SONGS – Your Hearts Desire downloadable CD with 22 songs ($20 value)
  • AUDIO MESSAGES – 56 encouraging downloadable audio messages from me ($39 value)
  • GUIDEBOOK – Your own 30 page downloadable PDF Hearts Desire guidebook to help you through each principle ($30 value)
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – Never before released vibrational attunement to creating your hearts desire download ($40 value)
  • MINI EMAIL READING – Be one of the first 30 people to sign up and get a mini email reading
    for your souls priorities in 2021 directly from Sonia.

40 reviews for Creating Your Hearts Desire

  1. Branka Paunovic (verified owner)

    This is a great course. I have been involved in manifestations for a long time and I was thinking about whether to buy it. But I am delighted with how the course is designed and I believe it will significantly improve my manifestations. The course is very detailed and has a lot of material and useful tips. I listened to the whole course and now I’m going through it again and writing in the guidebook. Thank you.

  2. Ellie O’Donnell (verified owner)

    Sonia is the real deal. I have several of her books and her Divine Energy Oracle cards. They are fantastic. Her way of speaking and describing the steps you need to take to manifest what you want are unparalleled because she’s smart, genuine, and she knows what she’s talking about. I trust her completely. I’ve just started the Creating Your Heart’s Desire class, and I’ve already learned more in the introduction than I’ve learned in years of reading spiritual books and watching other videos. I could literally stop the program now and still be better off than I’ve ever been in my life. It really is amazing. And the mini-reading? It was more in-depth than intuitive readings I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for in the past. I opened the email, and it was so long and in-depth, I was like, is this a mini-reading? It seems like a full reading! It was amazing. Sonia doesn’t know me from Adam, but she was spot on with the changes I need to make in my life. She didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. She gave me a long list of things to work on. Truly worth its weight in gold. Thank you Sonia.

  3. Hilary (verified owner)

    I have just begun Sonia’s ‘ Creating your Hearts Desire’ Course.
    For the last few days I’ve been working through one of the exercises which has taken quite a while but brought a lot of satisfaction and joy. It’s actually something I have been meaning to do for ages so it’s great that Sonia considers it important. I don’t want to give away what it is, suffice to say it’s a good thing.
    I am impressed with the course. It feels professional and is delivered in succinct, absorbable lessons which are a pleasure to do.
    Sonia’s communication skills are great, she is clear, uses humor and nothing is ambiguous.
    I’m pleased to be doing the course and feel as if I’m in kind and experienced hands.
    Tomorrow I can move on to the next exercise, that’s exciting.

  4. Vivienne Wit (verified owner)

    I am finding this to be an excellent course, and am taking “Ask Your Guides” simultaneously, which I also love. Sonia is indeed a Master Teacher! I started off with the “Alchemy Box” masterclass that she offered a few weeks ago. My husband and I did it together, and it was such fun. These courses go very deep, and you will be doing some real work. However, they taught in bite-size chunks, which makes all the difference. I love that we can go back and review previous lessons if we wish. I love seeing Sonia’s face and hearing her voice in these courses. You feel as if she is right there with you. I am so glad I found you, Sonia!

  5. Denise Black Marsden (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course that Sonia has put together with her guides. It has certainly helped me along and given me much insight . It’s a reminder of how the universe works for our highest good especially when we put in our part. I have 2 of Sonia’s course’s and they are both excellent. Ask your Guides is the other one that i highly recommend.

    Thank you Sonia. 🙏

  6. ldremy1 (verified owner)

    I have engaged in several of Sonja’s trainings and read many of her books over the last few years. Becoming aware of and attuned to a higher level
    of consciousness has genuinely changed my life. I feel much calmer and attuned in my everyday life and feel my connection to my higher self, guides, and angels which has made my interactions with others much more purposeful. I am very grateful for Sonja’s wisdom and guidance .

  7. Lori Morrice (verified owner)

    I have been following Sonia for years now, first by purchasing her “The Answer is Simple” deck and then reading her books. This came after hearing her on Hay House Radio. I found myself in a very overwhelming situation: Single after my 8 1/2 year relationship ended. I found myself starting over again…in my 40’s, just me and my dog as my kids are now adults. I found comfort in some other online sites but kept being drawn to Sonia’s Creating Your Hearts Desire course, and although I found myself on a tight financial budget, I was ready to spend my hard-earned dollar and invest in her course, with the thought that she already brought me so much wisdom and insight with her other teachings. ..
    I had started to realize I needed to love myself and accept my new situation as a “fresh start” to something bigger that the Universe had in store, although I was terrified at the idea that I had to start over again at my age! Oh boy! I am only half way through the course, and already I feel brighter, braver, more confident, and ready to truly accept and conquer what my true desires are. Just yesterday I received the bonus mini-email reading and there is NO WAY that reading was just randomly selected and sent to my email address. Every single word spoke the truth, and was more affirmation of what I need to do, and how to get there in order to be my best self for the world. Thank you Thank you Thank you Sonia, for your teachings, for your insight, and for the laughs I get when I watch your unedited videos (showing you are only human after all!) This course has already been the best therapy I could have asked for, and I am excited to finish the course and continue to grow and learn and love. Sonia is a beautiful soul and I am grateful the Universe lead me to her teachings.

  8. susanmarino819 (verified owner)

    I’m halfway through this course and really like it! It’s different than a lot of other courses on this subject and actually gets you thinking.

  9. mirja.vihersalo (verified owner)

    I love the course! Sonia’s grounded, warm presence on the videos gives me so much trust and confidence on my abilities to manifest my heart’s desires. Also, the clear, short steps are easy to follow and easy to accomplish in my daily life. In addition, I was very grateful for the mini email reading which gave me understanding and clarity about my situation and much support and concrete advice for reaching my heart’s desires. Just what I need at this moment!

  10. shawn (verified owner)

    I went through this process 12 years ago and completely changed my life. This feels like another transitionary time requiring another go around. My first desire manifested before the 3rd weeks classes were over. No on to a desire that seems more illusive to define. I have total faith that Sonia’s suggestions, principle and reminders will motivate and inspire me. Thank you. Peace.

  11. Maureen Murphy (verified owner)

    Loved it! I’ve learned so much from this course and find Sonia’s teaching style very enjoyable. Thank you!

  12. Marie

    Amazingly wonderful!
    I have read many of Sonia’s books and enjoyed them so much I have given some to family and friends as well. Creating Your Hearts Desire is my first course with Sonia, and although I just started, I know it won’t be my last! I started the year with the focus of doing more things for me and taking care of myself, and choosing this course was an amazing first step. The lessons are well explained in a way that makes it fun and easy to understand. Sonia talks like a best friend, as if she was speaking to me in my living room. This course is an eye opener, and although I’ve only done a few lessons, I already feel the vibration and I’m excited to continue. If you’re considering this course, go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

  13. Barbara Marie Steele

    Mixed Media Artist
    I’ve only scratched the surface on this course as well as the exercises in Sonia’s book – Your Heart’s Desire. I want to absorb in depth because I’ve made some powerful intentions this year and I know this course will keep me on track. Sonia is a delight! Such a quiet presence… yet fun to listen to on her “live” fb posts. I’m happy with my decision to take this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels stuck in the throes of life. The music vignettes that accompany each lesson are also gentle reminders of the points we are to remember as we go through our day. Thank you for this insightful course!

  14. Stella Ilyayev

    Great Course
    Im really enjoying the course thus far. Sonia is a great teacher and makes things very simple. Make sure too have a pen and notebook handy as you will be doing fun exercises and taking notes. I listen to each video 2 or 3 times before i move on. I really enjoy her lessons. Cant wait to finish this course and check out her other courses. If you’re hesitating buy the course! if you want to get it, get it! it’s a great one 😀

  15. Daniel Vogt

    Soul-based manifestation of your desires
    I have worked trough the first 2 weeks and I had to pause the program. Not, because it is not good enough, the direct opposite is true. There is an exercise called “diving for gold” in which you ask “God” or your guides what would be the best way to manifest your desires. I have done it once and the answers I got were mind blowing! I am actually writing my book now and am about to publish it soon. The exercise opened up my spirit to the extent where I was able to believe in my book project and more important begin to see all the opportunities I have to make it happen. The reason why I had to pause the “creating your hearts desire” online course is, because I am writing and about to publish my book! For what I have experienced so far I can only recommend this course. If you are truly looking forward to manifest your hearts desire and take this course serious, you will see the results.

  16. Lisa

    Sonia is like a best friend!
    I have completed my first week of the course and I am really connecting with the lessons, activities, videos, and just exploring more about my higher self. The materials are presented in a way that will keep your attention and encourage you to continue. It is like you’re sitting in a room just having a discussion with Sonia. I am glad that I was ready and these lessons came into my presence. Of all the things I’ve studied, I never knew about this. I look forward taking to a workshop in the future!

  17. Wendy

    Creating your heart’s Desire
    This course is has been brilliant so far. I’ve just started and I am looking forward to learning more as I go. I am up to listening to your heart and that has been a real eye opener for me. Who would have thought that my heart desires to swim with dolphins! I certainly wouldn’t have thought of that! I like the way that the course has been broken down into sections and you can choose different formats to do the course in. I also got a free mini email reading from signing up to the course and considering how little Sonia knows about me the accuracy of the email reading just blew me away!

  18. Daniel Sieff

    A step by step guide to manifesting your hearts desire.
    Sonia offers a clear and practical step by step guide to manifesting your hearts desire. Delivered in very well presented bite size chunks. The course has been eye opening for two reasons. Firstly the sheer volume of content- real value- and secondly the seemingly almost perfectly tailored home page. As someone with a big imagination- more interaction – as decisions are made along the journey, would be wonderful. That said- I am finding the ‘believing eyes’ !! Happy to recommend a 5 star.

  19. Tiffani Hume

    Create your hearts desire: FANTASTIC COURSE
    I want to say that this course is VERY well articulated and super easy to understand. It is designed to help anyone , no matter where they are in manifesting their dreams, goals, and life, to target exactly what it is they want and to get it. Sonia is filled with such great energy and love that the way she teaches this course makes you really feel great while you are doing it. I highly recommend this course. Actually, I recommend ALL of Sonia’s books and courses. She is really, truly, a light worker and is really an angel in disguise. 🙂 Thank you Sonia for such great courses!

  20. Liesel

    Hearts desire
    It arrived a little later than expected.

  21. Jocelyne Chernets

    Creating Your Heart’s Desire
    Sonia impresses upon us the power of manifesting what we focus on. So it makes perf ct sense to attend to what we want, what creates happiness, health and prosperity in our life ves. She provides easy to do exercises and I found the pacing of the lessons to be perfect for me. Thank you once again Sonia for a wonderful book

  22. Barbara

    Creating Yours hearts Desire Online Course
    I am still in the initial stages of this course but I am enjoying the simple and clear explanations and suggestions that Sonia is giving. I am sure that the course will be excellent as I progress through it

  23. Gina

    Really impressive
    I’ve listened to many of Sonia’s books and was looking for another tool to keep working on my own personal goals. I was so surprised to see how much material is in this program! The amount of material that you receive in this course makes it clear that Sonia is a true teacher… Also, she teaches in a way that the message really stays with me. I am thankful I have found this program and would recommend it to friends or to you reading this. 😉

  24. Gloria

    Review on Hearts Desire Course.
    I am only a quarter of the way through this course and thoroughly enjoying it.I like how it is broken down in small sections and is very easy to understand.Thankyou Sonia for bringing these gifts to us.I will be doing more courses in the future.Kind Regards Gloria.

  25. Richard

    Very good for know-it-alls like me
    The reason I bought this is that I wanted a step-by-step approach, and I am being careful not to go to the next video before I’ve done the previous assignment. I’ve been in the New Age for years, and I know this material already (!), but the truth is, I don’t apply it. This course is helping me to get serious. It has already changed my game. Thank you!


    Creating your hearts desire
    I have only begun the course as Sonia said to take the time recommended to do this course. Yet in just the first few lessons that were asking me to think of WHAT I DO WANT to create she has got my mired down stuck wheels turning once again. This whole week has seemed better and different and all because she got me to be able dream and focus on what I DO WANT instead of being stuck where I have been. I look forward to moving on with the course and will be happy to review it again at the completion.

  27. Sabina

    Love The Way Sonia Teaches!
    I love the way Sonia teaches. She explains everything in a simple and down to earth way. For me it is the first teacher who explains the basics of how to create things in life. First we have to watch very close on how and what we create in the moment . I really can work my way through all my blockages with her help. Seeing clearly what’s in my way. Erase old patterns. Train new ways of how thinking and preparing myself for what I want to come in my life now. Had some little successes by creating small hearts desires. Working on the bigger one. But more important for me is to sharpen my sight on how I’m going through my life and how to improve it. And the best thing is, every time I listen to an exercise I’ve gone through before, I discover some new informations. The course is well structured and the exercises are not too Long, so it’s possible to go little steps. Thank you for such a good course. Hope to see her soon life again.

  28. Elizabeth Gibbs

    Creating your hearts desire
    Halfway through the program….I love this step by step process, not too overwhelming…I plan to listen to it all over again to really integrate the elements Sonia teaches…I like her calm and reassuring demeanour! Thank you again!

  29. Teresa

    This is how to create!
    I have looked forward to watching every single video with excitement at what Sonia will teach me next! and I am nearly finished. I love that Sonia shares it all. The insights to the psyche and understanding how & what my efforts should include in meeting the universe half way for the universe to assist in cultivating my dreams with me. In depth short videos get you on the path you REALLY want to be on and staying on it! with an OPEN awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 audio ‘Attunements to Creating’ with all my being. Thankyou Universe for bringing me Sonia!

  30. Sarbjit Kaur

    Fabulous!!! Strongly recommend !!!
    I just finished this course. it was really great to came across such a wonderful course. Very simple tips yet very effective. If you follow the instructions fully and write your workbook faithfully, you are definitely going to succeed. Much thanks to Sonia!

  31. katarzyna Jurkiewicz

    creating your heart desire

  32. Sara

    Life Changing!!!
    Sonia has done it again. Creating your hearts desire is so enlightening, inspiring and it really works! Although I knew about the law of attraction and already read a number of books about it, Sonia’s course has guided me in taking the steps to make it work. She points out the most common mistakes people make when we are trying to manifest things and gives advise that works and I have never heard before. It is so re-freshing to be able to make a Universal Law like the aaw of attraction work for me. My heart is singing. Thank you Sonia, you are a Gem and I am eternally grateful.

  33. Isabella

    I’ve been enjoying listening to Sonia’s videos at the end of the day. I’ve been journal writing for a number of year and started reading Sonia’s books then checked out the courses. I was amazed at all the information in this program. I love the music, and audio mini stories/information, plus of course the videos. I found the meditations to be extremely relaxing and calming. It’s a wonderful course, I’m extremely happy I’ll be able to listen to everything as many times as I wish. I’m excited that there is a set by set way to achieve creating what I want my life.

  34. yiye zhang

    intuitive coach
    I bought this course last year and it was such a defining moment in my life! Sonia’s mini reading provided me a lot clarity and encouragement to manifest my heart’s true desires, and the course itself is simply wonderful – it also provided great structure for my work. I can’t recommend this course enough. I still revisit Sonia’ mini reading – it’s still guiding me after a year!

  35. Kathy Pate

    Excellent Way to Begin a New Year anytime!
    I have been going through this course and it is a fantastic way to get some things cleaned away and begin new thought processes that make a huge difference in every day life. I am only in the beginning stages but already my entire body feels wonderful and I am expecting great and wonderful things every day! My my mind and heart are lighter and I am working on leaving the nagging worries behind and experiencing how exceptional that feels. Thank you Sonia, your guidance and lessons are perfectly done. The music is also a big hit with me and has given me the motivation to walk 3 miles a day and when I have a moment of “congestion/confusion – I put it on and keep working and I FEEL much better, which turns things around immediately. A MUST DO FOR A BETTER YOU! Kat

  36. Kerrie

    I am just getting started with the Creating Your Hearts Desire course, but already I can tell the content and quality are excellent. Sonia’s way of explaining things is awesome and it’s a pleasure watching, listening and taking notes. I have several of her other courses as well, and loved them all. I can’t wait for another card deck course.

  37. Lia Vakis

    I can’t remember how I discovered Sonia Choquette. Immediately I was drawn to her. I’ve signed up for the newsletter and also I’ve sent a message to her as suggested on her web page! Immediately they’ve sent me a butch of free stuff! Wow! Then I started to buy her books (ask your guides, trust your vibes, true balance, creating your hearts desire)! Each one was better than the other! No that’s not true, they are all awesome and fantastic, and I try to read them all at the same time! And then I got this course. The books are fantastic but the course is actually something else. It is awesome! I never expected it would be so uplifting! Just watching Sonia deliver the course is soooo uplifting, that alone makes it worthwhile for me! Sonia explains everything in a down to earth, logical, friendly way! The way she delivers the course is easy to follow with down to earth explanations that make sense and examples drawn from everyday life..With the course you can’t cheat and miss a step (with the books this is easier)! And you get more explanations and exercises which are really easy and fun to do! Her warmth, passion and gentle guidance is very inspiring! She is very inspiring! I am only on the first week where one is guided to find what one’s heart really desires and it is proving to be a real eye opener. I am stuck but I know what to do to move on! I am really glad I got this course and I am very very grateful I’ve discovered Sonia Choquette! Thank You!

  38. Angali Dabideen

    Beyond Thankful
    Sonia the only word i can describe this course is – Ineffable. your work has touched a deep and profound part of me that i thought that has long been lost. I’m only on Week 1, Principle 1, and i had success with manifesting 2 things overnight! that’s just the icing on the cake thought, because now i see what truly matters, getting into a deep and loving relationship with my Heart. Listening to my heart, and being open to the vastness of love the Universe is truly filled with. Now i can see it, see everything through my heart, which is the most priceless thing I’ve even been given. Thank You Sonia, for your inspiration, passion and help. I can only imagine what the upcoming weeks would be like. I highly recommend this course to anyone that’s looking to honestly and sincerely create a life filled with Love, and it can only be done from the HEART. Love Always Angali

  39. Eve Goonan

    Worth Every Cent!
    I have read the book but this video program is exactly what I needed to push me into action. To see Sonia speak about the principles in person and all the extra exercises she gives which aren’t in the book, makes for a very effective program. There is a whole week on finding out what your heart’s desires are, which has always been the most difficult part for me. The book is fantastic but this program gives more clarity and depth to the process. Week 4 was the tipping point for me, I realized how much more motivated I was to take action after watching the videos. I highly recommend this program. It is worth every cent & I know I will be using it time and time again until the principles become automatic.

  40. Marian Buck-Murray

    I Love This Product!
    I love this product! Sonia’s 6 minute mentoring videos and wisdom flashes are fun, to the point, and easy to follow. Her teaching style is energetic, warm, intuitive and motivating. The Hearts Attunement CD is incredibly effective, and I’ve used it nearly everyday since I received it. The consistent repetition of healing, motivational messages, vibrations, and music make this a truly effect way to create your hearts desire. I feel a real shift. Thank you.

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