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Sacred Lessons to Light Your Way

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Our greatest purpose in life is to free ourselves of the limiting patterns of ego and soul that keep us chained to painful, disempowered lives so that we can fully realize the authentic and holy Spirits we are. This journey can feel overwhelming—even impossible—unless we gain access to the three sacred blessings of Spirit, made available to us from God. Without them we fail.

These sacred blessings are God’s grace, inner guidance, and personal gifts.

Join me for Grace, Guidance, and Gifts: Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way, an inspiring and transformational online video course that expertly illuminates the path to a life of joy, beauty and fulfillment.

Through daily lessons, specific prayers, personal intentions, and powerful mantras, you can shower yourself with these blessings for life, move through the course at your own pace… as many times as you wish. Simply open up your heart, mind, and soul and call upon your sacred blessings to guide you on your way back home.

This course will teach you…

  • How grace lifts you beyond your own ability
  • How inner guidance leads the way
  • That personal gifts are both the inner and outer resources given to us to succeed
  • How to bring these sacred blessings into our lives – it our responsibility to ask!

This Course Includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS – The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 30 days. If you feel there is no value we’ll happily refund you.
  • VIDEO LESSONS – Watch 13 unique and powerful video lessons.
  • IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE – Your life will – bit by bit – start to change for the better.
  • MINI EMAIL READING – That is right, the first 200 people that sign up for this course will receive a personal mini email reading to give you guidance so you can easily move forward into joy and a life of fulfillment.

30 reviews for Grace, Guidance, and Gifts

  1. Yudian Ryall

    Great teacher
    I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to learn from Sonia through this course. She is warm, gentle and right to the point. If you want to get closer to your spirit Sonia it is a great teacher to guide you.

  2. Leah

    Beautiful Course
    I really enjoyed the images and sounds in this video course in particular. The lessons and presentation deepened my appreciation for my own life. Thank you!

  3. ksr

    Not what I expected
    I was expecting a deep exploration of God’s grace, guidance and gifts. The course did not go very deep. I found the segments repetitive. Maybe that is intentional so that the message will sink in as it is repeated day after day. For me, it was not helpful. The videos didn’t seem to add much to what was in the book. I was hoping for an expansion on what I found there. Overall, I was disappointed with the course.

  4. Yvonne

    Grace, Guidance and Gifts – online course
    this course is gentle and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Simple and direct, with Sonia’s lovely clarity.

  5. Kim

    Nice addition
    This is a nice addition to the book. It improves my outlook which improves my life. Just love Grace, Guidance and Gifts!

  6. Yiye Zhang

    intuitive coach
    I really enjoyed the peaceful and calming energy from this course. The beautiful setting/background is also a delightful touch. I particularly benefited a lot from Sonia’s personal guidance. Thank you so much! You’ll love this course if you want to receive some simple healing!

  7. Roseanne Purser

    Grace, Guidance, and Gifts
    How very simple, but yet so very powerful at the same time. Sonia is a truly Beautiful being, just listening to her voice invokes the true power of Grace!!!

  8. Lia

    Thank you!
    Thank you Sonia for a wonderful course! I’ve been watching the videos every morning while getting ready for work. They are awesome and a balsam to my soul! I have 4 courses from Sonia and in each one of them the energy she puts out is so different. In this one the energy is calm, peaceful and soft and the knowledge she shares is so deep and yet so simple and real. Watching the videos, some I must confess more than 10 times, has helped and is helping me get through some difficult times.Than you Sonia. Thank you Spirit for guiding me to find Sonia.

  9. Amy

    Daily Inspiration
    Sonia’s newest video course “Grace, Guidance and Gifts” provides powerful inspiration on a daily basis. I watch and listen in the morning as I am getting ready for my day. I have listened to each segment more than once I seem to always hear something new. It sets a positive tone for my day. The book is also an amazing resource. It is a wonderful companion and tool for my daily meditations.

  10. Debrah Levine

    After recieving my mini reading for Sonia, I really feel she is a truly gifted individual. And she is passing her gifts on to us in Grace,Guidance, and Gifts. I feel she doesn’t just teach these lessons, she lives them. AUTHENTIC !!!

  11. Sarah Downey

    Straight To The Heart
    Sonia’s words go straight to my heart. The wisdom expressed is conveyed with a simplicity that easily goes to the core and is understood on a deep level that bypasses the racket of the mind. blessings.

  12. Ann Kristoff

    Grace, Guidance and Gifts
    I have read many of Sonia’s books over the years, and I admire what she has to say very much. In this course, I would recommend more real life examples as she uses in her books to help people connect with what she is saying. I am happy for Sonia and those who are able to follow the guidance to the life they are seeking.

  13. Manon Foss

    Not quite what I was expecting.
    I have many books written by Sonia and I love them. But I’m really not happy with this course. I do not understand what is that course online do. No follow up… The book trust your vibes and the book Ask your guides are more of a course then this program that cost much more. Plus I do not have to wait hours for the video to stream before enjoying it.

  14. Eileen McDargh

    My day begind with Grace, Guidance and Gifts
    I have this book in paperback, in Kindle format, and now in the video lessons. It is as natural as brushing my teeth (and as necessary) that I start the day with these prayers and meditations

  15. Karen

    Grace, Guidance and Gifts
    What an uplifting and wonderful series. They are short but pack a ton of thought provoking information that leaves you feeling more connected with God, Universe and Mother Earth. I will need to watch these several times in order to fully grasp all the insights offered in each lesson. After one day, my outlook on each day has already been transformed for my highest good already and I’m excited about adding more lessons to my daily life. Asking God each morning for grace, guidance and gifts and moving me in the right direction for my highest good was key for me and I awoke today feeling like anything is possible! Thank you Sonia!

  16. Anonymous

    Wonderful break
    I haven’t read Sonia’s book on Grace Guidance and Gifts, but the online course so far is a wonderful meditative pause in my daily life. The video has a deeper impact on me than previous courses due to the combination of the beautiful surroundings used in the video and Sonia’s presence. I felt she talked to me personally. I’m furthermore so grateful for the personal guidance that was sent to me as well. Thank you. Greetings, Bente

  17. deborah reidy

    Grace Guidance & Gifts
    Sonia- This series of video’s is absolutely impossible to watch just once, twice or ten times. What a great way to start each day, I watch one of the messages and then I take in my backyard view and prepare my day thinking about the message and how I can make just a little difference that day. Your words are so clear and what you ask of us think about apply to every part of the day. yes, I do have the book. It makes me feel lighter when I read a piece as I always feel watched over vs. on my own to make my way. thank you Sonia, it seems the little things make the difference, this is definitely not a self help book that just answers the questions. This book and video are about alignment and facing each day looking into the SUN, heightened by MY spirit you want me to know so well. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts. Deb

  18. William Lunt

    It goes great with the book!
    These beautiful, HD videos are well produced and look amazing on an iPad. I have enjoyed other video courses by Sonia and this one seems to be more personal and intimate. I almost feel like she’s s talking directly to me and giving me a personal live reading. I have been working the Book, Grace, Guidance and Gifts for a few months now and this course is a great companion to to the material in the book.

  19. Gloria

    Say “Yes!” to a higher way of living
    Sonia’s course is a wonderful introduction to living in full alignment with the Divine. Sonia communicates in a lovely and engaging way and her videos are a joy to watch. As for the mini reading, one part resonated as personal guidance, but the rest felt like generalized advice applicable to everybody. Very nice bonus gift though.

  20. Jennifer Norton

    Not what I expected
    After initially watching the videos for this course, I was disappointed in the overall content. I thought it was going to be a more high-level course for undoing the ego. Instead it was geared toward basic information about connecting with Grace and your intuition. However, I do enjoy and appreciate Sonia’s wisdom and am grateful for the chance to experience her teachings. The videos were concise and clear and I liked the natural settings. If you consider yourself an advanced spiritual student, this course may not be for you. Perhaps one of her workshops would be more appropriate.

  21. Jean McDavid

    Sonia Is The Best!
    I purchased Sonia’s “Grace, Guidance and Gifts” online course and am thrilled with my purchase. I go back and forth to each subject and maybe find something that I missed the first time. I was also pleasantly surprised to get an e mail reading from Sonia..which I have printed out. Sonia is the only person I have heard differentiate between the Soul and the Spirit That is particularly interesting to me and gives me a whole new slant on things. Thank you Sonia for your “Work” and for giving so much.

  22. Emma

    Grace, Guidance and Gifts a must
    I knew Sonia Choquette from the Hay House. I did not realized she had online course until I search and I am in the midle of the class for Grace, Guidance and Gifts and it is a great course. Love it

  23. Cathy Joly

    Homeschooling Mom, nutrient dense farmer
    Sonia is a beautiful gift, guiding us all with wisdom and gentle truth. I have read her books and listened to her courses many times when I am looking for guidance. This course feels special to me; it feels peaceful, calming, reassuring. The setting, the sounds, and Sonia herself work together to bring me to a better place, one that is loving and supported and joyful. In these times we need this reminder!

  24. Donna

    Grace, Guidance,and Gifts is a wonderful course
    I am very pleased at the video series of Sonia’s new Grace, Guidance, and Gifts course. It has been such a sweet surprise with beautiful and colorful scenery that really helps me to connect with the feeling of grace in our lives. Sonia does such a fabulous job of really explaining the concepts in her series so that it becomes real for the listener and not just another intellectual exercise that I have experienced with other programs. The course allows the listener to experience the state of being that is conducive to feeling grace and guidance.

  25. Mica

    This online course is a great reminder of how beautifully simple it can be to have grace, guidance and gifts permeate all areas of our lives. And Sonia’s clear energy is a beautiful reminder of what it looks like to walk the earth accepting the blessings of life fully. I really am enjoying these little daily reminders to not forget what is so great about staying awake to Spirit.

  26. nancy

    Course review
    I have enjoyed listening to this course. Sonia has such a peaceful and uplifting air about her which passes on to the listener.

  27. Penny

    Grace, Guidance and Gifts
    I felt the videos and Sonia’s message were lovely and inspiring. However, I was disappointed that I only had access to them for a short time and had to rush through them. it would have been nice to have more time to savour and absorb the messages.

  28. Rebecca Fuller

    A Direct and Honest Course
    Over the years I feel as if I have my own personal relationship with Sonia. This is because I’ve always found her to be warm, inviting and filled with simple wisdom that has had such great benefit in my life (and those who I’ve suggested her materials too). Her latest online course is no exception. I felt Her connection as soon as I hear her voice and have eye contact – yes, even of it is a video Sonia has a wonderful presence and I feel as if she is talking directly to me, and only me. I’ve not felt this with any other online presentations. Her message is direct from the Divine and i believe she is the Earth Angel directed to deliver the message to the masses. Having listened and participated in many of her presentations and materials, I can honestly say Sonia has been a huge catalyst for positive Transformation in my life. I would recommend her to anyone no matter how “spiritual” a person may be, regardless of where they are in their journey. I also think she is a wonderful person to listen too especially for anyone new to the Spiritual world, she simply eliminates any ego based fears. Thank you Sonia for the wonderful Service you provide.

  29. Kalaane Lemyre

    Beautiful and Inspiring
    This course is strenghtening me and giving sense and purpose to my journey. It inspires me and brings me closer to my inner guidance, to my guides and to God. Beautiful backgrounds of India open my horizons and colors my days. Tools and messages to become more the spirit embodied that we are. Short yet powerful and filled with light. Thank you Sonia!

  30. Anita

    A Holiday for Your Soul
    This video series came as a lovely surprise. I have many of Sonia’s other programmes, which I love and still use quite often. This one is a bit of a departure though, literally, as it is filmed on location in India. Each of the lessons has a mix of footage between tranquil meditative scenes and live footage of beautiful temples, offerings of blossoms and fire, sacred rivers and local inhabitants. We even go on a mini-rickshaw ride. All in all, watching just one of the short films makes you feel like you’ve taken your soul on holiday, sorry you folks across the pond, I should say, vacation!

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