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Discovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self

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Do you dream of the perfect relationship, having the newest dress or these days, checking to see how popular your Facebook page is? Staying busy, running from here to there trying to fill the void in your life so the sense of loneliness and emptiness disappears and it simply is not working? I truly believe that what we are missing is our own true spirit, this is the missing link that we are truly searching for. You deserve a deeper, more authentic life, where YOU are in control and you can have peace of mind and quiet your nervous system. This process of shifting and shedding old artificial selves and old forms of ourselves and being more wholesome and authentic can be accomplished and the time is now.

It is time to push pause on all the mental and emotional attempts to make your life perfect and actually come home to your true self and your true nature.

Why You Want to Join…

  • Fill the void in your heart
  • Gain liberation from unhealthy choices and decisions
  • Find freedom from self doubt and anxiety
  • Experience a sense of grounded direction
  • Find an authentic connection with yourself and others
  • Experience true Peace of mind!

This Course Includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS – The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 30 days. If you feel there is no value we’ll happily refund you.
  • VIDEO LESSONS – Watch 14 video lessons with 2 hours of teaching content.
  • VISUAL JOURNEY – Receive the Visual Journey to the heart video.
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – Access 2 never before released grounding meditations.
  • IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE – Your life will – bit by bit – start to change for the better.
  • *****FLASH SALE SPECIAL BONUS – WALKING HOME book shipped directly to you!!!*****

13 reviews for Coming Home

  1. Melanie Jackson-Cracchiolo (verified owner)

    Sonia’s videos are short and to the point but communicated with compassion, strength and love. She can make many lightbulbs go off in your brain with the subjects she talks about in this class. Some of us have really been through some tough times in these past years, leaving pieces of our spirit/soul in the trauma’s wake. This class helps you calls those pieces of your soul back to you. She really reached me with this class. I can see using this every day and repeating it.

  2. theresa proenza (verified owner)

    What I love about Sonia’s work–I’m currently taking Coming Home–is the simplicity and brevity of her videos. The ideas she communicates are complex yet she presents them simply and invitingly so that I feel I am being nurtured along, accompanied by a wise and playful guide. She makes embracing your mistakes and learning from them a lot easier. The homework reflections are extremely effective at helping me understand myself and imagine how I can be.

  3. Richard Bukowski (verified owner)

    I like how it emphasizes how we can disconnect from the body and this jives well with the understanding of ignorance in Buddhism. It allows us a landing strip in the self if we are too lost in the clouds.

  4. maryenglish471 (verified owner)

    I am part way through the course and am loving it .I love the short videos that give so much to think about and work on .It is also good to be able to go back over sections as many times as I feel the need .I have read some of Sonia’s books and really loved Journey Home .. a friend is going to walk part of the Camino this spring so I loaned her the book to read .Much love and thanks to Sonia for her loving heart and inspirational videos .So very gratefull!!!!!

  5. April

    Sonia did it again!
    I love that Sonia continues to share her evolving wisdom. I recommend this to anyone who wants to live an awakened life.

  6. Robyn O’Connor

    8 Weeks to Getting Your Mojo Back
    I always enjoy Sonia’s courses, she is so down to earth and positive. I feel like I’m having a conversation with a close friend. Somehow too with her approach the message sticks. I find myself entering a stressful situation or just driving along in the car and the advice comes back on how to lift out of a present difficulty. Along with her guided meditations anything Sonia is a first stop on my morning routine. I’m really enjoying the meditation that came with Mojo. Thank you Sonia. Wish you lived in Australia.

  7. Sheree

    Coming Home
    LOVED IT! Thank you, Sonia! Your genuine approach is so refreshing – no painting it with a rose hue just to be Positive/Spiritual, and I appreciate the authenticity of that/you! I could not put WALKING HOME down, and this course is a richer, deeper – other side, opening to the foundation of that.

  8. Leah

    Healing Material
    I found the content of this course very healing. It helped me come home to my true self, when I felt homesick to return to the social acceptance of others. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Trudy Kither

    Coming Home Online Course
    Thank you so much Sonia for the wonderful course you have put together. It has really helped to put my life into perspective and given me the courage to dig deep and to find out why I have this loneliness inside of me – like a void I could never fill but didn’t know why. On the outside I seemed to have everything and be happy but on the inside there was an emptiness, a void and a feeling of never been good enough. You are an inspiration to me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. michele

    Really touching and incredibly useful. There is so much here that is done in conversational way that makes it so much more personable — like having a conversation with a friend. Love the Visual Journey. So, worth it.

  11. Nancy huck

    Coming home
    I have just started it and I already feel that it is going to make a difference in my life….

  12. Henrietta Atkin

    Outstanding course on “Coming Home” to your true self.
    If you want to be effortlessly creative and manifest the life of your dreams… might want to take this course “Coming Home”. What I love about it, is that Sonia teaches you how to be your Spirit. Your true self. The authentic you. When that happens, you get into the flow, and you start manifesting your desires….effortlessly. This is what has happened to me. “Coming Home” to your Spirit is actually so much better than manifesting…because you feel this sense of security and thus not so attached to your creations. You know there’s more where that came from. You’re free. To create…and let go. To take risks….and succeed, or take risks….and realize that that “wasn’t for me”. There’s really no “wrong choice” any more because there is no fear any more. You’ve become a divine child playing with the Universe. Sonia is really the ONLY teacher out there who teaches this with her course “Coming Home” (and all the other amazing courses). Because she lives her life very courageously and creatively like how we all want to live, so you can trust her because unlike many teachers, she doesn’t just talk about it, she LIVES following her Spirit and the results are amazing. I urge you with my whole heart, if you want true peace and love and happiness, to take “Coming Home” , invest in yourself, love your Spirit enough that you will become that Spirit. Life can be a great adventure….if you allow it to be. Henrietta Atkin, composer, audio producer, author, mother.

  13. Tracey

    Coming Home online course
    I’m halfway through the course and I’m loving it. It’s given me lots of ‘aha’ moments plus a clear understanding of my seemingly irrational feelings of being sad and lonely. Feeling so much brighter and looking forward to completing the lessons. Thankyou Sonia!

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