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Connect to Your Divine Support System

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Ask Your Guides is a powerful, yet easy to use online course that will connect you directly to your Spirit Guides!

We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the other side that oversees and helps guide our lives from the moment we’re born to the moment we leave our physical bodies and return to Spirit.

Not knowing this fact is a severe handicap, as the Universe is designed to care for and nurture all its creatures and help make our life’s journey easier and more successful. When we learn how to connect with our angelic guides, our lives naturally fall into a pattern of ease and flow during which we grow our souls, fulfill our life’s purpose, and make our time on Earth endlessly entertaining.

This fascinating and inspirational online high definition course provides all the information you need to help you connect with your spirit guides so that you can enjoy all the love, abundance, and joy you’re entitled to.

We’re All Spiritual Beings With a Spiritual Support System on the Other Side

You Will Learn…

  • How to recongnize guides
  • Notice the different signatures of guides
  • How to create a more accepting space, within yourself, to feel guides

This Course Includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS – The course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 30 days. If you feel there is no value we’ll happily refund you.
  • VIDEO LESSONS – Watch 5 weeks of lessons (35 total videos).
  • VISUAL JOURNEY – Ask Your Guides visual wisdom journey.
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – Download 2 never before released grounding meditations.
  • PRAYERS – Three printable prayers.
  • SPIRIT GUIDE NAME DIRECTLY FROM ME- Once enrolled in the course, I will personally email you your spirit guide’s name! That is right, you will get your spirit guide name directly from me!

94 reviews for Ask Your Guides

  1. Valerie McKenzie (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely thrilled to have just started this course having listened to the audiobook, which was fabulous & enlightening. I could listen to Sonia’s voice and her teachings all day long! I’m excited about my journey and look forward to developing my intuition, meeting and working with my guides and am very grateful to have this course/resource ‘for life’ and would recommend it to anyone seeking guidance – thank you so much Sonia Xx

  2. Chris Castleberry (verified owner)

    I haven’t finished the course yet, however, Sonia’s method of presenting the information resonates with me more than other courses/free content has in the past. Her methodology is founded through her experience and presented in such a way that I can experience the lesson instead of just listen to it.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my time thus far and look forward to finishing strong with confidence!

    Thank you so much, Sonia! You are truly a blessing and the natural gifts you are helping others find withing themselves are undoubtedly treasures to behold!


  3. Athena Pandolas (verified owner)

    I have been a huge fan of Sonia’s for decades. Recently I asked the Universe for a Mentor and poof I got an email about the free three day zoom seminar. This started the journey. I have since signed up for Ask your Guides. Week 1 complete and it is even more enjoyable than I could imagine. When this course is complete I will do another. The price breaks have been a godsend and very affordable. I feel so connected with Sonia and am so happy to be a part of the Worldwide Soul Family. We are all connected and need to raise our vibration so everyone can feel it and be healed. What are you waiting for. Sign up now. Love and Light, Athena

  4. Rhonda Wagner (verified owner)

    This course is giving me greater insight into how to connect with my Guides. I already have general knowledge, but Sonia’s course goes deeper and is easy to use and understand. Thank you for this wonderful teaching Sonia! I love it! Rhonda Wagner

  5. Melanie Jackson-Cracchiolo (verified owner)

    This is the real deal. The first week is mostly trying to get you warmed up to hear your Guide or your Guardian Angel. The second week on the second day Sonia gave a lesson about what you have to do to hear your guidance. It was so interesting and organized. It answered a lot of my questions about communication with your guardian angel/soul/. I wish I had a week just to do this lesson and practice because it is fascinating.

  6. Valeria Pimentel

    This course is incredible. It was easy to follow, short videos and a homework everyday I pushed play. Sonia is delightful and so knowledgeable. I strongly recommend the course to anyone who wants to not only connect with your divine guides, but mainly to live a life with less anxiety and worry, knowing that everything is going to be ok and that you are not alone. It truly has changed my life and shift me to a world of possibilities. I feel calmer and happier. The world did not change, I did. Thank you so much for you and your team in having such a quality work available to us.

  7. Sergio Cerda (verified owner)

    I’m starting to use the course, for now i expect to bécame more sensitive and to increase around vibes. One of the think that i want is to know some names from my angels or guides, always was my wish to know that.

  8. Shirleen Wong (verified owner)

    I love the fact each courses are short and easy to understand. This make learning so much ease while integrating each lessons into our daily life. I’m into the first week of the lessons and do feel the expansion what life has to offer. I am really to go inwards to connect with my guides.

  9. Chandra Harris (verified owner)

    I am enjoying this course. It has been something I have always been interested in. The course is user friendly with short and precise lessons each day. Very doable. It’s been less than a week but I believe I have gained some insight and trusting in the process each day. Thanks you, Sonia for creating this.


  10. Marvin Anderson (verified owner)

    As I was nearing the end of reading Sonia’s channeled book “Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose” I received to the email announcing the Ask Your Guide 2.0 course. I intuitively knew to order it immediately order and did so. Having only been exposed to Sonia’s teachings for a couple of months now, I find the course to be just what I need with perfect timing for my journey. I’m only on the first lesson taking it slow to absorb it all. The course layout is good and the videos thus far have been comfortably paced and easy to understand. From the titles of the remaining lessons, I have no doubt this course will exceed my expectations and I’m overjoyed and grateful for what is to come and how it will unfold.

  11. Kent Ahlström (verified owner)

    About two months ago I asked for guidance. I need to find someone who can teach me more about intuition. Later i got a email from Mindvalley, they had a new course called Sixth sense superpower. The teacher was Sonia. A more enthusiastic, joyful, informative loving person than her can be hard to find.
    Anyway, very satisfied with the course i checked her homepage and trough guidance i found, Ask Your Guides. I have just finished the first week and I am as excited as before. The day i should contact my guide was as she said. A warm gentle, subtle energy occurred on my right side. After the meeting i went to bed to rest but so happy.
    In deep gratitude, thanks to you Sonia and my support teem behind the veil.

  12. Annabel Doust (verified owner)

    Loving this course. Sonia’s love and passion for sharing shine through in her daily lessons. I’ve begun a learning and questioning phase about where my path will go next, and even though I’m just in week 1 I feel this is transformational for me. Grateful I was led here and excited for the learning ahead.

  13. Chris Scrivens (verified owner)

    Ask Your Guides online course is wonderful.
    I have read Sonia Choquette book and listened to the audiobook twice on Ask Your Guides.
    The online course is giving me a personalized tutorial that has more practical ways of putting spiritual guidance into practice. Hearing Sonia’s voice and seeing her face is like her giving me one-on-one training on how to connect with my guides. The online course confirms that the the connection to my guides are real.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the me and the World.
    Chris Scrivens

  14. CLAIBOURNE JACKSON (verified owner)

    I had finished reading Ask Your Guides and so I’ve got a head start before beginning this video instruction. That said, Sonia is such a clear, kind and reassuring teacher – more like a friend. I got my little altar set today and I’ve been getting amazing information from my guides! Help with everything from my health to finding things I’ve misplaced. I intend to continue learning and communicating with my spirit guides and angels.

  15. Julie Falatko (verified owner)

    I’ve read several of Sonia’s books and they have honestly changed my life. I’m in my dream job and greet each day with joy and gratitude. But! Sometimes it’s hard, you know? Especially after the way our world has been rocked. It seems like the world has gotten much noisier, and it’s hard to hear my guides above it all. I got a nudge to look into this course, and already this week I’m getting so many messages and so much guidance. I’m really looking forward to continuing on this path and getting back to a place where the messages from my guides are clearer and easier for me to hear.

  16. Esther Hill (verified owner)

    First of all I love the way the course is structured and the short daily lessons, which are easy to do and to put into practice. It is only through the doing and putting in the work do we experience the presence of our angels and guides and to put our trust that they are ALWAYS around. We just need to communicate with them everyday.

    I feel the daily lessons are not too long and it allows us something to go away and work on. I also love the fact that the course, once purchased, is a Lifetime course and is made available for us to revisit over and over again, and this is great because it can be our reminder companion when life gets too busy to keep that connection with our Guides/Angels.

    I love Sonia and there is no doubt she is an angel herself! I absolutely LOVE the background visuals you provide behind Sonia in this course as it creates a space for connection to the Divine and evokes the feeling of those connections.

    It is through doing the course that I am able to witness the subtle presence of the guides and angels on a daily basis, and recognising their work and assistance, and watching the miracles unfold before me. This work has opened up a totally new world for me, and I love it!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and bless you all.

    With much love, appreciation and gratitude.

    Esther Hill

  17. Shana Johnston (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying the Ask Your Guides course and loved getting my spirit guides name! Thank you!


  18. Isabelle Thomas (verified owner)

    I joined the Ask Your Guides online course a week ago and I am really enjoying it. I like Sonia’s daily videos filled with insights and useful tips, she is also hugely personable. I have learned already to start recognizing the little nudges and signs from my guides. My ego brain has tried to tell me it is ‘wishful thinking’ but there are no such things as coincidences. Everything is happening really quickly too. I requested help for a couple of things that are bothering me and already within a day or two, I have received some guidance in the form of ideas that came out of nowhere. I am beyond grateful! Sonia also very quickly sent me the name of the guide who is currently helping me and I feel supported not only by my guides but also by the team at the Learning Center.

    All the best,


  19. Deborah Peterson (verified owner)

    Well, I am very happy with my purchase.
    Sonia explains very well the lessons. I am having a great time. I am having great experiences with the course. I´ve been meaning to do this for a long time. I am having a great experience. I would definitely recommend this course to others. I love the way Sonia explains things and I think this is a very valuable course. I love it.
    Thank you,

  20. Amy Smith (verified owner)

    Hi Sonia!
    I’m really enjoying your Ask your Guides program. The videos are very easy to follow, and are helping me, to become more aware of my spiritual guidance! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful program!
    Sending you love and light!
    Amy S

  21. Sally Rasmussen (verified owner)

    This was what I needed to ‘get me over the hump’ to really connect with my angels and guides. I bought the book after day one of the 5 day challenge sent to me by my best friend. I even got a copy as a gift for another friend who was struggling as I was. The course adds just the right amount of support to really get the hang of it.

  22. Lisa Klauck (verified owner)

    I loved the first book and the cards now I can add this course. The lessons are short daily lesson that take one step at a time and by doing it this way you get a chance to delve deeper into the lesson.

  23. Kristina Brusvall Jarekrans (verified owner)

    I purchased the course ”Ask Your Guides?”
    I have just started the lessons and I find it’s so useful.
    Each day I start with a lesson and when it is finished.
    I do my exercise and then I am longing to next day to learn more.
    Sonia is a great inspirer and teacher.

    With love,

  24. Lisa Nguyen (verified owner)

    Thank you Sonia for creating this course. I thought I already knew my guides, but your teaching brings my connection to the next level. Truely love and appreciate.

  25. Rhonda Walters (verified owner)

    Sonia is such a beautiful soul! This course felt like she was chatting directly with me, she has a very intuitive way of “teaching”, she answered questions without the benefit of hearing me ask. I’m so grateful to have stubbled upon her and her teachings. I’m a person who has a mind that enjoys taking over as much as possible, she rests that impulse in me to overthink. I can, and will, enjoy, all my decks, so much more now.

    Thank you Sonia! Love and Light, eternally, to you and yours!

  26. Terry Henry (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with this course. Just a few days into it I’m changed as a person. I know it’s going to change my life. It’s an excellent learning experience, a wonderful production. Sonia’s passion and knowledge is riveting, she’s a master at her craft, brilliant to behold. I can’t think of a smarter investment in yourself and your life. Terry H.

  27. Andrea Cicchillo (verified owner)

    I bought ask your guide’s in paperback in September 2008. I was led to it by a sensitive person. I still have the receipt tucked away in it. I just started this course and but have a great understanding on what to expect because of the book. This course is absolutely what I was looking for in my life right now. Sonia’s presence feels very nourishing and it’s getting me writing. My favorite quote this far is, “If you name it, you claim it!” Starting this course in this moment of the Lion’s Gate portal feels extra supportive for my personal transformation. The course is easy to follow with mind expanding activities. It’s such a blessing!
    Thank You, Andrea Cicchillo

  28. Sribhagyam Srinivasan (verified owner)

    I am still a beginner for this course, on Day 4 to be exact. I already love it. It is very enlightening and fulfilling. Thank you so much Sonia, for offering this course.

  29. smcutts (verified owner)

    I adore this course. I am so glad I treated myself because it is more than a treat – it is life-changing. I loved Sonia’s book by the same name and now that I’m enrolled in the Ask Your Guides course I so look forward to listening to each daily short lesson during my morning meditation. Sonia’s work has transformed my life from one hardship after another into one opportunity and then another to grow in ways I didn’t think were possible for me. So grateful.

  30. katk1333 (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the videos so far & the information given, but I’ve been a little disappointed about what was promised and what was delivered. The promotion was if you signed up in the desired amount of time it would also come with the name of your guide being e-mailed to you by Sonia. I still have not received that, and when I’ve sent a message asking about it I have gotten no response. This was one of the biggest reasons I purchased this, otherwise I don’t think I would have.

  31. jordanmaryann33 (verified owner)

    A fantastic course of inspiring high energy day by day video tutorials which will initiate and deepen ones relationship with guides , Angels and a variety of helpers. Sonia has a lively, engaging personality This course is a morning ritual now. If you have felt that your helpers were only random assistants, you will develop a meaningful relationship with them. This course made me feel grateful for the unwavering support of the helpers. Ask Your Guides is a great value and superior to other courses dealing with this topic.

  32. s_subashini (verified owner)

    Thank you for offering this course, Sonia. I’m loving it.

  33. nbianchi111 (verified owner)

    I decided to start listening to my intuition. My first action was to purchase this wonderful class from Sonia on Ask Your Guides. I am on day four and like the way the class is spaced and gives us time to really absorb what she is saying.
    And can be played over again. She gives us examples that we can relate to and use in our daily lives. Sonia is so positive and has such a loving heart. I know my guides are with me but I have to learn to quiet my mind and ego and make a special place to meditate and to start taking care of my soul. Thank you Sonia for making your classes reasonably priced and available to all. You are truly a blessing. Many thanks and much love.

  34. itsme470 (verified owner)

    I’m on day four, and really loving it so far. What I appreciate most,
    Is that it’s broken down into small enough pieces, so that I don’t feel overwhelmed,
    Or overloaded on any day. The assignments given our very easy to follow, and a
    Real joy. I am looking forward to the rest of the course.

    Laura D.

  35. jackie.bridger (verified owner)

    Incredible! I am loving this course and in fact have started over again after finishing the first time through. Listening to the day’s lesson has become an integral part of my morning quiet time ritual. I hear something new every time I listen again and find such comfort and hope in Sonia’s teachings. My life is continuing to take a radical turn into the spiritual realm thanks to what I am learning in this course. I truly feel I have a new lease on life and am thriving these days on a whole new loving and supportive spiritual basis. I highly recommend this course and plan to purchase others in the future. Bless you, Sonia, for all you have given and continue to provide through this course and others. You have made an incredibly positive difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  36. gaidobrien (verified owner)

    Loving listening every morning to the lessons. Being more in touch with myself guides, helpers, angels, healers and more. How exciting🎁
    Thankyou so much Sonia for this valuable tool. We all can enjoy no matter what part of the world we live in. Grateful for technology.🙏

  37. hmarip (verified owner)

    Enjoying this course a lot! Sonia is grounded and light at the same time. Read some of her books beforehand so am familiar and comfortable with her concepts and approach. Love her meditations 🙂 too. The only reason I did give the course 5 stars is bc I’d prefer some live interaction (although her assistants are very responsive). Overall a pretty wonderful course!

  38. llaagel (verified owner)

    I just love this course. Sonia’s approach is simple, fun, and easy. She just asks you to trust and suspend doubt as she walks you through meditations, and exercises to get you to know your guides. I am already feeling a greater sense of peace and well-being after the first week. Thank you Sonia, and thank you to my guides!

  39. Evelyn Wirsing (verified owner)

    This is such a special and magical course! Although I had already read Sonia’s ‘Ask Your Guides’ book, I found the exercises and explanations from Sonia to be an extremely helpful adjunct that enabled me to put the information to use. I already feel an expanded awareness of spiritual support and will continue to revisit her video lessons often since there is so much to absorb. It’s a course that is life-changing and one that I highly recommend to others. I’m so grateful to Sonia for sharing her gifts in this way!!! Merci Beaucoup, Sonia!!

  40. gillcar (verified owner)

    I just started this class a week ago and taking it easy, one step at a time.
    It is the best tutorial about spirit guides I ever saw until now.
    Very inspiring. I am just at the begining of it and can’t wait to feel the changes I am hoping to get with it…

  41. elizgossen (verified owner)

    I love this workshop. I am truly amazed at the tingling responses I feel down my back. Yes, they have been there before, but never so intensely! I look forward to identifying the source of them; be it my spirit?, my angels? my guides? Thank you so much, Sonia, for your coaching!

  42. dkarasarli (verified owner)

    Absolutely to the point.
    It brought up things that I had experiencedin the past but tried to burry them. The course helped me understand that what happened was really true and derived from the divine. It showed me that there is no shame about it and I have the right to work with the divide system. It’s not in my mind it really happens! Bravo Sonia!

  43. alex506 (verified owner)

    Really just what I needed!!! Highly recommend this course. I love Sonia’s style of teaching. She is so encouraging, inspiring, and makes it fun!!! Great class. Thank you Sonia, and thank you for my guides!

  44. luvluvjenmary (verified owner)

    Hello, Sonia!! I love this course your provide for us! I’m just first week into this course and I’m having a blast! This first week has been full of wonders and changes. Trying to opening myself up and speak out to the guides and angels but it’s hard to find signs which makes me like I’m not catching up with the pace of the course day to day. Setting up altars was a challenge on the mental side because I come from a chinese back ground where we talk so much about the being cautious and try not to attract random spirits or bad spirits that won’t leave us! Eeeek! But anyway, after three days battling in my head, today I finally have it created and meditated in front of it! To me that’s a huge step forward! In my meditation I saw shadows of white light appearing in different shapes, that was very interesting!

    Thank you, Sonia, once again for having this course created! I look forward to further findings ahead!!

  45. audrywalsh (verified owner)

    Loving all the information.

  46. Lisa Marguerite Mora

    This course is so important and offers wonderful and profound information. I had immediate results and became re-familiar with the higher frequencies, the help & love that are available to us all.

  47. Chi-Cha Russo

    I am looking forward,to learning about my guides as I start this new adventure! I like that it is a daily short snipet that doesn’t overwhelm me,.💜

  48. Nancy Wyman

    I am working on week 2 of Sonia’s Ask your Guides course. I am inspired by her lessons and eager to put them to practice and look forward to the next day for more inspiration. This course has really opened my heart to accepting guidance from my guides and angels. Sonia is so encouraging and shows so much love in her teachings. I absolutely love this course and can’t wait to complete it. Thank you Sonia for your love and guidance in your courses. Nancy

  49. Nathalie Colin

    Simple and inspirational. Go fo it!
    I just began the course and really enjoy it. The format is ideal as you can manage your time as you want. Lessons are very inspirational. I feel as if Sonia was getting me by the hand to smoothly but surely develop my connection with my spirit guides. Thank you Sonia! And thank you to the universe for having suggested me to take this course!

  50. Lisa

    Pleasantly surprised
    This course was recommended to me. I hesitated to buy this course, worried it would be tedious and boring, as I thought I was more of a book person, rather than a video person. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I really enjoyed the course and looked forward to my Saturday morning time with Sonia. I enjoyed this course so much that I panicked when it was nearing the end, and bought 4 more on line courses! This course will help you build a firm foundation into the six- sensory realm. I am not a beginner student, and I found a lot of new information in this course.

  51. Silvia

    I am in day 7 of the course and is so magical and fun having the guides around. Sonia just help us remind us that the guides are Always around, we just have to pay attention. It is very important to keep a journal and write whatever comes to mind no matter how silly or if you think you are imagining things. For example, few days ago while I was in my yoga class in front of the mirror, with so many petty thoughts going to my head and couldn’t concentrate in the postures, all of a sudden, I (thought I imagined a little Joy Guide playfully popping up in between my stretched arms and laughing, kind of distracting me of my nagging thoughts). I told myself I was going mental and for sure Im looking for excuses to make my life more interesting, then I let it go. Few days later I was so surprised when I received the email from Sonia telling me the name of my guide. Imagine my shock when she told me that right now it was a “delightful little spirit helper guide named Josephine.’ And that she is a joy guide who brings so much laughter and love to you…. She also told me I have many guides ( Like all of us do) but right now this Joy guide was the first to connect with me. My point is: You are NOT imagining things, even if you ego tells you that is your imagination and that you are going mental. If you are reading this and feel a twinge to try the course, Go for it. it is probably your guide trying to connect with you. Sonia is a great teacher, and her daily classes are short but to the point ( no more than 10 minutes a day), but the journal helps lots. Thank you Sonia for everything

  52. Rachel

    Love this course
    I’ve almost finished going through this course for the second time around, and I just think it’s a great course, delivered by Sonia with such warmth and generosity. The course works step-by-step and takes you to a deeper level of connection as you progress through the daily assignments. It has really helped me connect with my guides and my own spirit and I’m so grateful for this.

  53. Dalybeth Reasoner

    I have been teaching Psychology at the University both in the classroom and online for the past 13 years and this course with Sonia is the best I have ever seen. If you are serious about knowing who your guides are and learning to communicate with them this is perfect for you. It feels like Sonia is talking to you directly one on one and she answered all of the questions I ever had about guides and more. It is truly life changing.

  54. Lori Bond

    Manager/ Buyer for high end Watches and Jewelry
    This course is for anyone that wants to live bigger stronger and with much more purpose. I am feeling the energy of many guides throughout the day giving me much more confidence in everything I do. I love asking them for guidance! Thank you Sonia for you teachings and for being a beautiful angel.

  55. Lynn B

    Ask Your “Guides Online Course
    I am only on Day 3 but so far I love the course. The lesson suggestions are easy to follow and fun. It doesn’t feel as if I’m working at it. Thank you Sonia!

  56. Sharon

    Ask and you Shall Receive
    This has been an awesome course so far. I find myself asking my guides constantly for help and pray to them and always say a prayer of thank you. I don’t feel them yet and hope that someday I can. As I make more room in my life for them, I’m finding I get nudges her and there over sometimes very simple things like looking where I put my mop. It works when I’m open to them.

  57. Heather

    Love it!
    I’m on day 4 and I am loving it! I like that it’s broken down into daily steps, to learn one small step at a time. I love Sonia’s calm, loving nature!

  58. Nathalie Chartier

    Mentor coach on finance industry
    Feeling in class with Sonia, getting her exprience and quality tools and do it at the most convenient time for me, is morte than a gift. The exercices ans reflexion guidance are excellent and over and above, Sonia’s way to teach is warm, generous and powerful. I do recommend the six sensory training to all human that want to better understand their life.

  59. Juliet

    Six Sensory Training
    I am loving Sonia’s Six Sensory Online training Course! I am only about halfway through and it is already more than I’d hoped for. As well as her very inspiring messages and stories, I’ve also appreciated her nuts and bolts guidance which is helping me to figure out where I want to go and teaching me how to get there safely and effectively.

  60. Leah

    This course was a real eyeopener
    This course provided me a lot of different practical exercises in order to help me connect with my guides. I found out that I had this guidance within my heart previously but this course helped me build that trust to listen to it. I found it tremendously valuable at this point of my life. I highly recommend it.

  61. Lynn Osborne

    Ask Your Guides
    I really enjoyed the teachings of Sonia, as she makes things so easy and down to earth. The course reminded me to ask for support from my guides, and work with them as colleagues on our journey. Thanks so much

  62. Kim

    Sonia’s gentle spirit is felt through out this course. I feel the daily “assignments” and guidance has enabled me to get out of my own head and into my heart!

  63. Carol-lee Zuvich

    Sixth Sensory Online Course IS A GREAT CREATION!
    I love that this course was made available online at a more affordable pricepoint. For value and for thoroughness you cannot go wrong with this course. I also love that I can take my time and repeat things I might have missed and that the course is complete for all Levels. THANK YOU SONIA for sharing your gifts. This is indeed an in-depth online course.

  64. Lori

    For years I have been lamenting to my husband that the synchronicity is gone from my and our lives. As we were pulled into the dramas of life the joy was gone. Everything felt flat as we lost our connection with our spirits. For me Sonia’s course was just one step on my journey back. Like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing if it would stick. That is how bad it had gotten. Boy was I wrong–it was THE step back to a joyful spirit-fueled life. This course is so rich and magical. And it is easy in the sense that the videos are 6-7 minutes long each day. The Intro video to each new week is about 15 minutes. So you don’t have to work hard to find the time. The exercises she gives easily incorporate into your day. I am back in the flow in ways I never would have dreamed. In absolute gratitude! Thank you Sonia!

  65. Keiko

    Best Course I Ever Invested In.
    I tend to be a little skeptical about lot of the online courses especially when it comes to self help, spirituality fields, but from the beginning I sensed a good “vibe” about Sonia and started to view her on youtube and order her books. What I really like about her messages is that they are simple , powerful and effective. This is by far one of the best online courses I have invested in and even it is just my first week, it has been so fun and exciting ! I never thought I can get such a rich and authentic course online and I am so happy to have found her and all her materials. I really look forward to all the discovery and journey through the course. Thank you Sonia and I will be sharing more about my experiences with the course and other materials in the future. EIKO tokyo , Japan

  66. Sarah Carey

    Sonia is amazing! She has this special gift and I am so blessed to be able to learn from her. I would reccomend this to anyone who may want to improve their lives!

  67. Brittany

    Well worth the investment!
    This is the first time I have bought a course like this. I’ve always been somewhat intuitive but have been unsure of what to make of it. I’ve been doing this course for less than a week, and the results I have gotten are AMAZING. Very much worth the money. I feel like this course has helped me get in tune with what I needed to hear, versus internal chatter. Sometimes it’s very hard to tell the difference. It also helped me calm my fear with what I was experiencing, because I used to find these experiences terrifying. In my case, since I started the course, I have been working with my guide on some very difficult issues in my life. My experience has been pretty intense, but I feel like I’ve had as much progress in the few days since I started the course as I have with years of my own personal work. My guide asked me some pretty tough questions that were very hard for me to answer, but helped me work through it. I have a new perspective on some very dark days in my life, and I feel stronger for it. I thank Sonia for the lovely course, and I am so intensely grateful for all that I have learned.

  68. Eleni McGinty

    Ask your Guides
    I’m enjoying Sonia’s insight as I was curious and keen to see if this would work for me. At week 2, I realise that my Guides always help me. I am just learning about different types of Guides…this is fun!

  69. Rogelio Saprissa

    Simply Awesome
    This is the second course I have from Sonia Choquette, the first one is the “Tune In”. She is a master and a teacher on these issues. She opens the doors for a life changing experience, and this is what I have been looking for. She does not play around with words, she goes right to the issue, addressing whatever questions you may have, its as if she is right in front of you explaining and sharing with you priceless information. Simply awesome!!!

  70. Tish

    Fabulous Results
    This is my 2nd Sonia course – the first one I took was Tune In and this follows that very nicely. I also have a couple of Sonia books on Audible I listen to in the car and on walks which helps keep my vibration up. Sonia has sent me my guide’s name and I have been journalling daily and meditating daily since early December, now I awaken at 6am (impossible for me in the past) and meditate and stretch and then speak with my guides. It has been a challenging end of last year and beginning of this year for me and through following my guidance, information in my dreams and in my heart I have a new opportunity starting on Monday with the info that this will be a new home for me in terms of my work projects. I have been constantly reassured that I have support from my Guides and my Guardian Angel and I breathe into that truth daily and have been able to stay present for the opportunities that show up able to choose the correct opportunities. What I have received from this program is patience and gratitude and from patience and gratitude, there is so much more joy and serenity in my life. Thank you very much to the Universe and to Sonia for demystifying the great support I have in my life.

  71. Cyril

    Profound Life Changing Experience
    I have read Sonia’s books about 25 years back, but did not work on the lessons.The basic principles and the Spiritual messages from the books I read, I have not forgotten. I believed in Guides and just coasted along as my life was going well. Last two years, I had a few personal challenges and I knew I have to ask for Help from the Higher Power and Guides. So, I started exploring, some meditation practices and in one of the emails I received I saw Sonia’s Ask Your Guides online course. I immediately knew that it is My Guide leading me to this path. I am just in the beginning stage, done only three days of lessons. But the introductory video and the Meditations started working on me and I feel excited about letting my Guides help me. Yes, I already feel connected with the Guide, Sonia emailed me and feel confident and positive, My Guide will help me through my challenges. Thank you Sonia for a wonderful online course. My thanks to all others who assisted in offering a Superb Guiding experience for me.

  72. Sarbjit Kaur

    Amazing, Go for it !!!
    I just finished this course. I was like eye opener. I received so much guidance. In just one week, i am able to connect to my guides. Very simple yet powerful tips given by Sonia. She is the real gift to humanity. Videos are fabulous, her voice is so sweet. If you are seriously looking for guidance from the spirit realm, don’t give second thought, just go for it.

  73. David Simmonds

    Ask Your Guides online course
    If you are thinking of doing this course dont bother. Don’t bother THINKING just do it! It will change your life forever!

  74. Jodi

    Love it!
    I’m continually learning from Sonia! I’ve taken the in person course and I bought this to “stay in the space” – it works! Thank you Sonia – I am so grateful for your gifts that you share with us.

  75. Maya

    my review
    I love this course. Well I am only in beginning of second week. But I got the concept, basically we need to let go old grips, and replace it with our own natural balance. The guide name that Sonia e-mails is the key, because it carries the “signature frequency” that you need to resonate with to find your own true vibration. When you resonate with that you feel like there’s nothing to worry about at all. What I get is ‘warm, safe’ feeling. Lots of releasing of worries, and there’s nothing to fear, not even death. I can actually see now that death won’t happen until all life lessons are learned. When I am resonating properly, I feel like, life is like, I am in a nice plane, and watching outside the window, the sceneries (physical manifestations/outside perceptions) might changes from time to time. But who cares, as long as I am comfortable in the plane, everything is OK. I give 4.5 stars, because I am still waiting for spooky stuffs (such as hearing voices, seeing vision, goosebumps, etc.), which will qualify me as a psychic. Feeling good and living good is not enough. I want to see my guide. Yuhuu, guide, where are you? Show me your face, please.

  76. Jeanine Hanneman

    Ask Your Guides Online Course Review
    This course is amazing, it has come into my life at the most perfect moment, helping me learn to receive and connect to my spirit guides in ways that I never imagined possible. I am still working through the daily lessons and loving every minute. Thank you Sonia, it’s wonderful. xxx

  77. Yvonne

    Ask Your Guides – Online Course
    This course is amazing! I have looked forward to each and every lesson, and know I will be going over this course again and again! Through this course Sonia has helped me learn how to ask for guidance, who to ask, how to recognise guidance, and to trust it. Sonia’s meditations complement the course so beautifully. I just loved this course and would recommend it particularly for those like myself who have not felt confident about trusting their guidance and didn’t know where to start, or someone wanting to ‘fine tune’ their intuition!

  78. Sarah Dennison

    I am only on day 3, & taking it slow:)

  79. Diane

    Insightflut, practical, and exciting!
    I am currently in Week 2 of the Ask Your Guides course. It is a pleasure each day to listen to the lesson and the assignment because Sonia teaches in a delightful yet practical way. I can feel the energy leading me along a path of insights. Each lesson builds upon the one before, is not overwhelming, and is just plain exciting in the possibilities for developing a relationship with my higher self and my divine support. I appreciate Sonia and the lessons she offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  80. James

    Ask Your Guides Online Course
    The first time I watched Sonia on a Youtube video, I felt a connection to her way of teaching. She is a real person, not fake in any way. She is very clear and detailed with her teaching.This course is exactly what I need at this time in my life.

  81. marie

    ask your guides online course
    i have to say i love all of sonia work have read most of her books including this one , the course is very easy to follow , and very informative and calming , the only thing i would say that im bit disappointed sonia has not sent me my spirit guides names as of yet . love and light .. marie x

  82. Julie

    Healer and Writer
    I’ve been working with my guides for several decades (and channeled a book of meditations from the Archangels) and I am still learning so many new things about interacting with my guides from this course. I love it and recommend it to my clients because it’s so well done.

  83. Julie Anne Myers

    A Life Changer!
    This was a life-changing experience. I laughed, I cried, I danced and I fell in love with myself again. Sonia’s guided meditations are incredibly powerful at connecting you to yourself and therefore to your Guides. She creates a very safe, encouraging environment while at the same time helping you uncover what is preventing you from fully connecting with your inner guidance. Her support team is amazing and I loved that we had a yoga class on Sunday morning with Mara. My favorite part: the way Sonia says “breath”…I have never heard it said more beautifully.

  84. Rula Matar

    The Best Workshop Ever!
    It was a real pleasure meeting you last weekend in Chicago during the workshop, thank you for making it so easy on every level. Through the 20 years of attending conferences, workshops and seminars, this was by far one of the best workshops ever! It was intense, personable, uplifting and yet dug so deep that it took me a good 48 hours to get back on my feet again. And once I did, wow, total clarity. So, please pass my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Sonia for a most profound experience. I am clear to pursue the next chapter in my journey. Blessings Rula

  85. Yiye Zhang

    intuitive coach
    This is course is so clear, simple and doable! Thanks again for Sonia helping me to connect with my helper guide. I bought this 6 months ago, I still come back and visit – each time there is new insight. Thanks for making life-time access available!

  86. Cynthia V. Holm

    One day at a time insight that helps you become that clear channel which gradually raises your vibration and helps you tune in to all the guidance which has always been around you. It has only been a week or so and I find myself opening the lessons each morning to find they are addressing things I was just thinking about the day before – very magical.

  87. Andrea Pouw

    Production Co-ordinator
    Wonderful course for those who are thinking about getting in touch with their spirit guides and angels. Sonia is such an inspiration! Thank you so much for the name of my primary spirit guide. It’s very comforting to know he is there for me anytime I need him.

  88. Jeannine MacKay

    Love the format
    I woke up a few weeks ago with the clear thought in my mind that I should study with Sonia Choquette. The idea brought me peace and I could feel that this was guidance. So, after watching a few Youtube videos of Sonia and then ordering a couple books, I was led to the Ask Your Guides online course. I’m still just in the first of the four weeks but so far it’s great. I’ve taken various online courses before but never one with this format. I love that each day has included a video of Sonia talking about that day’s lesson. The format just really works for me. I’ve been starting my day with a reading from Grace, Guidance and Gifts and then my lesson from Ask Your Guides. As I’ve been making these changes, I’ve also felt guided to make the rosary part of my daily practice again too. I have really felt a shift taking place. Thank you!

  89. Belinda Arnold

    I love how Sonia makes it so practical to get in touch with ourselves and our guides… She help you validate what your soul know….

  90. Peg Pike

    This Course Is AWESOME!
    Sonia, what a blessing and comfort to my Spirit to have taken your course Ask Your Guides. Oh my gosh, this is so much information ans has answered so many questions. And if that wasn’t enough I received a name from you on one of my 33 guides that works with me. Getting to know this male energy through my course work has been a breath of fresh air. Wow! This course is awesome! I just want people to know that if they are thinking about it- please don’t hesitate. Just do it… You will not regret it. Thank You Thank you. Sending my love and light. Peg

  91. Lili Weu

    Absolutely Adore this…
    This course is probably the single best investment I have ever made into my happiness and personal fulfillment and growth. Not only do I feel continuously connected to the flow of the universe, but I can ask my guides for help on ANYTHING! This is truly empowering. I have asked for help in performing my art, in writing my screenplay, with my eating habits, for good parking spots…. the list goes on. I now have access to all the answers I could ever need… any praying for my loved ones’ welfare has never felt so fun and soothing. Thank you Sonia….you are empowering people in a big way with this course. I never have to feel alone ever again…in trying times, all I have to do is ask for help and be open to it. And YOU are the very best teacher anyone could ever ask for. Much love from Montreal.

  92. Erica Ross – Krieger

    What a Wonderful Course!
    This course is really quite wonderful. I’m 54 and have been around the block with many self help, self-awareness, spiritual, self-growth and human potential books, teachers and resources. This is a breath of fresh air! There’s a peaceful, joyful, loving presence that Sonia brings right into the videos. I was guided to buy it, am joyfully guided to tune in each day and am gently guided to weave it into my life. In this time of seemingly world upheaval, this course and its message are a peaceful oasis. What a beautiful gift to the planet, Sonia. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Love Erica

  93. Beatrice

    What A Great Course!
    I really think that this product is great. I’ve found it helpful so far (and I’m sure my angel would agree). So thanks a lot!

  94. Antonia Van Haeren

    What a Transformational Workshop
    The weekend with the guide’s workshop was everything I could have possibly wanted… just the Saturday morning alone was excellent. It allowed me to go thru yet another transformation… but this time the butterfly earned both the wings… thank you Sonia for the opportunity to become totally at one with all of creation… Thank you my gratitude is forever and beyond with love and blessings, Antonia Van Haeren

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