Trust Your Vibes

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Are you ready to heal your past, and step into your future with clear-knowing? Your intuition is the only way out of the self-imposed prison of our minds. Trusting Your Vibes puts you in the flow of creation and manifestation.


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7 reviews for Trust Your Vibes

  1. Yanira Amaro (verified owner)

    Im so happy and greatful of taking this course..Thank you so much Sonia..

  2. Kelly O’Connell (verified owner)

    I feel the Trust Your Vibes course is very good.
    It is well organized and each lesson builds on previous lessons, making it a very accumulating, higher learning experience.
    I am only to lesson 4, but the program is set up to really get in touch with yourself in a unique & special way.
    The program is set up so each lesson is easily applicable and daily habit development & forming for optimum, long term benefit.
    The program is a real eye opener and quite a welcome change from society’s social media & instant gratification media chaos, we all experience on a daily basis.
    Thank You for the program & opportunity to make life much more manageable and enriching.


  3. Ryan Kaiser

    Thank you Sonia!

  4. barbara gionet-gallant

    Ive just started this course, and so far am enjoying doing each lesson, each day! I feel that I will get more benefits by doing the course over after Ive completed the first time, so Im glad that we are able to redo the course as many times as we want, to get into the thought process of feeling our guides and angels with us throughout our day!

  5. debbiehs571 (verified owner)

    I love this class! Sonia is such a gifted teacher, kind and very thorough. I have learned so much in such a short period of time with no stress! I will be taking more of her classes. Thank you, Sonia!

  6. Marina Lebedeva (verified owner)

    I am sorry, I am not satisfied with this class, because to me it sounds as it is for very beginners. I am not the beginner and my intuition is very strong. I expected more advanced material instead and I still did not receive my book.

  7. womom07 (verified owner)

    I do love the course. I have learned so much. I must do this on my phone which has worked out ok but I have been unable to type my journal on the PDF file. Instead, I am writing in a spiral notebook. Good thing I love to write!! Sonia, you are so kind and such an inspiration!! Much love, Debbie from Kansas City MO.

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