Trust Your Vibes (3 Easy Payments)

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$89.00 / month for 3 months

Are you ready to heal your past, and step into your future with clear-knowing? Your intuition is the only way out of the self-imposed prison of our minds. Trusting Your Vibes puts you in the flow of creation and manifestation.


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3 reviews for Trust Your Vibes (3 Easy Payments)

  1. Anne Flournoy

    This is a powerful course. Sonia Choquette is wonderful. She’s entertaining, real, fun, deep and Wise. She’s taught me so very simply and gently how to drop down into myself, to reach a sense of stillness and security and connection which has eluded me for 71 years.

    I always thought that the great problem of my life was my lack of self-confidence. Thanks to this course (and the book of the same title which I’m listening to for the 3rd time) I realize it’s not a lack of self-confidence, it’s been a lack of connection to myself! a denial of intuitive awareness.

    Following Sonia’s deceptively simple exercises, I’m miraculously becoming what Bridget Jones might call “a woman of substance”!

  2. tammy.jolivette (verified owner)

    While in this course, I am being more present, taking time to honor myself, and being more self aware. I also am on how much I already use my intuition. I am slow to anger, in fact I notice that I just let things be and focus more on what really matters. I have been experiencing more abundance than ever. I found ways to make passive income. I was about to pay my rent a month in advance for the first time. I plan on paying rent 3 months in advance for my next goal. It really has been GREAT! Thank you so much!

  3. Mary Ann Lysons (verified owner)

    Three weeks into the course and I’m already feeling much more calm and confident. The strategies offered are easy to use and effective. The weekly online class really makes me stay committed and feel energised. The emails and posts on the website also make me feel part of something positive. I would highly recommend this course.

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