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35 thoughts on “Discover Your Spirit Guide’s Name

  1. All my gratitude, you and Julia Cameron are on the top of my “Hero” list! I saw you over a decade ago in Toronto, and met you briefly. You’ve inspired my life in countless ways, mostly through your books and cards. We share a similar journey. Love and light xo

  2. Hi Sonia, I have been enjoying your online course and I love how user friendly it is. All of your teachings are easy to follow and to implement. I would love to learn the name of my guide but didn’t see a form. Thank you so much for producing this course. I am learning so much about connecting with my guides.

  3. I am so delighted to remember these things. You’re a light, so refreshing and real. I’m grateful to you, I appreciate you. 💕🤗🙏🏻

  4. I just received my guide’s name. Thank you so much Sonia! I am so excited and looking forward to connecting with him.

  5. I’m looking forward to getting to know my guide(s). How exciting!

  6. Can’t wait to get to know my guides by name… So excited

  7. Ok, I just requested my SPirit Guides name!! I have see that one guide twice in my life. I hope I have been calling that one by the right name.

  8. I just received my Spirit Guide name by email… WOW!! I just wonder if our Spirit Guide could be a family member who’s dead since many years…. because my Spirit Guide name is the name of my mother in law who’s dead since 14 years…. could it be her???

  9. My Sunshine Sonia, I’m so grateful that I was guided to you many years ago! You are such an inspiration and I absolutely love listening to you, even if I listen to the same lecture or interview and know it by heart already! Secretly I’m convinced that you are an angel, your eyes give you away! I feel blessed being able to understand English and to be able to learn from you! I’m super excited to learn my guide’s name! I left asking for it after I finished the course; this will be my reward and celebration! (Then I’ll start making a transcript of the whole course. The beautiful notebook is ready!) Thank you is a huge understatement!
    Bless you, Angel Sonia!

  10. Thank you for your big open heart, could not journey without you and your work !

  11. Sonia, Thank yo so very much for helping me connect with my guides as i have dealt with cancer this past year ( a Blessing in disguise) and have looked to support from God, Teachers, Bhodisatvas, Healers, Angels and me:) Cancer can make you feel so alone.(but we are not are we:) You are a great Blessing to me!Thank you so much!! I have read a lot of your books and am always purchasing “the wise child” as a birth gift for all new moms:) it is one of my dreams to have a session with you…maybe sometime soon!! In the mean time I am LOVING you course!! thank you so so much for being here for us all!!

  12. You are such a blessing in my life, Sonia! I am excited to learn more about my guides and I trust you implicitly as my earth angel. 😇🙏🏻

  13. I feel my heart opening in what seems like a very long time…I feel HOPE again. I’m remembering my familiar home after a long, long time of living in my head and instead of my heart. Thank you Sonia!

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH. So incredibly grateful for this course. This helped me in so many ways to my higher self. Loved every step of the way and will redo all the steps again and again to make it my own.
    Thank you so much for this oppurtunity .

  15. I am thrilled to have completed this course – it has been a delight and I made a break through by finishing something!! Yay!! Thank you = and I will re-do it as you suggested!!

  16. *Greetings* Sonia ~ Thank you such a wonderful course. ♥♥ I was thrilled to meet my very own personal “Runner” on Day 3/Week 2 of our course. He presented himself through 4 visuals to me during a meditation that particular evening and the following day I received his name during a healing session with one of my clients (I am a Registered Massage Therapist & Energy Healer). I was ‘ * thrilled * ‘ and DELIGHTED, to say the least, as I have been hoping for such information over the many years I have been “on the path” of awareness & Spirit. He is a darling baby cheetah cub by the name of “Bo”! He is so-o joyful, enthusiast and *delighted* to be of service! He makes me smile “right out loud” and I was ‘ * thrilled * ‘ to receive this information! Thank you personally for your kindness in *gifting* me with my Spirit Guide’s name, Rufus! Apparently, he is one of my *Joy Guides” and is always by my side. I have been blessed with a sunny disposition my entire life & undoubtedly *Rufus* has done his work with great success! To him I offer my deepest gratitude .. from my soul & spirit this lifetime! I am so looking forward to reviewing our course and zeroing in on the OTHER *Spirit Guides* & areas I have yet to fully experience & work with. ~ Heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude for such a beautiful course offering.. ‘ * Blessings * ‘ to you Sonia for your grace, guidance & teachings ~ NAMASTE ~ ‘ * ARIA * ‘ ♥♥

  17. I have a hobbit for a guide that I received on a work retreat in the 1980s I hiked with him over hill and dale that day
    , he was a gentle sweet soft spoken little fellow. I have a minature palameino horse for a guide too with a long flowing mane and tail. Also a man with black curls and I believe he smokes. Dont know the names of any of them though. I am told I have a whole room full of followers but I dont know how many are guides, four of five of them are children waiting for me, their mother to come back.

  18. Several years ago after reading one of your books I did a meditation to try and connect with my Spirit guide. When my guide showed up he was an older man who had long grey hair and was in jeans and a denim shirt. I asked his name and he told me Albert. I laughed it off believing I had created that name because it wasn’t something ethereal or angelic or Native American. Since I thought I had created him in my mind I haven’t tried connecting with him but about 4-5 different times his has shown up when I was feeling down. I did this course and requested the name of my guide and got the letter from Sonia today telling me that I had a joy guide named ALBERT!!!! I was blown away and overjoyed to truly have validation that my spiritual awakening is fully underway!

  19. Thank you very much Sonia for naming my guide. I love her for her joy and laugher. Looking forward for her guidance. Through out this course I learned how to relax and be calm amidst the chaos of my everyday life specially now that I’m taking care of my husband who had a stroke and now dependent on me.
    I will be going through these lessons again and again to keep me aware all the time of the guidance and messsges that the guides are sending me. Again thank you.

  20. Thank you very much Sonia for naming my guide. I love her for her joy and laugher. Looking forward for her guidance. Through out this course I learned how to relax and be calm amidst the chaos of my everyday life specially now that I’m taking care of my husband who had a stroke and now dependent on me.
    I will be going through these lessons again and again to keep me aware all time of the guidance that the guides are giving m

  21. I am so excited to learn more communication with my guides iam looking forward to finding out my guides name as I have had many names through the years of communication and look forward to learning more thank you Ann

  22. Beloved Sonia, many thanks for your webinar today (28 October 2017). It is very interesting. I have signed up for the course as I have finally managed to save money for it. It’s now the right time for me to learn from you. I am very eager to know the name of my spirit guide as I want to express my deepest gratitude, appreciation and love to her/him/them (lol). There are many of them. When life was very difficult, dark and sometimes life-threatening for me, and I cried for feeling so alone and not knowing where to go for help, suddenly I felt being lifted up, comforted, protected and guided to a place full of lights by a huge invisible pair of strong and loving hands. I have said thank you. It would be wonderful if I could greet them by name and express my wholehearted gratitude. Many thanks and much blessings to you.

  23. Hello,dear Sonia,
    I would like to know my Spirit Guide’s name. Thank you.

  24. Thank you so much for offering to give the name of my spirit guide. So excited to know it. Blessings sent

  25. Hi, Sonia! I really enjoyed your video today and I am excited to hear what the name of my guide is. My full name at birth was Raquel Marques da Fonseca (I am from Brazil but live in the U.S. since early adulthood), then I was Raquel Marques Fall with my first marriage and now I am Raquel Marques Jackson. Thank you for sending me the name of my guide. Bless you.

  26. Thank you, I’m looking forward to hearing that.

  27. Thank you


  28. Thank you, Sonia, for sending me information on one of my Guides. A Joy Guide who wishes to be called Lolly Pop came to you for me. I was amazed and pleased by this, as many years ago (I’m in my 50’s now), I had a pet rabbit I named Lolly Pop! I’m sure my Guide chose that name so I could make the connection.

  29. I would say over 10 years ago I was driving and talking to my angels just because I knew I had angel guides and I said, ” I wonder what his name is” and a thought came to me as Ivan! I was surprised when a name came to mind! I am so excited to work with you to really know how to communicate with my guides and get to know them. Thank you Sonia!

  30. This is so much exiting! What a wonderful gift, thank you dear Sonia!

    (P.S. This week I went to a chanting buddhist pray and at the end we were asked to think of our most wanted hope, mine was to develop the gift of clairvoyance and to work with my guides. In turns we were wishing for one person. When it was my turn to be in the center, with closed eyes, I saw the face of an oriental person with shaved hair, 3 times. Can’t say if it was the same person or 3 different ones. Were they my guides? Maybe morphing into buddhists just to tell me : hang on there ? Writing this, now I wonder, should I first get the “cable” with my guides before learning clairvoyance or can it be developed at the same time?)

    Thank you dearly for your inspiring and vibrational lessons, warm hugs

  31. When I bought this course several years ago I received the guide’s name who was working with me, but I have since transferred to a new computer and lost all my old emails. Possible to receive that email again? Am so sorry to trouble you about this, should this be difficult to retrieve. At the time my study of this course several years ago was interrupted due to life events.

  32. Dearest Sonia,

    I’m a curious soul and wondering how you are able to find out my spirit guide name? Thank you for your wisdom and infinite generosity.

    Warm hugs,


  33. Definitely one of the most enjoyable and life changing courses I have taken. Thank you Sonia for your wisdom and guidance as I continue this journey.

  34. Thank you🦋💜🙏

  35. I’m so excited to know and start my relationship with my Guides! Thank you this means so much to me! June

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