Week 3 – Day 7

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15 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 7

  1. Love this lesson Sonia. Thank you. Yes I participate and bring it on. Much love

  2. I had my first memory of one of my guides when I was six years old.
    It’s a wonderful feeling to know my “tribe” walks through my life with me.
    Thank you so much for this dear Sonia!

  3. This is something that I do on and off is call on my guides for help on various things throughout the day.I don’t however call on my guides for everything and need to do that more.

  4. Thank you Sonia. This is my first online course I bought, I know I was guided to it as it brings joy. And I’m always looking for to the next day lesson. You are God sent. Thank you. Yes! I’m on board.

  5. I think you are amazing Sonia l, you are guiding so many of us so beautifully . May God bless you .

  6. YES, YES, YES, YES!!! There is no other way to live. Thank you, Sonia!

  7. Yes! I am on board!!

  8. I say Yes!! I find myself repeating my favorite prayer, “ Con Dios me acuesto, con Dios me levanto en la gracia del Espirito Santo.”

  9. Great lesson

  10. I say yes to embracing this holy experience! Thank you Sonia for your honest guidance.

  11. YES! I’m on board. Yesterday was “rubber hit the road day,” and quite a wake up call. A LOT is happening, but something that stands out: during a very productive, spirit guide-led day, one of my teacher guides led me to a closet where I keep my treasured books, photos, etc., and my hand went directly to Sonia’s book, “Your Heart’s Desire,” which I purchased and read 14 years ago (A lot has happened in those 14 years since reading this book, but I have reached a tangled plateau . . . long story).

    It is time to immerse myself in clarity by accessing my guides 24/7. Yesterday was a clutter-clearing experience, and today I am mindful–every minute–of direction. I wonder where I will be 14 years from today!

    THANK YOU, SONIA! THANK YOU, RYAN TOO (great tech helper)!

  12. Hi Sonia, what is the difference between a companion and your guardian angel? Or are they the same thing?

  13. I Loved this lesson, a great reminder to use our guides, and the whole time I was listening and taking notes I had lots of vibes going on. Very cool, my guides liked the lesson too.

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