Week 3 – Day 7

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12 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 7

  1. Thank you Sonia. This is my first online course I bought, I know I was guided to it as it brings joy. And I’m always looking for to the next day lesson. You are God sent. Thank you. Yes! I’m on board.

  2. I think you are amazing Sonia l, you are guiding so many of us so beautifully . May God bless you .

  3. YES, YES, YES, YES!!! There is no other way to live. Thank you, Sonia!

  4. Yes! I am on board!!

  5. I say Yes!! I find myself repeating my favorite prayer, “ Con Dios me acuesto, con Dios me levanto en la gracia del Espirito Santo.”

  6. Great lesson

  7. I say yes to embracing this holy experience! Thank you Sonia for your honest guidance.

  8. YES! I’m on board. Yesterday was “rubber hit the road day,” and quite a wake up call. A LOT is happening, but something that stands out: during a very productive, spirit guide-led day, one of my teacher guides led me to a closet where I keep my treasured books, photos, etc., and my hand went directly to Sonia’s book, “Your Heart’s Desire,” which I purchased and read 14 years ago (A lot has happened in those 14 years since reading this book, but I have reached a tangled plateau . . . long story).

    It is time to immerse myself in clarity by accessing my guides 24/7. Yesterday was a clutter-clearing experience, and today I am mindful–every minute–of direction. I wonder where I will be 14 years from today!

    THANK YOU, SONIA! THANK YOU, RYAN TOO (great tech helper)!

  9. Hi Sonia, what is the difference between a companion and your guardian angel? Or are they the same thing?

  10. I Loved this lesson, a great reminder to use our guides, and the whole time I was listening and taking notes I had lots of vibes going on. Very cool, my guides liked the lesson too.

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