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6 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 6

  1. I listen to the guides and on and off .I take action the action that my guides guide me to take.I will admit I don’t always follow guidance from the guides and take the proper action when needed,so I need to do that more.

  2. What a great exercise! Do NOT pass this up. Once I started writing I was amazed at the flow. And as I forced myself to address my fears in a relationship, a potential solution popped in. I was so excited. And I know I was led. And I know that as I follow my guide this solution will just flow. I am no longer fearful. WOW!

  3. You are right..
    What I am afraid of??
    Only action shift things on….
    Maybe there is only one thing…comfort zone ….and our perception of it.

  4. What do the spirit guides want/need from us? To listen and act on their direction, to recognize that the messages are coming in, and to express gratitude for them. Pretty simple. Thank you, Sonia.

  5. I am LOVING this course so far! On my first day, after listening to a couple lessons I turned the computer off to hear LOUD and clear an Eagle outside chirping and calling. To me the Eagle represents Spirit….I feel like it was Love and a nod from Spirit. XO~Raelene

  6. I asked my guides for a sign to help me decide which company to self publish my children’s book with and I got the vision of two sprouting plants. I’m unsure what it entails but I’m hoping that I’ll get more clarity with time!

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