Week 1 – Day 1

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  1. I have always talked to trees. I see them as living beings, so this was a very fun, validating lesson!

  2. I have a conservatory with plants in it and it’s very vibrant, the kitchen on the other side is where work has to be done (I don(t like cooking !
    The lounge has lots of cristals in it and has quite a strong energy. My latest cat is definitely a spirit helper.

  3. Hi Sonia and fellow sentient beings! I loved lesson 1 week 1. I too like to read people’s energy and had fun doing that today. I felt spirit with me. I felt I had to be honest with myself when reading the rooms in my house! The word Stagnant came up! Haven’t changed the energy around in my rooms for a long time. Maybe it is time! But doing this exercise just kept me spirit based. I can’t wait for lesson 2. Heading there now! Namaste, Karen

    1. Wow Karen! Loved hearing about your experience and I’m looking forward to doing this spirit reading exercise. Sending you love + great vibes, Kim

  4. This was a lovely lesson and really resonated with me. I’m an empath, so I feel people’s spirit, often mistaking other peoples stuff for my own. This lesson really got me thinking about recognizing what is mine and what is someone elses. With recognizing and naming spirit, I think that will start to become more aware of what is mine and what belongs to others, so I don’t need to take it on. I’m going to practice this for more than a day.

    1. Karen, I am Clare senescent. I can walk into a room and immediately feel the room or the person. I just do not apply this to myself or remember on a daily basis that I have a wonderful group of Spirit Guides to help me moment my moment.

    2. I really resonate with “what is mine”. Thankyou, Ruth

    3. Hi Karen. I do the same thing. It can be confusing sometimes huh? Not to mention uncomfortable.

  5. I have been listening and studying with Sonia for a long time. Sonia, you are a true delight! Thank you for all you have shared. And, empowered. I’ve have been around many hurtful feelings in life. Low self esteem, I believe. I have always felt there is more joy to be felt in this beautiful life. I really believe we were all patterned and need to break free from all the seriousness. And, live from joy! I purchased this because I want to get deeper into Joy. I get wrapped up into listening to others and forget who I really am sometimes. Too busy. Yikes, I needed a big, restful reminder of who I am!
    I feel deeply and sometimes I feel I have to shut if off and take care of myself! And Allow myself to know this is okay. To remind others they can shine, too.
    My shining was getting dull. Time for some polishing!!! Wahoo! Again.

  6. I did walk to my favorite tree on the beach. I missed it. Its been to cold to walk there. Today I pushed to walk there. I placed My hand on this tree and thanked it. The energy was so good outside.
    I am a very calm spirit. So much so every one who comes near me feels calm and peaceful.

  7. I rewatched Day 1- Introduction and Day 1’s lessons today before I start Day 2. I didn’t leave a reply after watching Day 1 the first time but I decided I wanted to now 🙂
    Today- my Spirit is beautiful (also watched LH’s Loving Yourself with Mirror Work), caring, and loving; but at the same time it feels restless and overwhelmed (I have a lot going on but I’m determined to actually finish something I’ve started). This is only a feeling and feelings do pass. All is well 😉
    Thank you Sonia for this wonderful course and I can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings!!

  8. My dog’s spirit is loving and kind but also a somewhat jealous spirit for my attention away from my other pets. My cat Samson’s spirit is loving and interested spirit about everything. Samson will follow me everywhere to see what I am doing. My wife’s spirit is very loving kind and giving spirit. My female dog is a very curious hyper funny spirit to watch. I love all my pets and I have five of them. I see them as my children who are all spiritual beings and in my life for good reasons of which I am still learning about.

  9. @MelissaPerry, that is my favorite saying, ‘We are all just walking each other home.” Ever since I came across that saying it resonated with me on a very deep and profound level.

    Sonia, thank you so very much for your classes, your insight, I share your videos with my children and husband and use them to help guide my children on their own paths. Your books, videos, tutorials are amazing and make me feel at home.

    It was because of your book The Psychic Pathway that has gotten me back on track a few years ago. Your Tarot cards are my favorite. I use them for myself and to do readings for others.

    I feel a wonderful spiritual connection to you and your teachings. I have to say that the last few years have been very trying for me personally, being lost, feeling of not being connected all because I left spirit, I let my reality get in the way. Thank you for this course, thank for all you do. Your compassion and generosity of spirit has led me back, albeit slowly, though I am excited about all the possibilities; especially directly connecting to my spirit guides and making them a very interactive and dynamic part of my life.

    Blessings, from my soul to yours and to all of the wonderful souls in this beautiful tribe.

    With gratitude,


  10. I am aware that when I don’t feel well, it strongly effects my spirit. I usually have a light joyful spirit, but when I have vertigo or indigestion,
    my spirit gets quiet and withdrawn.

  11. Hi Sonia, thank you for offering this course. My intention is to develop my intuition which is dormant somewhere:). Also overall I’m happy inside, but reflect shyness and lack of confidence on the outside and would love to bring that spirit outwards. Most of the rooms in my house are vibrant or quietly vibrant and make me feel happy being in my home.

  12. I’m always in tune with the energy of others and things around me. I love feeling connected to that energy. I tend to avoid anything negative as well because I am sensitive.

  13. Sonia! Thank you for this course and for the support to believe in our intuition and guides! I thought I was silly for connecting to birds and flowers and for believing that they guided me with subtle messages. I am happy to join this supportive community and to learn more!

    For today’s assignment, I would say that when I consciously protect my energy, I am a vibrant, happy, charmed spirit! Knowing that I am also very sensitive, I am susceptible to others’ negativity, which can weigh me down. I now know that I can lift myself back up through meditation, playing music and spending time in nature. Also, I was just thinking last week how much I benefitted from your daily lessons from another course, and voilà: your vibe tribe invitation popped up in my inbox! I know that I am meant to be here.

    Thank you again! NAMASTE!

  14. I’m starting this course again. I haven’t been making time for myself and my desire to “tune in” to my guides. I’m going to do it this time.
    My spirit today feels “determined, nurturing, yet “judgey.” I find myself feeling annoyed with people that are demanding of my time and energy. Although I don’t say anything about it….. I’ll take a deep breath, and release it all ….and inhale love and healing….that I may be able to exude that same love and healing to others… amen.

  15. I’m a moody anxious spirit for sure.

  16. I’ve been so much concentrate to vibrations around me that I ‘ve almost forgotten something important. My bag in public toalete! After fiftteen minutes when I had recognized this I went back to find it. It wasn’t there but one little, honest, gentle and warm lady had safed it for me. I saw this same cleaner before and I’ve somehow known she is good. Accordingly to all this feeling of positive vibrations I wasn’t so in stress and down when I’d been driving back to find my bag.

    1. What a wonderful ending to what could have been stressful. Instead you were guided to an angel.

  17. Just starting today with day 1. Being german, living in Spain, excuse my english, if I write somewhat weird.
    I am in the first week of a very new project in my live, starting to work autonomously with online courses. Yesterday a good old friend from California talked to me about the Guidance Course and within minutes I decided to buy and start, despite the language. Even before opening my laptop this morning, there were new ideas coming in that I had to write down immediately. I am sitting in the front of my bedroom window, looking outside into a very green and wild garden. We are awaiting a huge storm today but right now heaven opens for me and shows bright blue spots that seem to twinkle at me. I am so anxious to go with this and meet/talk/feel my guidances. So far I had the idea I was somehow gifted because things could happen almost automatically. Now I learned that I use my Runner. Let´s see whats coming up next and to whom I can send my thanks-yous for todays inspirations.

    1. I’m glad I enrolled in this course! I had been looking for guidance or something to confirm the possibility of spirit guides and how to have access to their guidance. I looked into other courses offered by different intuitive coaches, but I didn’t quite feel it. Then I finally paid attention and listened all the way through the webinar, and I’m here. The first time I listened to the webinar, I stopped shortly after Sonia mentioned that we had runner helpers. For days, someone was taking my (I claimed it as mine) parking space at work and had to park in another section of the building, and I was not happy about it. I remembered about our runner helpers, so I called out to them to please help me with my parking and said thank you. I didn’t believe it at first, but when I went to work, my parking was there waiting for me. And for the last week, my parking has been there waiting for me to drive up and claim it. I’m ready to explore the spirit side of me, and how I can contribute and be of service to the planet/universe even if it is just discovering how I show up in every moment.

    2. Hi, I’m Dana and it’s my first day of the course too. You’re English is perfectly clear. I live in North Carolina in the US and feel as excited as you are. I look forward to learning and growing closer to my guides and others like you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  18. Listening to this I’m realizing that my husband’s spirit is quite different from mine in ways that aren’t particularly in sync. Other feelings are making sense. A certain store that my sister-in-law loves has always creeped me out. There’s a bad juju to me about it. I cry when I go to Native American pow-wows or listen to their drumming songs. Since I was 8 I have been entranced by the west and have lived there off and on. When I drive to Colorado tears come to my eyes when I first see the mountains. I’m coming home. It’s all starting to make sense and fall into place.

  19. I started the program yesterday. As soon as I looked up at the sky, i immediately connected so the peaceful, opening vibrational energy of the sky. I felt connected and alive!
    Then at night, I participated in a women’s bible study group. And while I could observe, and feel at times the relief in the room that all the women had to be together with like minded women, I was very uncomfortable with the content we were studying. It was about how if you are not a Christian believer, you will not go to the kingdom of god. I just don’t believe Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of god. I don’t believe the Holy Spirit is the only spirit given to us.
    What I truly believe and have experienced is we all get to that place of complete unconditional love (heaven) in many ways. There are many paths.
    So while I would love to share the peace these women know in being Christian, I found my energy more repulsed by it.
    Then this morning, I started listening to the first day lesson and immediately felt MY relief to be connected to what makes sense to me.
    I want so badly to walk with Christ and be part of a Christian community, but I haven’t heard a direct communication with Christ and certainly cannot buy into the separation the Bible puts on believers and non believers, homosexuals and non. And whatever else separates us.
    What I’m taught outside of Christian religion is we are all one. “She is me”. Everyone I see is me. The food the bad and the ugly.
    Anyway, I’m putting bible study on the back burner. I haven’t given up but perhaps there is another path for me to hear the word of God in the Bible that makes sense.
    In the meantime, thank you God for directing me here!!!!!

    1. I have always felt this way about Christianity too. Whenever I have a conversation with someone about it, and my beliefs, I can feel their love or fear and if it’s love they’re sending me I know they’re on their right path and I am on mine. There is a saying I love that I think is by Rumi ~We are all just walking each other home.
      There are 7 Billion + people on the planet. That’s a lot of points of view.

    2. Katherine
      I am an 84 year old Clinton,Iowa Franciscan Sister, and I can assure you not all Christians believe the same as the group you experienced . God is love incarnate. God lives in every human person and in everything created. I just started this course and am looking forward to meeting many spirit guides.
      My favorite is the archangel Raphael.
      Peace love Ruth Cox

    3. I grew up in a very conservative judgemental religious family. As you say, only christians end up in heaven and everyone else in hell. I have not practiced organized religion for many years, in part because I didn’t like all the man-made rules.
      Over the years I have had many experiences (guidances) but was afraid to acknowledge them, I’m guessing because of the ingrained judgments I could feel from others.
      I am ready to shake all that off, start anew and dance in spirit! I like Melissa’s quote from Rumi- We are all just walking each other home

  20. I’m excited to meet my guide and begin this journey. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement.

  21. I had fun with this exercise; really got me thinking about what adjectives I could come up with to describe various family member’s spirit, pets, business acquaintences, and even my car!

    1. I’m learning that the assignment takes a day or so to marinate before my brain is ready to play. Did you find that too?

  22. Hi Sonia, its been a while since I met you at Omega for your workshop and spirit has taken me on a long journey but brought me back to you, thank you for making this program available, I notice already I have gotten out of the practice of undivided attention which is a loving intention, I feel like when you recorded this program you could feel my energy now needing to relearn to focus, so I’m ready to get down to business, I might be at a little slower pace with my work schedule but I will definitely be working at it. Again thank you. Theresa

  23. I am loving this course. Thanks so much Sonia for putting this course out there. I knew I had guides but had no idea of how to connect with them. AT times I felt so alone and lost but now that I know I can ask my guides or angels to join in and help me what a difference that has made. One time I went to have a Reiki treatment and apparently one of my guides showed up and told the practitioner to let him take over and so he did, I had no idea why the practitioner had left but I had a great sleep on the massage table. I feel the help of the guides already with things flowing more smoothly and little miracles happening every day. I saw you live Sonia with Wayne Dwyer in Vancouver a few years ago and was amazed at you even then, your beautiful energy and joy as you delivered a dynamite presentation. Lots of love JOY

  24. My spirit was calm and focused. I prayed for gentle focus in being in touch with day, myself, and everyone around me.

  25. my spirit is creative, vibrant, curious
    my house spirit is alive, bright, , awesome
    my village spirit is powerful, dynamic , energising
    my sea spirit is inviting, cleansing, energising

    1. FAB, thank you for succinct comment

  26. I’ve known that I am highly sensitive since my 40s (I’m 67) so I’ve had a lot of experience becoming aware of the vibrational energies of people, animals, and nature. Here are some of my experiences from the past 20 or so years –

    – My friend and I were late for a lecture at a Whole Life Expo in Baltimore. When we walked in the room, the speaker was leading the group through a guided meditation. I could feel the most wonderful energy in the room, like a blanket of love enveloping me. I told my girlfriend about it and she said she didn’t feel anything. I was surprised because it was so palpable.
    – On a business trip, a few of my co-workers visited the Alama one evening after a day of conducting training. First, I was surprised to discover that the building is a church. Inside, there are glass cases with memorabilia of the soldiers who fought there. There were many letters written to family and loved ones telling them what belongings they could have because they knew they weren’t coming home. After reading a few of these, I became overwhelmed with sadness and had to leave the building.
    – The windward side of Oahu is dominated by these majestic, green mountains called the Ko’olaus. When I first moved here, I could feel the vibration of the mountains. It was as if they were singing to me.
    – And when I first heard the Hawaiian chants called ‘oli, I burst into tears.
    – Sometimes, when I take walks on the beach, I come back home and my bedroom feels stuffy and “depressed.” So I burn some white mountain sage to clear it out.
    – I went to a lecture that was held at someone’s home in the Catoctin Mountains, near Camp David, in Maryland. At one point, I went outside and sat on a bench that had an arc of evergreen trees curving around the back of the bench. Before long, it felt like those trees were trying to talk to me. Don’t know how else to describe it. I jumped when I first felt this sensation thinking it was my imagination. Then I got quiet again, and the feeling came back very strongly. It scared me so I got up and left.
    – I tend to worry and have a lot of anxiety. Sometimes it’s me, and other times I’m pretty sure it’s other people I’m feeling. So I’ve had to find ways to manage this. Observing the feeling in my body mindfully helps to dissipate it. So does breathing. Sonia’s book, Your 3 Super Powers, has some great breathing techniques in the section on Meditation that are very helpful.

    I’m really looking forward to finding out who my spirit guides are. I knew the name of one back in the late 80s but didn’t know what to do with the information. And another psychic told me that St. Theresa of Avila was a guide. Again, didn’t know what to do with this, so I haven’t worked with them. Hoping this course will help me have an active relationship with them. I can be long winded, so thanks for listening.

    1. I just joined today and looking forward to doing the course. I have had many good experiences in my life and feel that I have been blessed with some spiritual powers and am not sure how to use them. For example, a friend showed me a plot of land where they were going to build some house. He told me the best spot was in the corner away from the road. Every night I saw myself living in the house in the corner plot. However, when I went to sign up the house had been sold. My friend said we should see the promoter and tell him that I want the plot. Not only did the promoter agreed to sell the house to me, he lowered the price and put in a lot of extras. I went on to sell the house 10 years later and with the help of my hairdresser, I found the ideal apartment which was being built on the land owned by his cousin. It was also sold but when I went to see the estate agent and they said I could have the apartment that I wanted.

      I am surrounded by lots of trees and a beautiful lake just across the road. I now have my ideal home at 68 years old but now I have some personal issues to solve and hope that my spirit guide will help me.

    2. I feel and understand you so much. I’ll be 62 next spring and I wonder if our experiences are linked to “age” or to the environment we grew up in. Personally, I did not grow up in an environment where those things were acknowledged. I was often looked down at as being “crazy” or a “freak”. I often feel very sad too so I appreciate your “tip” about white sage. For sure, I’ll give it a try.

  27. Hi! Today was nice and mellow, a great way to start the course. I am really excited about this next step in my journey and I am so glad that I am able to follow along with where you are at as well. My spirit today is focused, grounded and serene. I did notice while at the gym, I came in contact with a very innocent and joyful spirit and she impacted my energy so much that I felt like I was on a “runner’s high”. It was great to see how quickly I could be impacted by that. I was able to see that my dog Jake’s spirit is healing, affectionate and gently protective. My son’s spirit is stable, wary and gentle as well. My home, has a creative and warm spirit, and the field by my home where Jake and I walk has two areas where the trees have grown in groups, and there is something extremely healing. You can feel the spirit of wisdom there and it’s my favorite place to go to get connected when I’m having a challenging day.

  28. I just learned from Sonia that I have a delightful little spirit helper guide named Mara. She is a joy guide. She is the first guide to connect me!

  29. I received my guide Sian. She is a joy guide and brings much laughter and love to you.. I generally always smiling at other, be it friends or family even strangers. I’m so grateful to meet my guide and know her name, to me that’s so important me. Sonia, I want to Thank you for sharing you gifts and knowledge with us, and your explanation helps me to accept subtle signs as not luck but guidance .

  30. Oh my goodness!!! Just received my Guides name today…. and it is GRACE!!! That’s my mom AND my granddaughter’s middle name! How special is that! (and she is a JOY guide!) While at the grocery store, there was an item on the shelf that had the word GRACE on it and it immediately popped out to me. I need to go back and take a pick *Ü*. Thank you SO much for this course Sonia! I’ve just begun and can already sense my guides around me. You truly are the real deal! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi, I just signed up for this course, did you have to ask her who your guide was or Sonia just email you with it. Just curious – thanks

  31. WHAT Awesome course. THIS is just what I needed to reconnect to spiririts guidandance cool excercise I will write it ALL down xxxx

  32. Thanks all of you who have commented. You makes me feel part of a lovely group. We are all striving to be guided for our and all highest good! I feel the vibration of the crispy white and smooth touch of my keyboard which is one of my unlimited connections to all of you! Cheers to be so grateful for the teaching of Sonia to be more intune to the highest vibration for our better good. Love to all!

  33. My dog’s spirit is playful, persistant, uncinditionally loving, and very commuicative. My home’s spirit is a mixture of clutter, neglect, exhausted but benevolent and comforting energy. I am really grateful for this fabulous, consciousness – opening class and looking forward to re-connecting with the messengers/manifestations of this Benevolent Universe. Thank you, Great Spirit, for guiding my here as this is very needed for me at this time! Thak you Sonia and Community!

  34. My spirit guides are all around me. I used to hear them all the time but I have lost my ability to connect. Life has run me over like a fright train in the past few years and I long to hear my guides again.

  35. I feel that my spirit need to see and breath in nature. Darwing and do creative staff. My spirit wants to fullfil the divine purpose.

  36. This is fun! I have to say that my spirit is really tired and I need to rest. I go go go all the time and I act as a referee between people, most recently my new husband and my daughter (much like I used to between her and her daddy/my ex-husband). I need to rest and refill my spirit.
    The spirit of my husband is deep down very tender as I love to watch him care for living things, for animals, birds and plants. I love how attentive he is with his mom and sister, and me, of course. but outwardly my husband is abrupt, almost with a sharp tone.
    My daughter is sarcastic, I have a hard time feeling her spirit and I will pay more attention to it later.
    My doggie is the gentlest of spirits ever and I, like Sonia, really feel she is my guide and has been for a long time even before I had her. She has been with me through very trying times in my life.
    my house feels stuffed and want to tend to that, declutter things and bring some beauty into it.
    We have a aloe plant which needs water and I will go give it to her after I finish typing here and I will enjoy watching her spirit come back to life.
    I used to watch videos of Sonia a while back and have remembered and practiced a couple of things throughout time, it’s so nice to be seeing her again here and actually taking a course. I have her book: Ask your guides. I will pick it up and read it again. I also read “The Diary of a Psychic”. Like many of you, I am/was/am still Catholic. I am married to a man who does not believe in all these things I like and talk about: energy, healing, spiritual things, so sometimes I get caught up in not wanting to really speak my heart out not to freak out my husband. So I tag along through life, share with people who think like me and try not to bring attention of others who are not in the same journey as me. I am me.

  37. So excited to begin this course,and today a got the name of one of my guides from Sonia. I am having trouble to see the videos, they suddenly stop so I have to take it from the beginning a few times. I use iPad and iPhone so I guess the browser is safari. Anyone else having this problem?

    1. No problem watching on my laptop.

    2. No problem with my laptop, but, have had problems with videos stopping on my android phone.

  38. This is the right time for me to start with your classes, Sonia 🙂 …today I’ll look around for my “home Spirits”!
    Thank you so much, and have a great day! <3

  39. It is a pleasure to come back to Sonia’s class!
    As usual she is bright and light.
    A loving exercice, Thank You!

  40. I am delighted to be a part of Sonias class. Thrilled also to be in the company of like minded spirits. I am keen to understand the messages and guidance that comes through and is available to me.

  41. I love how simple and lively the description of Spirit is in this lesson. Instantly you can feel she is living her truth.

  42. I find that I have to be careful when feeling the spirit of some things. Nature and animals are no problem. In fact, the spirit of my cat is hilarious. He is very loving but has a sneaky and dark side to him. If he feels its time to eat, he will walk over and bite me without warning. Trees and flowers are soft and soothing. But when dealing with people, I have to be careful to feel their spirit without taking on their energy. I came across some negative and ungrounded energy today that I had to shake off. I used sage and a creative outlet to get rid of it. I started an oil painting and felt better within minutes of starting the task. Also, the breath work you taught us works well.

  43. Hello, so I have my new notebook and I write down my experiences. I’m so excited about this course. I think it’s a gift of our spiritual Guides and I want to thank Sonia for this opportunity. So what I’ve noticed today is how quickly an energy can change by external reasons by also by our willing and I think that’s important. To realize that we have an huge impact on the energy around us is precious. Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to determinate if it’s an energy or a behaviour. But I guess they are linked.
    And I really want to thank my classmates, actually you, because I read you posts and it helps me a lot. Hope I can help to.
    See you soon.

  44. Starting over one more this course I love it so I want to make sure I dont miss anything, and putting all into practice is so nice
    Barbara Mignot

  45. My spirit today is creative, eager to learn, curious and loving
    My dogs spirit today is restless, happy and goofy (playful)
    My cats spirit is loving, healing and calm
    My other cats spirit is playful and curious
    And my third cats spirit is loving and sleeping

  46. I am very excited about this e-course. I listened to the introduction video 2x, took notes, and did the same with the above video.

    So far, I find this course to be easy to follow; the messages / examples provided are simple and vivid. I can visualize them while Sonia is describing them. I sure enjoyed today’s intro, foundation and all other lessons. Thank you!!

  47. I didn’t listen to this first lesson in the morning. It wasn’t until after my afternoon walk. When I returned I realized even though I hadn’t heard your words, as I walked today, I sent healing energy to limping goose that crossed my path. I rescued a dragonfly from a web and took a picture of a strange happy beetle on a plant. Then I listened to this lesson and as I often say, I can’t make this stuff up. Thank you. Maybe I’ll hug a tree later.

  48. I listened with enthusiasm today, took notes and started my journal. Later when checking spelling for a document, I noticed the word for today on the website was élan : vigorous spirit or enthusiasm. No surprise really! Thank you

  49. What I enjoyed was taking a day just to be present and to look and sense things around me. I had fun with it and really got me out of a place of worry that I had been experiencing. I loved it!

  50. Today my spirit has been reflective, calm, prayerful…
    The spirit in my hall is bright, cheerful, joyful…
    Annette had a vibrant spirit today. Mrs. Ruby’s spirit was calm, relaxed…
    The spirit of my z-plant is strong and joyful, elegant…

  51. been focusing on plants and trees and flowers during this day today… to feel and experience their spirit.. succeeding some…. some times the words are missing but i m getting feelings…. for the spirit in them……
    feeling good about doing the work

  52. The spirit energy changes in my kids and animals, depending on what’s happening and who else is around! We can change a rooms energy my cleaning, adding flowers, etc. I’m assuming this is accurate and I’m focussing on the correct thing. Or am I focussing on energy, not spirit? Did I answer my own question!?

  53. I have never thought of my pets as spirit guides. The moment you said that I thought “Of course, duh!” I surround myself with animals and have seen that each is a mirror of some aspect of me. With renewed reasoning, I looked into their eyes and they each answered back and acknowledgement of my new understanding. Every morning I sing the song “Lovely Day” as I drive off to work and imagine looking into the eyes of each cat, dog and horse on my ranch. I am filled with joy and now I understand why. My guides are looking back and smiling at me.

  54. I feel my dog’s spirit as loving and loyal. As a Reiki practitioner, my spirit guides are helpers with Reiki and
    puppy is always there to get his share. I am elated to experience this master class! Thank you for making it so

  55. My spirit was a bit ankshious today, but as the day advanced I was calming down. I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings and feel the spirits around me. I have been guided a lot in my childhood and I know and felt it, now I want to get more in touch with these vibrations again as I have a lot of changes happening and I’m no spring chicken any more so no time to waste. Feel a lot of good on my farm it makes my heart warm and happy.

  56. Getting my note book and getting started, will write back at the end of the day

    Barbara Mignot

  57. My dog has the most unconditional loving spirit. When I look in his eyes I just feel the love that is inside him. <3

  58. In attempting to put words to what I could feel of the Spirit in so many things, I kept coming up with the word “innocent”. That idea really speaks to me.

  59. Hmmmmm I will write this in my journel as I have lots to write.
    spirit are you ready…. here I come… 😉

  60. My spirit…creative, energetic, driven
    My cat’s spirit…curious, anxious, loving
    My fiance’s spirit…steady, simple, sweet
    Field of wildflower’s spirit…confident, free, honest

  61. Swirling on it

    1. !💫

    2. Does anyone know how to find out the name of one of our angels/ guides!😇

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