Week 1 – Day 4

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52 thoughts on “Week 1 – Day 4

  1. I listened to this a few times. Itโ€™s very good and making my notes. Sonja, you make it so easy to follow. Thank you
    so much!

  2. I want to share an incredible experience. A month ago, I lost a diamond out of my wedding ring. My ring was designed by my husband and the diamonds from my original wedding band were fashioned into my current ring. The lost stone was very sentimental for this reason. I began this course 3 days ago and asked the runners (as introduced here) to help me find the diamond. Today I found it behind the couch in my office. I would not have even seen it, except I bent down to pick up something and it was there lying next to it on the floor. I am so thankful and feel such incredible validation that our guides and angels are present in our lives. Thank you Sonja for all you do.

  3. I take time to meditate often.I have various types of meditations by self-help authors including Sonia’s.It’s such a wonderful way to quiet down the mind.I did the figure eight meditation and felt an interesting sensation in my head.Definetly a feel of heavy energy being lifted away.

  4. Meditation is something I struggle with in that I can’t maintain a practice. I have had long stretches where I meditate daily, and then there are long stretches where I don’t. I’m currently in a place where I am not meditating daily, and I am working on getting back at it. A new school year starts on Wednesday, so I will be back in a routine, so I think it might be easier to get myself back in the routine of daily meditation. I am currently involved in learning three things, working with my guides, animal reiki, and a form of QiGong, all of which have a meditation component. I think my guides are trying to tell me to get back to it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I listened to this one several times.
    I like the figure 8 meditation.
    I am not very good at quieting mind yet, I am sure I will improve with practice.
    Still trying to find place with form to request guides name.
    I did learn need membership to join the tribe.
    Will work on this as soon as possible,

    1. Ask your guides is at the bottom of all the lessons.

  6. Thanks Sonia, I loved this technique. The figure 8 really helped me to focus and feel calm. I also saw indigo coloured spots or blobs behind my eyelids and could hear a quiet high pitched ringing. I felt a different energy afterwards, somehow stronger or more noticeable.

  7. Having trouble loading comments. Often they double

  8. I meditate daily. I do like the figure 8. I often do Kundalini meditation. I like these too. They give me energy. I often try to anchor in calm when the world tries to serve up chaos. It not always easy. Thank you for a new practice. ๐Ÿ’ž

  9. I meditate daily. I do like the figure 8. I often do Kundalini meditation. I like these too. They give me energy. I often try to anchor in calm when the world tries to serve up chaos. It not always easy. Thank you for a new practice. I am trying to do all of the lessons in the morning. Asking guides and helpers too and. Thinking and writing.

  10. Wow, the best way of calming the mind I have been taught, thank you Sonia.

  11. I experienced a feeling of tranquility after a stressful morning. Thank you

  12. Hi I’m enjoying the course and it would be great to know my guides name for when I’m talking to them,
    Much love thank you

    1. Hi, maybe you already got your guides name?
      If not, in the page we see the modules at the very bottom are the bonuses.
      Cheers, Ana-

  13. This figure 8 is absolutely effective for me. Went to my quiet space in seconds. I saw a white bird ๐Ÿฆ… in my mind. Could be a guide? So very grateful. Sonia could you please let me know the name of my guide as you promised for anyone taking this wonderful course. Thank you so much!

  14. I love the figure 8 meditation! Once I got quiet and listened I immediately felt sensations in my throat, chest and stomach. In the past, when I get quiet and listen, I would narrow in and focus on one of these sensations. What came to me during this exercise was to “broaden my horizons”. So instead of focusing on one sensation I acknowledged them all and just listened. I felt more open to what I received because of Sonia’s advice to not judge, but just listen. This was a great experience.

  15. I love the figure 8 visualisation. Movement & flow really work best for me, so this was great.

  16. Love this๐Ÿ’šโค๏ธ meditation is so healing. I really love the figure 8 idea!

  17. Thanks Sonia. This one really resonates with me. I’m excited to do more and more of this.

  18. Interesting approach to achieve peace in mind. Usually it has happened that I fell asleep. I would like remember my dreams but I think that I need more practice.

  19. Iโ€™m a fan of guided meditations since they help with my wondering mind, but lately I tend to do breath work through out the day and the figure 8 really helps me. At first I struggled because I was trying it with an infinity sign, but when I turned it up into an eight, it really did help. Thank you.

  20. Yes I agree the figure 8 really helps in meditation

  21. Feel restless when I tune in to your talks, a feeling I try to accept rather than fight and push through…… a route I used in the past. In fact the temptation is to play cards on the internet as I listen!! I have my own way of meditating each morning. There seems to be a resistance within me these days to pursue with the course.

    The most valuable asset I’ve received from your sessions is to acknowledge inspiration and guidance out loud and to express gratitude aloud.
    The free car spaces have always amazed me. Thank you for that entire list of helpers.

    On occasions I have a gush of air around me and often wake up knowing there is someone else in the room, invariably feel it is my sister and of course rise to find there’s nobody.
    Did you call my phone from Ontario yesterday?
    I welcome your comments

  22. Hi Sonia, I had my first experience with meditation, I saw the most beautiful purple light, it looks like a kaleidoscope, as I turn off my bed lamp and close my eyes , a bright flash of light came across my eyes, and the purple light started to move in waves and circle, I saw two little bright light in between, it was amazing, I was able to get again but it wasn’t as spectacular as before. You were absolutely right about having patience.

  23. I love the figure 8 meditation! It works! ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to have to do guided meditations. I didn’t get anything the first couple of times, but, will keep practicing.

  24. Sonia, I had a dream that we were speaking at a dinner party last night. You smiled a lot and had a lovely energy. I was telling you how I first learned about you — that I had seen you speak at an “I CAN DO IT” event in Las Vegas about ten years ago, just before Stuart Wilde came on. I loved your energy and since then I have bought and read several of your books. I love that you are one of the only self-help authors I know that brings style, elegance, and an element of FUN to your teachings. (Later I learned that you are a Libra, which may explain it. ; )
    We often tend to be so serious in this transformational business. ; )

    Also, like you, I’d like to live in France one day! I have always connected to the spirit of France.

    I am thankful for this course, and I find it particularly interesting because most of my focus over the last five years has been following Doreen Virtue and working with my angels. I’m very interested to learn the difference between the subtle energies of guides and angels.

  25. Yes, the figure 8 works great for quieting all the chatter. I’m still have trouble contacting Sonia to get the name/s of my guides. Any suggestions from anyone. Thank you…

    1. Don’t know if you got an answer to your question. When you click on your Courses, then you scroll down at the botton of the list of the lessons, there are your Bonuses. And there’s this one link to ask for your Guide’s name…you fill in your email, etc. Good luck. God Bless.

    2. I had that problem also, but this might help:
      Click on “My Courses” tab at the top after you’ve logged in as a student
      Click on “Read More” under the list of courses that you have purchased
      Scroll all the way to the bottom under the list of all of the lessons and find where it says “Bonus” and there you will find a link “discover your spirit guide’s name”
      (this link should take you directly there as well)

    3. I received mine yesterday. Did you fill out your information at the bottom of area bellow all the lessons for this? It’s at the bottom of one of the pages.

    4. There is an form that I filled out when I first started. It was at the bottom of the welcome screen to the course, I think. I got my guide name quite quickly after I filled that out.

  26. I turned an extra bedroom into my mediation room. It is so calming the moment I walk in. I am very excited about this course and hope to become adept at conversing with my guides.

  27. I feel my guides inner voice all the time during the day. When I sense their voices is like a vibration into my heart, that makes me feel: Happy, satisfied, excited and blessed to know that my guides are communicating with me. There are many times I plan for something to do daily but something tells me what and when to do it. My life is so calm just to know that I have God in my life and thanks all my guides to listen to my prayer daily.
    Sonia Choquette you are my inspiration and your book about Intuition was the first book that I read since then I learned more about Spirit Guides and I being so satisfied to know that each one of us in this Universe has a gift, and I am content to find my truly guides. I thank you to though me about the Spirit Guides, and they are the most peaceful vibration that are part of my life.

  28. I cannot wait to do this. I have been frustrated by not feeling energy differences or communication with my guides. My guides that have been with me for a few years provide a ringing in my ear and I always thank them or tell them that I love them. I have been told that George communicates via my right ear and Melanie by my left ear. I have only done guided meditation until now. It will be interesting if I can accomplish this without my dogs barking or my cats getting into mischief.
    Sonya, you are so loving and comforting…..thank you!

  29. this morning’s meditation was a great reminder of creating sacred space within to support inner listening. I had been ill since starting this course, having returned from Crete to a very stormy Netherlands, and yesterday was the first day i could go outside and work in my garden again. I had lost several things during the day and it was amazing when I called out to my Runner to help me find it….it worked!!
    so today is a return to sitting quietly in meditation again with no-thought, just a receptive and quiet openness. Feeling connected again…Thank you for this simple but profound lesson today Sonia.

  30. Sonia, I absolutely love the way you teach, the image of a figure 8 on the third eye is genius. It’s the first time I have really felt my mind calm while trying to meditate. Thank for all that you do ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I agree! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I am working on week 1 of Soniaโ€™s Ask your Guides course. This course has really opened my heart to accepting guidance from my guides and angels. Sonia is so encouraging and I absolutely love this course and canโ€™t wait to complete it. Thank you Sonia for your love and guidance in your courses.

  32. Thank you for the figure eight visual!!

    1. Yes, the figure 8 idea is very helpful!

  33. Wow! Figure 8 is agreat idea to meditate, it is a very interesting way to keep the mind busy in a calm and relaxing way. Thanks.

    1. I totally agree! Elegant and simple.

    2. I totally agree, it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to focus my mind!

  34. I love the idea of the figure 8. I never heard that before. Getting ready now to go into meditation. Thank you for this tip.

  35. I, too, love the figure 8 as a way to get into a calm, quieted space. On the other hand, the creating a meditative space has caused me to halt the lessons until I am complete with that. I knew immediately where my meditative, spirit rich space was located, on a couch, under the piles of clutter I had allowed to accumulate. Yes, the lesson is clear. Clean/clear it all out before expecting anything new to come in. I am TRULY committed to my growth this time around. I intend to be thorough as I “know” the teachings you are presenting are solid steps to a higher realm of guidance. Steps once followed, with true integrity, will provide a long standing foundation. Thank you Sonia,
    Sincerely, “Party of Lights”

  36. Thank you for the figure 8 suggestion. Of the several ways I have tried for meditation, this feels most comfortable. I stated what someone else said due it feeling the same for me. When I posted my comment I was told that it was a duplicate and so did not send.

    1. now there is a duplicate lol anyway, it is nice. again thank you

  37. Thank you for the figure 8 suggestion. Of the several ways I have tried for meditation, this feels most comfortable

  38. Thank you Sonia….oddly I just replied and it disappeared….wondering if my guides are making their presence felt. Ill begin again…..

    I loved the suggestion of the figure 8’s… this felt natural and good to my spirit. Deep gratitude. My whole body feels more relaxed now, and there’s a lightness here that wasn’t here before.

  39. A very helpful lesson in understanding how to create a space for Guidance. Thank you, Sonia!

  40. It is a wonderful way to relax, seeing the 8 (infinite sign) in my third eye….. It came peace, calm, relax, the sounds of the birds singing……

    1. I listened to this one several times.
      I like the figure 8 meditation.
      I am not very good at quieting mind yet, I am sure I will improve with practice.
      Still trying to find place with form to request guides name.
      I did learn need membership to join the tribe.
      Will work on this as soon as possible,

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