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  1. Gee, it’s nice to be here again; I had taken this class a number of years ago, coming around again, there are useful reminders… I am often asking myself to cultivate Beginners Mind as an attitude of being freshly new born to each moment. Toning up with Guidance and Vibration, very nice to be in the moment, listening, watching with awareness.

  2. I feel excited to start this journey. I bought the book Ask your Guides over a year ago among other books, started school and did not have any time to read my new books. But last week I was in my room learning and had just finished for the day, and I turned around facing my book shelf and of all the books that book took all my attention and with out thinking it I just grabbed it and started reading. When I got to the chapter about runners I realised that they must have been at work there. And since I believe that this was their work lets see if they can help me find a book that I got from a friend who lent it to me and it vanished or seams like it did. It is rather a big book so I would think it would be easy to find but that has not been the case. I really have to ask the runners and see what they come up with. Feeling blessed 🙂

    1. Dear Oddfreyja, may I ask of it did work & you found that book?
      Best regards, Gabriele

  3. Something in me knows that spirit is all that is, but I have not as yet been able to connect with it. My husband of some 50 years of living together, chose to die some 4 months ago and I was told he would be my guide ! So I took the course to try and communicate with him directly. I realise I’m the one creating the blocking with the doubt, not been able to do it etc …etc …

    1. My sincere condolences, I can really relate. My fiancée died of an accidental overdose last week. We had a intensely spiritual connection, and without him here on the planet I feel dead too & need to be reborn. Since his death I’ve been sensing that he’s not at peace (we were going to get married this month), and he’d always said “I’ll never, ever quit you baby”.

  4. Hello Angels! My name is Awhina (pronounced Afina). With my awakening, enlightenment and much more guided conscious awareness, hand on heart, I now know I have been guided all my life. It’s taken me 18mths of learning and listening but am very open and aware ready to revive and the best thing is I DO RECEIVE! So much so I’ve been guided to take the leap and I started energy healing readings! It is soooooo good! For my highest good of course! It’s fun!

    I was guided to Sonia’s course. Have just started but am completely 100% in belief of what this will teach me on top of what I already know and do.

    So HAPPY DAYS everyone! Get yourself a notebook to make guided notes as Sonia asks. It’ll TRULY help uncover the guidance around you. It does for me! Yours in healing. 🙋🏻‍♀️😌🙏

    1. Hooray 🌈 Thanks for sharing! Wishing you LOVE on your journey! 💙 Kim

  5. I’ve felt the blessings of being loved, supported and guided during not all, but many periods of my life.
    I’m looking forward to working through these lessons so that I can recognize during the moments that spirt is guiding me rather than looking back to see where I was supported after the event in which I was blessed.
    Thank you.

  6. So excited about and looking forward to this journey! I have been definitely guided in the past. I Just need to get back in touch with
    that steady, subtle voice inside me that knows!

    1. Swimming today in Maui, the water was nurturing, cleansing, calming, and balancing of inner emotions… 🙏

    2. I love remembering those times, and I am looking forward to a clearer future with a much more open mind.

  7. I am starting over because I haven’t been consistent in my lessons. There’s a lot of good information and I want to really wrap my mind around this. Can’t wait until I can hear my guides on a consistent basis.

  8. Can’t wait to delve further. I have so many questions and look forward to gaining this knowledge. Regarding this lesson, I’ve felt Joy Guides my entire lifetime but never knew I was being guided. Nice to know Healers plus Ancestors, Family are available. Thank you for this series of classes!!

  9. I really love the way you worded this Sonia. What you explained is my everyday life. I connect with spirit on a daily basis and am always given guidance for myself and others. It is a gift. I’m looking forward to your other lessons as I know I will relate to them😊💙

  10. My spirit is fun and likes to laugh. My spirit is kind and at times a bit judgey. My spirit can be all the above descriptions, but for the most part, it is fun and caring.

  11. Looking forward to the course. Thanks for the great offer. I have been reading your chakra book and feeling a bit overwhelmed….seems I need to do a lot of work. Decided recently to work on honing my intuition and have been wondering (for many years) what my future path is to be. Whenever I have a reading I am told I am a healer and highly intuitive but have put it on the back burner. Hoping this course helps get on track. Love the way you bring out that listening for our guides is just a natural part of life.

  12. I love, Sonia, that you encourage us to speak of this in natural terms, because it is. I’ve been enjoying my experiences of things being worked out for me. And I was, of course, looking for a program to guide me in cultivating a deeper connection with inner being and was led to this! Sly my guides, aren’t they? 🙂

  13. Hi Sonia and all, I’m here because “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I listened to the webinar this morning while getting ready for work (I know, I should have taken some quiet time), and halfway through I though “this is explosive! I need this!!!”. So I went back to the email and opened the link and found this course. It comes at the right time in my life, my guides must have brought me here, and I’m ready and raring to go! Thank you all, I’m so excited to be starting this adventure!!!

  14. Thank you for first lesson and nice introduction. I’ve been so excited that I recognize that I have problem that I can not calm my mind down. How can I focus and feel vibrations?

  15. I love what your mom told you, “You are loved and guided so expect good things” Thank you. Merci!

  16. Hi Sonia I’m not quite sure how to ask this but if everything is energy which I totally believe, then how can you not go crazy with quilt when you burn logs in the fireplace, eat meat, fly or drive anywhere knowing that this is all hurting the energy in our environment even going into the garden and picking, digging, breaking, plants… I thank them for giving there energy and life so that I can thrive but sometimes I feel so sad. How do I adapt to this?
    Also when trying to meditate I want so bad to see or feel the golden light coming from above but I can’t seem to get it to happen, could you please help me?
    I know that I’ve had much spiritual help in my life however a part of me (which is probably ego) make me question or dought a lot of stuff. Hard to let go and believe…..
    I guess it’s like a child learning to walk….. one step at a time…

  17. I KNOW that I am guided and lately have the sensation that something amazing is activating. I just haven’t found the key yet to “hearing” what they are communicating to me. I have had so many magical moments in my life…things happening…so many coincidences, that there IS someone or something so very close, that it can take my breath away. And being brought to you? It is one more confirmation that I am a whisper away from being that magic that life is all about. I feel so humbled 💕

  18. Love your course Sonia! Looking back I can see many times where I’ve been guided. I also recognize when I’ve forced things and they didn’t work out so great. This course is helping me become more attuned to guidance, acknowledge it and be grateful. Thank you!

  19. I know my guides have been working with me since I was a little girl. I have been able to hear them like a whisper in my ear and feel them as gut instincts. And BOY when I brush them off and don’t “trust my gut” I have been burned!!! I absolutely know there are guides working for me and for the benefit of my loved ones.
    I know the universe and my guides are working with me because I found out about you 6 months or so ago through Rebecca Campbell and I said “I want to work with Sonia in a way I can afford as soon as possible!” And then this incredible class came up. I feel so grateful to my guides for connecting me with you. I’m excited for this journey.

  20. Hi Sonia,
    Thank you very much for offering this course at a such affordable price! I am very grateful for that. Many thanks. Very sincerely.
    Odile from France

  21. Thank you Sonia for coming back into my life!! I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. I was scrolling through my instagram the other day and out of nowhere thought, “I wonder if Sonia C. has an Instagram account??” And there you were giving guidance and I couldn’t resist looking up your website. I’m finally ready to fully open up and to better understand my surroundings.

  22. I’ am so excited to do this course and to learn things that will help me along the way. I have had many experiences since I ‘ am 8 years old. However, I would not talk about it as I was afraid to tell people about my experiences. Since a year ago it is getting stronger and stronger and it seems I cannot over look it any more. So here is how it happen. I had just prayed in the morning what was my next step and I open my computer and there you were Sonia saying that I could get a free lesson and I listen to what you were saying and I took this as a sign and ordered this course as I think this will help to get my confidence up where I need to be. Thank you for sharing you’re experiences.

    1. @Elsie Nowlan, i juste experienced exactly the same as you yesterday. I woke up this morning and Sonia just came to me with the free course and now I signed in for the 30 days lessons. I am so excited. I am French speaking person and was a bit afraid of not understand everything. But I doesn’t, every thing is clear and simple.
      Thank you Sonia, coming my way.

    2. @Bonjour Celine,
      Je m’excuse pour le retard. Je suis contente pour toi et j’espère que vous aimez les sessions. Je trouve quelle explique très bien et c’est facile de suivre. Bonne chance Celine!
      Oui un gros merci a Sonia d’être venue sur mon FB.

  23. Parking spots, channeling of good ideas while writing, safety in many a situation, synchronicity as almost a constant; I know my guides are there and atm even rooting for me big time to get my latest project out of my head and become functioning and flourishing. I think I’ve never felt my guides so close and am super curious what will come from this course! I think it is humorous to call the helpers for the simple things ‘runners’. I asked for help today as one of the special earrings that I made for my mother got lost. I searched the sidewalk in the dark, only to find it lying on the carseat. That was a pleasant and easy surprise. Just lucky? I don’t think so.

  24. Hi Sonia. I can think back in time now about times when I was guided or instinctively new that I would be alright. Its not something that I understood or gave attention too. I’m grateful to learn now and willing to give my full attention to. Or afraid. I too am looking forward to opening up and to opening up my heart, and life to love and guidance that’s been there all along. That you for sharing this gift to me and to all who wish to receive it.
    Donna Rosa

  25. I know I have always been guided, but sometimes I forget. Life gets in the way and I don’t focus in on it. I am looking forward to remember how to talk to my guides. I like one of the comments was going to buy the book, but I too read my cards and was guided to just do it. Sonia has such a gentle spirit.

  26. I came to this course via Facebook. I think Amazon and Facebook are hooked up some way because I purchased Sonia’s Your 3 Super Powers a few days ago and right after that I saw the ad for this program (cutest ad ever, btw!). I’d also heard Sonia on Hay House’s World Psychic Summit a few weeks back and really liked her energy, I think in part, because we are both highly sensitive. After the webinar for this course was over and I saw the $97 price tag, I figured I could afford it but was very reluctant to use my credit card. So I searched Amazon to see if she had a book on the subject and, yup, she did. So I contemplated purchasing the book instead, but decided to do a tarot card reading to see if my choice to purchase the book over the course was the right one. I was SO SURE the cards would say to buy the book, but instead, they pointed to the class as being the most beneficial for me to experience at this time. In fact, the book choice would have been based on a “poverty consciousness” and I was being lead to let go of my fears about spending money and trust that it would work out. So here I am.

    As far as guidance is concerned, I see “pictures” with my inner eye, I feel other people’s feelings and get information about them, and I get bodily sensations from the environment. I have started calling myself a clairvoyant empath and energy sensitive. I’ll be honest, I have “poo poo’ed” the whole spirit guide thing in the the past, but something said to check this concept out because I recently received a huge clairvoyant communication from my cat, Zanzibar, who died in 2003. So now I’m more open and am looking forward to exploring the realm of guides. And honestly, I have had experiences in nature (like trees talking to me energetically) that I know there are nature spirits or that nature is conscious and communicating with us.

    So I can definitely use the help of my guides and know that I’m not alone and don’t have to do everything by myself. I will say that when I ask for information, it comes to me within 24 hours. I never attributed this to guides, but someone is definitely helping me.

    1. Thanks for sharing

  27. Hi Sonia. I am so very thankful for this! I have been guided most of my life and feel blessed for that gift. I am ready to learn what you have to offer.

  28. I believe this lesson became available to me because I’m open to working more with my spirit guides. I’m excited about this course and very grateful.

  29. I am so happy to be here. Thank you Sonia!

  30. I believe that I was guided to your books and this class. I am thankful for my teacher guide. Thank you Sonia.

  31. I feel guided to take this e-course. I know Sonia’s ability in helping people to be authentic. Thanks Sonia for putting this to The world. -much love

  32. I just listened to the introduction to week one video and I read most of the comments here. I want to share that today something incredible happened that made me so so happy. I think it was an angel disguised as a person in the restaurant I had lunch at. The restaurant is kind of expensive and very delicious, gourmet food. I had the most wonderful salad but again quite expensive. After lunch I really wanted one of the macaroons there, they had four different kinds. there were a couple of ladies in front of me being helped first, but they were taking so long, I decided to leave and not have the delicious dessert. I went across the street to get a couple of coffee and looked to see if they had any treats there that I liked. I thought better about it (and now I know I had a guidance) and decided to go back to the first restaurant and ask for my one macaroon. The girl helped me, I ordered my one (i was kind of thinking about the price since I had already had the salad there and was spending more money on a lunch than normal). The girl asked me if that was all I wanted and did I not like the other flavors of macaroons. I said: “oh yes, I like them ALL but i will just get that one”, that angel of a girl, with a sparkle in her eye proceeded to put one of each of the flavors of macaroons in the bag. I am like: “no its ok I just want that one. How much do I owe you?” she said: “Nothing! I am giving them to you!” I gave her a big hug from heart to heart. I said thanks and that life was beautiful and she looked into my eyes and agreed. She said “it really is like that”! It was just a magical moment, so much more precious than I can put in words here. I was really wanting to share this with someone and then i watched the video and Sonia told up to write down things like that, so I could not resist….

    1. Amazing experience! 🙏

    2. Very nice! Made me smile. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    3. What a beautiful experience! Thanks so much for sharing – your story means a lot to me!

    4. How beautiful and joyful, @Raquel Jackson, great experience!

  33. Aloha Sonia,
    I’m so looking forward to this course as it is in direct alignment with my path. I have been guided my whole life but never done it intentionally on a consistent basis. I’m excited to bring this new level of awareness into my life. Love when you spoke of the banyan tree as I live in Maui and tend to really embrace nature as the living vibration you speak of. Mahalo for sharing this message and I really resonate with your delivery. I feel we will meet someday and look forward to it. Much gratitude and appreciation. Namaste, Carrie L.

    1. Wow, someone from Hawaii! I am on Oahu and love walking the beaches on the windward side. The energy is amazing, not to mention the Ko’olau mountains. I can feel the spirit of those mountains as a song.

  34. I am thankful and excited about taking this course. Right now, I am noticing synchronicity regarding building my frame of reference, paying attention to vibrations of various things and incoming information. Also there has been a repetitive theme reinforced –
    review the yeses, the opportunities that I have received guidance as this puts me back in the “river”, the flow , right relationship with The Divine and Divine Support Systems available to me. Good to know 🙂 At the conclusion of lesson #1 Sonia asked – what would you like to be guided in? In what areas could you use some guidance? With this, I felt energized with positive anticipation and delight! I am on it, lol. Onward… Cheers, Maureen

  35. I can identify with a great deal of what you have said and feel in retrospect I was often guided, so I am looking forward to this course. BUT I could not catch what your mother said to you: You are so loved, you’re so guided and your part is to …? I have replayed many times 🙁 It doesn’t reach me! Could you write it please -Patricia (Cologne Germany) Many Thanks

    1. Hello! I believe she said, “You are so loved … your job is to expect good things.” Offering you many blessings and lots of love and light on your path. This is an exciting for us!

    2. correction: “your PART is to expect good things.”

  36. Thank you this is SO awesome!
    I AM aware of the spirits AND ancestors AND guides BUT just lost contact thru some events I m back now AND this shows me how TO.
    Wanted A special cabinet BUT not to BE refound
    Asked MY guides TO show the add
    Someone was before me !
    Than showed MY guides WHERE I wanted this caninet AND whatfor
    And GUESS WHAT ?
    Lady contacted me that
    une xplainably the other canceled the order and I LL be getting IT anyway.
    They guided AND helped me
    Looking forward TO learning FROM you xxxxx Love light and BLESSINGS

  37. You were my first teacher. I am at a place in my life where I need to reconnect. Thank you for offering this coarse again.

  38. Just yesterday, I had an event happen that turned out with a happy ending because i was listing to my guidance. I was at a popular large department store with my son. We were there to purchase an item that he had been wanting for a long time. The item was locked in a case and we needed assistance getting it out from a store employee. My son asked a female employee for help, she ignored him and walked away. Then he asked a male employee for help. That employee told my son that he wasn’t on the clock and he couldn’t help him. I was watching the whole thing. My son started to tear up. I heard a voice tell me not to buy there. So I told my son that we were leaving. He started to cry. I told him not to worry, that I had a better plan. I got the urge to cross the street to a smaller locally owned store. We entered the store and were greeted with kindness. We found the same item that we were looking for and actually paid less for it than we would have at the other place. I explained the whole scene to my son. I told him that by not getting upset and reacting to the other people in a negative way, we were given another option. By listening to that little voice that urged me to leave, a better solution entered the picture. He is 9 and completely understood. A great ending to our day.

    1. Perfect illustration of how our attitude about an experience influences our openness to hearing the guidance to other possibilities. What a great lesson for your son!

  39. Took my usually walk this morning. Nothing special happened but….Just reset password after walk….and decided to redo course from Week 1. So glad I did as it confirmed that I’m doing what I’m supposed too. I’m on the right path. It is all about awareness and after listening to the course I realised that I am more aware than I thought. On my walk I did stop to touch a huge tree and i felt sad, not mine but the tree’s sadness… all world weary because of the changes its seen. I think I’ll get out in the garden today and give nature a helping hand.

    1. Ruth, I have had similar experiences with trees. They are very alive. Once, when touching a tree, i felt an overwhelming feeling of being poisoned by toxic fumes. Then I felt like i was being attacked by noise from cars, planes, and people. It felt so negative. I knew the feelings were not mine and naturally I wanted to fix the problem. So I try to educate all the children I know about the fragility of nature and the importance of trees. They filter out toxins and give us the fresh air that we all need and depend on.

  40. Hi everyone!
    I have NO doubt, that I was guided to be part of this e-course.

    Last night, I came across today’s webinar info while I was surfing on FB. Suddenly, I saw Sonia’s ad about something, which I was not clear what was it about, but my curiosity led me to click on the ad and I signed up for the webinar.

    Anyway, this morning I remembered the e-course, checked my emails, and clicked on the link that brought me to today’s “Ask Your Guide” webinar. After listening to Sonia’s introduction videos, at the end of webinar I learned about this e-course. This is when something came over me and I just had this STRONG URGE and NEED to sign up for this e-course; so I did! This type of impulsive behavior is rare with me as I might look into something, but I never impulsively sign up for anything that I have to pay for “just because.” Needless to say, I listened to my spirit guide, or intuition, and the rest is history. I am very happy and glad I did!

    Blessings to all!! 🙂

    1. Giomar, I saw that same ad on Facebook a couple of days ago. I thought it was one of the most creative and adorable ads I’ve ever seen. So I decided to check out the webinar and here I am!

  41. It’s been an unsettling time for me, and I look forward to truly listening for guidance. While I can get addicted to political stuff on Facebook, I notice my sweet cat Bella stays calm and patient, and she is so devoted, loving to receive affection from me. As I am going to Camp Latgawa tomorrow, I hope to tune into the nature spirits there, and also the innocent playfulness of the kids who come to camp with their families. I’ll be going with my boyfriend, and we are both in our 70’s with no grandkids who live anywhere near us. So it will be fun to interact with children and get far away from the news on the internet. I’d welcome guidance to help me be focused on what I need to bring, as I am too tired to do more packing now. This morning I need to do some tapping for my inner child, who has been super stressed by all the violence and anger being expressed lately. It helped a lot to get to the pool and relax, almost meditate while moving gently in the water, and the hot tub felt wonderful, as my muscles have been tight. I’ve been in a better mood from being in the water when it’s too smoky outside to enjoy the outdoors lately.
    Helps to listen to Raffi music on Pandora, too! Off to bed, and open to guidance from angels, light-beings,whoever can calm and comfort me. Glad to be joining with others in this course, Sonia!

    1. I agree with you Carole ! We all need a break from the daily news😕 I have been obsessed with you tube videos updating each day’s disasters , but it’s so draining and bad for our health, plus most of which we have no control over! I took a break last weekend from the news and it was like bring on vacation 😊 Then and there I realized I needed to minimize my exposure to negativity And focus on positive things like Sonia’s master class of Ask Your Guides . I can’t wait to complete each lesson💗💗💗

    2. Nice to see a “boomer” here (I am 67).

    3. Wow! I am so glad to be reconnecting here and experiencing life as subtle vibration. We can feel the energy, and that is how our guides communicate with us. Hope I can make this a daily practice so I’ll do what is for my highest good in the moment. Help me pay attention to the tones, the colors that help me tune into my guides. My way is what I can respond like meeting Megan -synchronicities. I’ve been missing Meagan, and and this Megan will be a messenger to this divine loving source. She is unafraid to help me make choices that guide and encourage me. She may even be able to connect better with Lara and Meagan!

  42. Hi Sonya,
    I’m more than ready to learn more and feel comfortable with what I’m feeling. I will be starting lesson one tomorrow.

  43. Bought the course I think 5 years ago; bought the book probably ten years ago –
    guess what? I’m finally ready! heh

    1. haha

  44. I am so excited for this work. All of this resonates with me on so many levels. Sonia, about 7-8 years ago, I was lead to your book, Diary of a Psychic. I was raised Catholic and your connections to that help me feel at ease and when we talk of times that we feel we have been guided, finding you was definitely one. I was wandering around a Barnes and Noble store and came to the new age section. I knew why I was there but didn’t have a clue what I needed and being raised Catholic, I had some fears about learning more about what my intution was giving me. So, I stood there and I said a prayer to be guided to what it was I needed. Then, I put out my hand and walked past the books, feeling the energy of each one as I passed. And there it was, your book. I had no idea who you were at the time but I swear it was calling out to me. So, I grabbed it and walked to the check out. Fast forward a few years and I am sitting with a wonderful Shaman I see from time to time and again, you came up. I about fell out of my chair when she said to look for your books. She didn’t know I had already found you. In the next years, I’d listen to you on Hay house and buy more of your books. But I felt like I needed more than just a read and then this opportunity came my way at a time where I could actually afford it and had time to dedicate to this work. Again, another nudge from my “God Squad”. I honestly feel guided a lot . I don’t always silence the world and get still enough to really dig deep and I know I miss a ton so, I am excited to learn from you, for this opportunity and to meet them. Thank you!!!!

    1. Kim, I am also a Catholic and felt same way as you did starting out. I had many guiding experiences. Found Sonia in a bookstore exactly 10 years ago. Now it’s time for more in depth learning.
      When I read your story I was amazed that anther person had almost identical experience.

  45. I am looking forward to the lessons. I have had a few times where I heard a whisper in my left ear telling me things that are then validated. I have tried to hide my abilities since I was a child. I am ready to validate my experiences with like minded people. Thanks for offering this course.

  46. I think for me even though I grew up as a Christian in the United Church in Canada, we were never taught much about angels or ascended masters or even Mother Mary as the Catholics maybe were. However from my late teens or early twenties, I was aware of receiving guidance on whatever issue I was facing from things people would say in television shows, or in songs, or in passages in books, that kind of thing. So I feel I have been open to guidance for a long time. I became more aware of angels and guides and ascended masters around 2008 and I do feel I receive guidance in the form of repeat numbers which I see a lot of, or in the form of repeat messages, like for example posts on Facebook, if I see the same thing repeated over and over again from different sources, then I tend to pay attention. I have also been using pendulums for guidance, as in a yes or no answer to some question I am trying to find an answer to, but then recently heard that pendulums can be influenced by lower vibrational entities and so it becomes hard to know if what I receive is real and true or if I’m being played with. This is why this course is important to me because I hope to be able to distinguish between true guidance and manipulation.

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      I use a pendulum for choosing which vitamins I need in the morning. Sometimes I am tired or feel grumpy and question the results I’m getting. So I too would like to connect to a higher vibrational frequency. This class is just what i need right now. Regarding pendulum use, In my experience, the stone is very important. I used to have a rose quartz stone which i found told me more of what I wanted and less of what i needed. I changed to an amethyst stone and have been very happy with it. I think it is very important to cleanse your home, its contents, and your chosen tools on a regular basis. I have had great success with this by burning sage, using quartz crystals (on window sills and in plants) and spraying high vibrational spritzers and sprays. Hope this information is helpful. Bless you friend.

  47. This is my all time favorite book by Sonia. I am doing the course to relax more into my guidance and to stop arguing with it! My guidance is always right i just need to trust it more. This course will definitely remind me i do not have to use my logical brain to do everything. I can listen to my heart and guides and relax and into the joy and flow of my life.

  48. It feels so good to fully realized how much guidance there has been in my life, eventhough my chatter brain is most of the time hyperactive! Even the rough times take a new meaning! I am very excited to start this course : I am feeling like a child who is going to explore the world of wonder!

  49. juli ‘ 24, 2017
    just started today very excited…… definitely been guided for a very long time…. feels good to pay attention and think about it.

  50. Hi how exciting to be doing this course 😀

    1. Hi, me too, I just started.

  51. Hello Sonia, As the others have expressed, I too am very happy to be embarking on this course. I realize that I have been guided for many years. To learn to fine tune my “receptors” is exciting. I had a lovely moment yesterday when I asked a guide to help me with a parking spot in a congested area. A driver left just as I drove up and released a spot for me in the otherwise full lot. It was a moment of confirmation and levity. Thank you Runner.

  52. I am so excited about this course! I have had the honor to sit in the front row of several “I Can Do It” conferences just to hear you speak and enjoy the energy that you give us! I am going to Celebrate Your Life” in Sedona and hope that I can meet you in person! Your real life experiences speak to so many of us and your insight in handling situations like these make us know that we can survive also. Thank you for this opportunity to learn about our ever present guides!

  53. Thank You very Much Sonia! I am So looking forward to learning with you! Bless You for making this So accessible. ** 🙂

  54. Hi Sonia, I am looking forward to the next few weeks. I know I have been guided in my life, but what I find is that I get the guidance , but don’t realize that it is guidance, and until its too late.So, I am excited to be learning how to become more aware of my guides and my intuition. I think right now my guides are going wooo hoooo and doing a happy dance.

  55. Hi Sonia: You may have answered this but since it is 12:23 AM and way past my bedtime, I am not the most attentive right now. (Yes, I will listen to this again in the morn). Is it possible to listen to or tap into the energy of a person to determine if they ….dislike or is jealous of me? Or, if that person is a threat to me? If so, would a man’s energy be different from a woman’s? A girl or boy?

  56. This is going to be fun! I KNOW that Spirit Guides are everywhere. A few days ago I sort of… whispered to my Spirit Guides to identify a woman in my workplace who made a specific comment to me last year. Earlier today, one of the lawyers called the office and asked me to transfer her to this lawyer. I had never heard the name before. However, when I searched for her name in Roster, her photograph popped up and voila! That was the woman who made a comment to me last year. I have had things late that happen for me quite a few times now. It is so powerful! I LOVE

  57. I’m really excited about this course!… I usually get signs but a lot of times I ignore them and months later, I understand what was going on and why I was receiving those signs!
    Thank you so much Sonia for sharing your knowledge and for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

  58. Thank you, Sonia. This course is a wonderful support system!

  59. I am very excited to be taking this course!! I do feel guided, usually , somehow, I don’t always listen to my guides. I want to be able to trust my guides & instincts!! Looking forward to the next few weeks!

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