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15 thoughts on “Week 4 – Introduction

  1. Truly life changing ♥️. Thank you Sonja for Your solid guidance.

  2. Thank you, Sonia, my virtual mentor. What a blessing to come across this course. I enjoy having my joy guide, Pari, around.

  3. Thank you Sonia , for this wonderful course. It has changed my vision , my thinking , my feeling that I got ro do everything by myselfc. I now feel i am not alone ….. i am supported . It is a great feeling . Thank you again .

  4. Oh my gosh… Where to begin… I definitely was guided to sign up for this class a year ago. What it’s done for me is help put the dots together in realizing what’s happened in the past 6 months was all guided by not only MY wonderful guides, but the guides of others who created this miracle! I’ll start at the beginning. When I was 3 years old, my mom and dad had been divorced for about a year, and with 3 kids, my mom remarried a man she was not in love with, but who would support her and her 3 kids. My biological dad came by the house and saw that my mom was remarried and pregnant and got really upset. He had visitation rights, and it was already agreed upon that he would have my brother, sister and me for 2 weeks, and then we were to be returned. Instead, he took us out of the country to live in Hawaii (before Hawaii became a state). My mom had a recurring dream of us kids coming home in a black car, wearing leis around our necks and told the private investigator looking for us. Long story short, about 6 months later he was located and found out they were after him. At the same time, Hawaii became a state while we were there, and 2 days later put us on a plane to San Francisco with a map to our house in my 6 year old brother’s pocket. We arrived home safely, in a black car, with leis around our necks, just like in mom’s dream. That was the last time we ever saw our father.

    Fast forward 60 years. I had been looking for my father my whole entire life, but was unable to locate him. About 6 months ago, my cousin told me he stumbled upon an old Sherwood, Oregon high school yearbook on eBay, and that my mom’s picture was in it. I looked it up and was shocked to see out of the 4 pics the seller used to try to sell the book, one photo was of my mom… and another photo was of my dad! I have NO photos of him so was so intrigued to see this high school picture of what he looked like, so I bought the yearbook. (I thought it was interesting that the seller lives in Tennessee, not Oregon!)

    I wasn’t sure if I should show it to my mom cuz she never would speak about my father. He was the love of her life and had never fallen in love again. I told her about the yearbook and she asked to see it. There were tons of photos of her and my dad! The craziest part is that BOTH my mom and dad signed that yearbook! We found the name of the owner in the book and she told me it was her sister’s best friend! There was even a ticket to a high school football game with hand writing that said, “Went with Caroline Schultz” (my mom!) So… I gave her the yearbook.

    1 month ago, I got a call from my sister saying that Kim (my daughter) had found our dad!!! I was shocked because I assumed my dad had passed away which is why I couldn’t find him, and Colette Baron-Reid even gave me a reading on her Hayhouse show and said she brought him through with all kinds of details that were validated by my mom! (my hubby thinks she actually brought through my dad’s brother, who had passed and they were very close) So imagine my shock when I found out he was alive! Not only that, but I found out I have cousins and 2 siblings I didn’t know about!!! The CRAZIEST part is he lived in my hometown with his new family while I was still living there and neither of us knew it… in fact both my siblings WENT TO MY HIGH SCHOOL!

    I contacted my dad who lives only 40 minutes away from me and got in touch with my siblings and cousin through Facebook. We all met a couple times and my dad (who’s 85 now) is eagerly wanting to see my mom! They’ve been writing back and forth so we’ll see what happens. I’m building a relationship with my dad, and although we haven’t talked about what happened when I was 3 years old, I think we have an *understanding* and both are willing to go forward as a loving dad/daughter relationship.

    I DO believe that a LOT of guides were very, very busy, using my cousin who found the yearbook (right after his mom, my mom’s sister who’s best friend own that book died), my daughter, who signed up with where she stumbled upon finding out she has a first cousin she didn’t know about and asked her if she knew Phil Thompson, and she said… YES! He’s my Uncle!) and my cousin for checking her messages on to see that Kim had reached out to her. So…. YAY GUIDES!!!! THANK YOU! It truly is a miracles! (still can’t believe he’s alive!)

    Oh…. and now my DAD owns that yearbook!!!

  5. Today’s lesson made me realize what a gift I have found in this course. Sonia is able to share these thoughts and feelings in a way that I can “Get It”. I’m very grateful, excited and enthusiastic. Thank you, Sonia, for being a great teacher.

  6. I am beginning to realize that we cannot suffer being alone because we are never alone…..I am ready for the journey

  7. Sonia,
    I’m thankful for the forces that guided me to your classes !! I’m starting to be aware of the syncronicities – step by step. Thank you.

  8. SO MANY GUIDED moments. YOU ve CHANGED MY life sonia…. thankfull

  9. Yeah, let’s do this!

  10. Can only say a huge THANK YOU for sharing such a wonderful gift.

  11. Loving the program.

  12. Hi Sonia, I’m really enjoying this beautiful program. I have felt and have had many guided moments and I give thanks and have a wonderful ever changing Alter. My guides however seem shy. I’ve had no symbols, no names, no exclusive vibrational changes. Any advise? I do sense much love but can’t seem to differentiate Angels from Inner Being or Runners?

    1. Sandra I am feeling the same. Did you receive a private answer?

  13. Really love this course, but when done will re do it day by day once again to be sure I got it all. So glad I feel the énergie.

  14. This video won’t play. Please help. Thank you!

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