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15 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 3

  1. Although the lessons are wonderful, I feel like I’m falling behind. This work takes time and practice. I know I’m free to slow things down and I have. I’m dedicated to changing . I prayed for a new way communicating and hearing and this course was brought to me. Thank you

  2. Thank you Sonia for your great teaching!! I wrote a short story this year and started it with an angel that came to comfort me and kissed me on the forehead when I was half asleep — it was EXACTLY as you described it — a big bright light filled most of the half of the room and there was a bright huge amber glow with floating wings around her — I’ve never felt such love and healing as I did that night. It was when I was crying myself asleep when I was going thru my divorce and I felt alone. It was very powerful!!! xx

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  4. I tried to talk with a guardian angel of another person and it’ve worked really. It works! It’s freaking easy and I am so surrprised because from my realistic view this is unpossible. But it happened. Maybe this kind of talking is possible only between people who are connected somehow?

  5. Why is it recommended to use music and chanting call in the angels? Must be the vibration but what is it about this kind of vibration?

  6. A few days ago while doing the exercise on invoking the different kinds of guides I played music. As I was invoking Archangel Michael a song played that included a chant. I felt sooo strongly the presence of Archangel Michael. So I’ve already experienced how powerful music and chanting calls in your Archangels. Wow!

  7. Found a little feather on my pants 😊

  8. I have been slow in moving onto the next modules as its been such a journey to connect with the Archangels and my personal Guardian Angel….
    rather than the cube of light its been easier for me to use a golden globe of light to invite their presence each morning…

  9. How do you know who your Guardian Angel is?

  10. I have personally worked *Archangel to Archangel* in the past and in what could well have been a very “challenging” exchange/ communication and found it to have a profound and wonderful outcome. As Sonia mentioned the “conversation” softened, was quite beautiful and compassionate given what could have unfolded “person to person”. I have used this “personal” experience with many of my clients in hopes that it would be helpful to them in turning what might be a very unpleasant & unproductive conversation to a better outcome than expected . It has worked so beautifully and for the *highest good of all” I am pleased to report. So enjoying this course Sonia… thank you ♥♥ ‘ * Blessings * to all ~ ‘ * ARIA * ‘

  11. How do you spell the name of the Archangel of hope?

    1. Remiel

  12. Archangel Gabriel I read is of help in the areas of art and communication. If you could explain if Archangel Raphael is for healing petitions

  13. It is my understanding that Archangel Raphael is the healer

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