Week 1 – Day 2

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  1. Since my husband’s passing everything seems to collapse around me. All the electricals, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, car … We also live in an area, a reserve, where wild boars have made a terrible mess of the garden we had taken years to build together. I just do not have the energy for it so, I’m afraid if the guides are telling ma anything it’s to get out !

  2. After reading through all the other posts, I see I am not the only one struggling to find request form for guides name.
    I have asked the little pink box for help with this, wrote a request in the help section and today sent an email to Sonia.
    I am also having trouble connecting with the Good Vibration Tribe.
    I absolutely love the video Sonia has explaining all the aspects that are included in the GVT section. However I have not been able to be a part of the tribe.
    I see myself rattling the door saying “Let me in – Let me in”.
    I had a thought come to me when reading all the other comments about guides name. Maybe it has been intentionally made difficult to locate the form to request guides name, so we will turn to our guides to lead us to it?
    Just a thought! I am going to sign out from this an give it a try!
    I will post later if I am successful at this!

    1. Im also excited to see/hear my guides name:) thank you

  3. Hello Sonia,

    Could you send me my guide’s name 🙂 Thank you!Dana

    1. I only joined today Saturday 20 July but would wait until tomorrow to go on to day three. I spoke to my guides and asked for guidance on how to get my finances in order. For some reason I felt compelled to tidy my drawer with the handbags. I came across a red purse type handbag and wondered why it rattled as if there was money in it. I hadn’t used it for years and found £4.82 in it. Perhaps my guides have been around me but I wasn’t listening to them

  4. Hello Sonia,

    I’d really love to know my guide’s name 🙂 Are you sending it by email or how do you give this information?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi, Sonia-
      I’d live to know my guide’s name, too

  5. Hello Sonia. I just read some of these comments and have one of our guides names was part of that. I recall it was something you offered us when we signed up. I would love to know one of my guides names, thanks.
    Didi from Canada

    1. I’m looking forward to getting my Guides Name 🙂

  6. Thank you! I find that I am on my own schedule and that’s ok! I know my guides are with me always. I just need help in remembering to ask and listen to guidance when in difficult situations. Funny story about subtle guidance, yesterday I went home for lunch. I don’t usually do this. It was a very good thing that I did. I opened the pet room door to find my little bearded dragon and cat on the floor. The cat was curious and the dragon was still and was not at all upset about their face to face meeting! I put him back in his house and he enjoyed his lunch :-)) Something told me to go home and visit the cat 🐾

  7. One great takeaway I got from Wk1 Day2 was this, if you don’t invite your guides to help, they will not interject themselves into your life. That is life changing for me. I’ve known they are there in a way, but never thought that they are waiting to be asked to help. I makes total sense to me. I will say that any time that I have prayed or said out loud “show me a sign” or any such thing, I have been answered. So I will make it a practice to always ask for help in good and bad situations. I think guides would be happy if they were asked to help us have more fun!

  8. I actually skipped a day I could have used this yesterday. I was traveling. I was interuppted when I started this.
    All is in perfect timing I am calm today and can ask for proper help. Thank you.
    Can I ask for my guides name thank you again

  9. I actually skipped a day I could have used this yesterday. I was traveling. I was interuppted when I started this.
    All is in perfect timing I am calm today and can ask for proper help. Thank you.

  10. I just started taking this course last week and I look forward to each new lesson. I have read many of Sonia’s books and find them to be very inspirational and they have helped me on my spiritual path. I am confident this course will do the same. Thank you Sonia for sharing your gifts with all of us!

  11. The part about writing down what areas in my life that are smooth sailing seems to be stumping me. I have many great things in my life for which I am grateful to be smooth sailing but most of the time things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes the road is very rocky getting to the smooth sailing part. But, in an odd way, I’m also very grateful for because from each I have learned something I needed to know. I want to “retrain” my brain into remembering the “smooth sailing” parts on queue when asked…so I’m not left searching for something to say. I believe that with the rough times I’ve been through that my brain was rewired to only think about what’s not working and to search for a solution. As for the parts in my life that I struggle with, that’s easy – money. Everything else stems from that. I can do this! 😉

    1. I struggled with this too. For me, it’s parenting my 2.5 year old daughter. Sometimes times I find myself with infinite amounts of patience, joy and creativity, and other times I want to pull my hair out! I put Parenting in both my ‘smooth sailing’ and my ‘struggling’ list for different reasons. So later I ended up making three lists 1. Where I’m grateful for the support I am already receiving (Competence at Work), 2. Areas where I sometimes need extra support (Parenting), and 3. Areas where I am really struggling and need guidance (Overspending). This was a very interesting exercise, but it made me realize that there are very few ‘black and white’ areas of my life. Some days things are better than others.

  12. I have been guided my whole life. It is just a process of remembering to ask, and slowing down enough to listen. Then… I feel urges to go here
    or there or call someone from my past and the magic begins. I am taking this course so that I can do this consciously and daily and not
    wait for a crisis to ask. Can you please send me my guides name…. Thank you so much!

  13. Hello, I have been doing this class for a while, took a break and then came back and started again because I was struggling with it. The day after I did this lesson I noticed something unusual I didn’t before. On my office window when I was done for the day on my pc, I noticed a child handprint on the window, which I never noticed before. I have no children and as far as I know, no child has been here lately. I have no idea how that handprint ended up there. I tried to take a picture but is not showing very clearly on film, but my husband saw it too and in real time, and is very clear and seems to be “fresh” no dust or anything on it. Then I remembered I had restarted this class and have been really making the effort to do each lesson with all my intention and energy. So I have to ask if you or anyone ever had any similar experience of having handprints and especially a child handprint show up as a way of Angels communication or message of any kind? I know sounds odd but I wanted to ask just in case.

  14. Finally, I have met my Guide. I know he’s with me and feel his presence through a tingling throughout my body, especially when I talk to him acknowledging the guidance I just received from him. It is the most exhilarating feeling I have ever felt. For the first time in my life I feel so safe, peaceful and never alone…. wherever I go and in whatever I do. Sonia, I met you at the Celebrate Your Life retreat in Sedona over 7 years ago and am so humbled to finally find you again. I know my Guide, Noel, led me here to you. Thank you! You are an Angel. 🙂

  15. I have just had the most amazing day! Thank you Sonia and my guides for bringing me back to my awareness. Looking forward to next lesson!

  16. Hello Sonia,
    A late start to the course , love it!! Would you please send me the name of my guide. I am very excited to know his/her name and to be able to start this course. Better late than never.

  17. I’d forgotten my guide, then after beginning studying this course, he came back into my dreams and I remembered him! I’d forgotten him and now I’m like, how could I have forgotten? It’s been years – he is the same, I am older lol. Have got my sense of fun back – he finds everything hilarious …

    1. No, not everything – I seem to be hearing him saying and this is true – I no longer feel afraid all the time. I have got my courage back.

  18. Hi Sonia
    Can you please email me the name of my guide.
    thank you

  19. I talk to my guides all the time. They are my team😊 I am always feeling the love and guidance they send me. Especially when I feel like I might have a decision that I may have some difficulty making. They steer me in the right direction ❤️

    1. I wish I could also feel them. That would be wonderful.

  20. To imagine what would make my life better and then ask for guidance in those areas is quite an undertaking. I must have believed at some point in my life that I was guided or gifted in business matters, in financial issues – as it’s always come easy for me. Perhaps I can overcome (by asking for help from my Guides) for help with emotional/relationship issues. I will keep imagining until I hit on it.

  21. I asked guides many times yesterday and I didn’t feel them present. Actually I don’t know exactly. I also asked them to help others for better understanding between us. I feel confused, I can say.

    1. Don’t worry if you don’t feel them, especially in the beginning. I don’t feel them, either, but I know they help me so they must be around. I hope to feel, see or sense them more clearly though, and I guess most people on this course share the same goal so you’re not alone. 🙂

    2. ALenka, I sometimes feel confused too about am I alone or guided. I try to teach myself to say yes and relax, write down how I would feel if I knew it. I also always go back to nature mostly trees, flowers, bird watching. I feel peace, tranquility and belief the most then. I’m hoping you feel supported by the comments knowing other relate even if not family or close friends.

  22. Yesterday I took a long overdue trip to the ocean. I love walking on the beach in winter. My angels were with me in the car. We had grand time on the 1.5+ hour ride to the Atlantic Ocean. Even though I use a map app, I often turn before or after I’m “supposed” to turn. Yesterday, nope. The Angels guided me. I saw feathers, know that archangel Michael is one of my guides and suddenly looked down and saw a lapis blue piece of sea glass. More feathers. Found a shell with an angel figure worn on the cup of the shell. Toward the end of my five mile walk, I glanced down and found s white piece of sea glass. Found a stick that my late dog Olive must have dropped (!)…. got “lost” finding my car, asked my guides to stick with me and viola, led me to my car. Awesome! I am grateful for this course, Sonia! Love to you and all! 😘

  23. Hi – I’ve been a believer in guidance for a long time as my mother had some strong intuitive abilities but I’ve been away from actively asking for help. I asked for help during heavy, Friday night traffic getting onto Lake Shore Drive off of Michigan avenue since it can be a perilous merge. When I got to the merge it was WIDE open!! I sent many delighted thank you’s to my team of runners. Then for fun I asked for a specific artist to play on the radio station I was listening to and yup, that artist came on too. Much giggling thank you’s ensued. It feels good to reconnect again and working with the breath work, breathing from feet up to my heart you suggested has been very helpful. I too would love to hear what my guide’s name is. Thank you Sonya for this course! xoxo
    P.S. I had a reading with you in your home in Chicago many years ago before you were ‘famous’. 🙂

  24. Hello Sonia,
    It is my second day and already I can feel in my heart Joy and Kindness from this course. I am so grateful to have access to it. I feel like a door is opening and I can walk with confidence in my life finally writing that tears come but it is real joy. Thank you.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Odile from France

  25. Hi Sonia, this is my second day of my course and would to ask you for my Guide’s name please! Thank you!
    I love Playing with energi and imadination, it is more joy 🙂
    With Gratitude,
    Nete Regitze Konni Svensson

  26. So…today I had to run some errands with a friend who needed a ride. I remembered about the “runners” – I don’t even recall what I said – something like “make my way easy, please.” We quickly found his bank ( we didn’t realize it existed there) next to a store where I was wanting to get a specific tea! Then as I dropped him off next to Goodwill I decided to go in and look for some picture frames and then I found a warm pair of BearClaws boots to wear in the cold Minneapolis weather for a visit next month. And of course it was 25% off day – it was so much fun and I did remember to say “Thank you”!!!

    1. Nice! Thanks for sharing!
      A fun thing I learned when running late, to repeat “I have plenty of time”. And watch what happens. You may get all the green lights. Or your class started late so you ended up on time. Or you ended up getting the perfect seat becaus you were late. I use this when I’m behind a slow driver and feel annoyed. I think to myself this slow car is preventing an accident or something I’d rather not have happen. So I’m grateful.
      Not exactly asking for a runner but in the same realm!

  27. Hi Sonia, this is my second day of my course and would to ask you for my Guide’s name please! Thank you!

    With Gratitude,
    Meena Persad

  28. So happy we have lifelong access to this course! I am so busy (!) I will begin again and need to contact my time management guides. I got into contact but more subconsciously with my ‘tidy up for Christmas guides’ and they were helpful for the one room I managed. So happy aout that 🙂

  29. Hi Sonia,

    I am on the third lesson now and all is going well. Can you send me the name/s of my guides.

    Thank you so much,

  30. Hi Sonia. thank you. Yesturday I received the message that I have a joy guide near me. I welcome this. can’t wait to meet and know the name of my joy guide.

  31. Hi Sonia, how can you give my guide name ? Email? Or… Thank you to help me, and gratitude for your advices.

    <3 Christie

    1. Hi, I had the same thing. But if you go to your courses then you scroll to below en there you find the form to ask for your guide 😉

      Kind regards,

  32. Thank you sonia for one of my guides name I love the name Eva my joy guide I will ask my guide for help in making my life more happy and abundant thank you again been working with spirits guides since the 1983 but I felt I was being pushed by my mum to take this course my mum passed to spirit in 1983 she has gave me lots of proof and guidance since she passed I know iam still learning every day so there must be a reason for me to do this course I have had many spiritual experience through the years and I look forward to finishing the course that I have been guided to take lots of love Ann xxx

    1. Hi Ann, how did Sonia give you your guide’s name ? By Email? … Thank you in advance )

      ps: (with english is limited)

      <3 Christie

    2. Hi Christie yes got my guides name by email you have to request it for Sonia to send you it hope you get it sorted out xxx

  33. My JOY Guide is already at work! (you gave me her name… Grace!) I have been so curious about my biological father that I never knew and have no pictures of him and no very little about him. Yesterday, my cousin said that he found a 1950 yearbook from Sherwood High on eBay and noticed that one of the 4 photos the seller posted was of my mom! I checked out the listed and was floored when I saw on another photo… my FATHER! I noticed his name first and then saw the photo of him playing basketball! How crazy is THAT! 2 of the 4 photos that were shown were of BOTH my parents. Out of all the pages he could have posted, those were the ones he chose! NO WAY was that a coincidence! So THANK YOU GRACE! I’m forever grateful, as I bought the book and am eagerly waiting to get it to see if either of them signed it. How cool is that!!!

  34. I often forget to ask for help from my guides. Asking for parking spots has mostly been what I do. Even when I do ask I don’t feel connected to them so I am looking forward to opening up and having a real connection and getting to know my different guides.

    1. I have a parking space angel as well! I am always fascinated by, if I ask for a decent spot, I get it.

  35. So today, I spoke to my guides. I typically do this, but I had never thought to identify and imagine all of the different types of guides I could call on for support. My financial guide was one I thought to bring in around me, AND, I am so glad I did. I am in the beginning stages of launching a new business, so I designed new business cards online, but was sent an email saying that the payment didn’t go through. I took a moment, and considered possible “blocks” and that my guides might be trying to tell me something. So I paused and listened. For some reason, I felt like I needed to make a change so I scrapped that order and started over again. I changed my title on the card, something my sister suggested after the order was placed. I was glad I had the opportunity to make that change because it felt better. So I placed the second order and for whatever reason I received a discount on this one! Saved a little more than $20, yeah! I then went in to my bank acct. to investigate the hold up of the initial payment, I had the funds, but I inadvertently found out that one of my clients had NSF and so a check I received was returned-whaaaat?!! So, I was able to sort that but really there was no explanation for the initial payment not going through. How awesome is this!?! All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SPIRIT GUIDES!!!

    1. Ho Dorain, I am also starting a new business and I need a financial guide. I did not know they exist. Your story inspires me! Thank you!
      Thank you Sonia, for your lesson!

  36. So thankfull for finding your guidance as MY spirit guide suggested me TO follow courses and invest more into myself TO be able to reconnect TO their guidance and find people who are on the same quest Loving this excersice
    Thank you Sonia

  37. As I taught yoga today, I thought about my guides being there and helping me teach, it was fun, I felt supported. My heart was lit up. A few years ago when i was seeing an energy healer due to stress of my divorce, she told me there were tons of spirit there supporting me. I know there were i felt them. I now feel empowered to know that I can develop my intuition more and trust my inner guidance. I know I dont need all the time to go to a healer, I can trust that I have my open channel in my intuition muscles. The will get stronger.

  38. It makes me smile more, knowing I can ask my guides for help. I took my dog for a walk and my dog has a trusting spirit. There were trees with different spirits, I just said loudly whatever first came into my mind, royal with golden leaves, modest and shy, solid, calm, fir trees in the part had serious spirit. Then we went along the bike path and at one point I turned around to look at my dog who was sniffing something in the grass, a street light along the path started blinking, green light slowly coming on. It made me laugh, I guess it was a greeting, a way of acknowledging me. When I turned around again, it was not lit, so it was just for me:)

  39. I’m sitting by the pool with my headphones on but with nothing playing, Im just talking to my guides. People think I’m having a phone conversation. Tee hee. This is so FUN! I’m so excited to awaken to my guides. I feel like life just got easier!

    1. ahahaha! Great idea! Love this!

  40. I asked my guides to help me get my business plans in place, for money help, to help me know what to do about my medication.

    They said that I was doing too much for too many areas in my business plans and that I would have to be more specific. They helped me figured out a few things with the website. They told me when I was spending too much time working and not doing things with my kids. They also told me to let go of trying to force my teenager to be friendly or help with things. It was just her time to be like this they said. And they were right.

    They made me cry- yes cry! I hadn’t cried in a long time. It felt so relieving after. I simply let go as they told me to do. To “unburden”. I saw changes I needed to make in my relationship to myself and my family. They urged me to contact certain people and I began to. They told me it was okay. I felt like there were a few comfort guides. They literally felt like you would imagine a warm fuzzy hypoallergenic kitten would feel like. Kind of amazing.

    So, yes the guides were extremely helpful. I am so used to talking to the Angels all the time (as an Angel Intuitive and Medium). This was a totally different experience. It will definitely take me a little longer to be able to distinguish quite so many spirit guides!

  41. I just wanted to share that this course is in itself an answer to my asking out loud for clear guidance. I have been sort of complaining lately that I needed help and guidance but since I didn’t understand or hear or see the signs or the messages, I asked them one day out loud to be clear and simple for me to understand. And this course showed up. Thank you Sonia! I guess when the student is ready the teacher shows up.

    1. YES! 🙂
      When the student is ready the teacher shows up. I am in the same case!

  42. I am grateful to have found you, I feel that I have been searching for someone to give me guidance on how to connect with my angels and guides for years. I feel there has been a block to me connecting as I am not aware of them. Even though I have asked for communication in any of my senses. I very much believe in my angels and guides and i now hope that learning with you will help me to increase my vibration to their level. Thank you for being here to show me. A. xx

  43. So this is a really interesting exercice. I know that I’ve always had support since I was a child. There are so many times I was helped, I couldn’t tell them. But now, listening to Sonia, I realize that I don’t always ask for guidance. In life, I don’t ask often others for help. So I will try to ask more often for a guidance. And I realize that I really need to strenghten my belief.
    These videos, if we listen carefully and if we do the exercices, are a wonderful help because they help us to reveal our needs, what we must improve if we want to go further on the path.
    I wish you a nice night full of sweet dreams.

  44. I have been working with spirit for sometime now. I know in the past and currently they are with me. I do speak out loud to them and do you get a response for example asking for a parking space etc. I was raised and remain Roman Catholic and have always called upon the Saints and the angels. I look forward to learning more about spirit guides. I thank you and my guides for this opportunity.

    1. I also talk to Our Holy Mother Mary, Saints and Angels and they really inspire me and guide me. They send me advice and strenght my Faith. I wanted to thank you for your post.

  45. Today is SO much fun. I already know that I am surrounded by Spirit helpers and recognize how much guidance and support I’ve received. But now I’m becoming so much more conscious about the process. Talking out loud to them and writing down, not only what I need help with but what’s already working, has resulted in several epiphanies. Which makes me realize anew that guidance has been flowing freely to me all my life. I’ve been led to books and classes (like this one) and people who have enriched my life. I’ve also been protected from harm in so many ways.
    I’ve been keeping journals on an irregular basis for years and some while back as I started a new one, I heard very clearly in my mind “As you write, the guidance will come.” They have not let me down, ever.
    Thank you Sonia, for giving us this opportunity to make the process a part of our conscious awareness! Namaste.

  46. I have yet been able to identify the energy by name of a person or anything. It seems that whenever I try to sit quietly to pay attention/hear….I either don’t notice anything or the peace and quiet is short lived and then it’s noisy again.

  47. I liked the exercise of doing 2 columns and setting one where I’m struggling, and the other what’s working, and I have been thinking about it today but many years ago too!!

  48. I’ve been working with the energy so I always put names of the spirit of a person, a pet, a place, etc.

    1. Thank you sonia for one of my guides name I love the name Eva my joy guide I will ask my guide for help in making my life more happy and abundant thank you again been working with spirits guides since the 1983 but I felt I was being pushed by my mum to take this course my mum passed to spirit in 1983 she has gave me lots of proof and guidance since she passed I know iam still learning every day so there must be a reason for me to do this course I have had many spiritual experience through the years and I look forward to finishing the course that I have been guided to take lots of love Ann xxx

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