Week 3 – Day 4

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14 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 4

  1. I have more then one teacher guide that I can see and sensing usually on my right side.I feel Jesus around me often,Mother Mary at times I also sense around me but the guides that encourage me to educate myself more are ascended masters Merlin and Saint Germain.

  2. This lesson totally resonated with me. In the recent past (including signing up for this online class) I have been “led” to different experiences that had to have come from my Teacher Guides. They were things that I was NOT going to do, but throughout the day, the experience would come to my mind vividly, and I would end going to whatever class/meetup it was, and that is exactly where I was supposed to be. Including, quite by accident, meeting someone who provided a Past Life Regression Session for me. I simply was led to…..had nothing to do with ME.

  3. Thank you Sonia, wonderful lesson.

  4. Yesterday we drove from Los Angeles to San Diego. The traffic can be extremely heavy and slow. Before we left, I asked the angels to surround the car and to bring us home easily with grace and ease. It was amazing, the freeway that is usually jammed up, had very few cars. It was the most peaceful wonderful ride we ever took. I definitely felt their presence, protection and love.

  5. Quan Yin, is my master teacher. My work, relationships, my studies are all about care, compassion and healing.

  6. Definitively this is Jesus. For a long time, I was very inspired by him. Often, I am asking myself in different situation how Jesus would have say or do or react. I am very admirative of his loving and generous personality. And since one year, I am very obsessed by a docureality character in a tv show whose personality (and appearance) looks like Jesus. I wondered why I was so attracted by him, now I know why! He really is a role model.

  7. Whoa! Less than 5 minutes after asking for my master teacher to reveal him/her self to me, I see a license plate that reads “JSUS 1”. That was fast! I actually was expecting Mother Mary. I almost don’t feel worthy. So glad I took this course. Thank you, Sonia! You’re a gift to us all. Love and light to all of you.

  8. Last year when I started an intuitive painting class, I sarted to paint images of Frida Khalo, she is such an inspiration for me and I feel so much at peace and at ease when I paint her. Now I wonder if she is one of my master teachers?

  9. I have one, Louise Hay, and I felt her presence after she made her transition but can you have more than one? Can you choose one? I’ve resonated with Steve Jobs’ philosophy about design and when I was having lots of trouble with my coding course I called on him but I wasn’t able to complete it because I just didn’t comprehend it. As I write this I’m rethinking this…..maybe, if he’s one of my teacher guides, he’s there to teach something other than coding. Hummm.

  10. I have always felt an affinity for Jesus…I love reading and learning about St. Hildergard of Bingen.

  11. I asked for some help from my cards to recognize who my Master Teacher is and Melchizedek jumped out of the deck with the message “higher learning, you have learned from experience. More inner study is now required to further progress”. How cool is that! I do resonate with him and am very happy when he appears in my readings. From another deck my one card was listening to say my angels are in communication with me and I need to listen and trust! This is such an awesome experience, thank you Sonia!

  12. I had been invoking the masters, saints, and prophets regularly as part of ongoing spiritual practice …there are so many of them i love and feel connected with….and yet….my own Sufi teacher since 1975 who has since passed to the other side keeps coming into my consciousness with the teachings that I should share in my next group retreat….he would never have wanted me to call him a master teacher….but there he is! I will walk and talk with him in the coming days….

  13. M y teacher guide urged me TO learn as much as I can thru courses AND workshop getting me outta MY comfortzone completely as he WANTS me TO focus on my healing
    Possibilitiesxxx SO gratefull. Love THIS course!

  14. Thankyou, Sonia, I have realised who has been my guide. St Mary McKillop for a long time.

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