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  1. I’ve known my GA since early childhood….probably when I was 4, maybe 5. His name is Sabadaph….why would a toddler come up with a name like that unless she was told the name??? Absolutely, she wouldn’t…without being told. We played together, he went with me to the hospital when I had appendicitis and to the dentist and doctors and in the playroom…he was always there. Daddy always said ‘she is such a brave little girl’ but Sabadaph was always holding my hand. Mama just said I had an “imaginary playmate” but I remember quite clearly my dad telling mom…..”that child is talking to someone…just listen….she says something…then waits”. I remember one day we were going to my grandparents farm – where daddy was building our new house. He turned to me (in the back seat) and said “Pusskitten (his pet name for me), is Sabadaph in the car?” And I said….”no! he’s still upstairs!” quite concerned. Dad turned the car around and went in the house (I have no idea what he did in there) and came out…opened the back car door and said…..”Now, don’t forget him again!!” Sabadaph has been with me always, saved me from foolishness in school and really saved me in college – when we tend to be real idiots!!! But, I encountered another angel later in life – mid 30s when many women go thru a crisis of change… I was struggling with much clinical depression, horrible job stress and horrible home stress. I went to the ‘big’ library in town to see if I could find a book to help me with my situations. There seemed to be no one upstairs that day but me. I was browsing the self help and the inspirational sections, when I kept hearing this … what I thought rude sounds…burping, sniffing, more burping, from a man…definitely male noises (smile). I walked the next aisle over and saw a portly, black gentleman, dressed casually but neatly, burping and smiling at me. I smiled back…thinking should I offer him a “Tums”??? I refocused myself on finding something to ease my pain. The gentleman came over to me…startled me….and he said…”Oh Little Sister…I have just the thing for you”….I was a bit nervous to be sure. He smiled again…reached on the shelf, pulled down a book and turned to a page in the book and said to me…..”this is exactly what you need”. As I was reading the passage he pointed to …. which was something to the effect of …. ‘your heart knows….your angels are with you’ sort of thing. I looked up to thank him but he was gone. I went to the front area and asked the assistant who was there…..where did the gentleman go. She asked…what gentleman…no one has been by. I described him and she said, there is no one and was no one up here but you, ‘sweetie’. I said…he was right there showed me this book and, and and and. She said – I’d have seen anyone who was here….just you. I love angels. I truly love angels……they have the best senses of humor and endearment!!! I know this is long but felt so compelled to share!!


  2. My GA moves about, beside me in the car, walking next to me. My first request reply situation, dark snow storm evening, I was going to leave the city to drive home, the radio was not working properly static, no street lights as power was out. The drive home was generally 45min but knew it would be way longer. I approached the decision intersection, either attempt or get a hotel room. I reached to the passenger seat as I felt someone with me, “ok, I need a sign, either keep going and all will be well or get a hotel room.” Instantly the power come on, all the street lights in the direction I needed to turn came on. But only that direction. So, “ok, thanks, I know your here with me, and you got this, here we go”.
    When I arrived home only 45min later, my husband was shovelling snow so I could access the told me that the roads were closed and no access was allowed, but I had clear pavement all the way home. Saw 30 vehicles stuck along the way. My daughters come running to me, “we tried phoning but it wouldn’t work, we prayed you were ok and guess what we laughed “. I asked why, they said that I was not alone, both daughters were disappointed I had no one with me. When I said I wasn’t alone that I was sure a angel was with me they both agreed. I am afraid to drive in bad weather, but not that night.
    No name yet but will be asking.

  3. How odd. I have always felt angels but behind me on the left side. Never on the right. Someone asked me at one time if I had any sensation of a spirit around me and without my having thought at all, I said that there were three to my left over my shoulder. Any comments? That is the only time I spoke of them, but described them as watching not acting.

    1. i always feel my guidance on my left side – without fail.

    2. In Energy healing, the left side often relates to our feminine inheritance, mothers etc. also our feeling nature. I am striving to discern what I feel on the left and right sides, because they do feel different. Thank you for sharing. Traditionally the masculine energy is seen to be more active, and corresponding feminine is more in charge of Being rather that Doing. Maybe that’s why you sensed the watching on the left side. It could have been your Higher Self that you are contacting. I experience that integrating masculine and feminine energies within can be empowering to us as individuals.

  4. I have sensed angels around me for a long time and it gives me great comfort knowing that they are there.At times especially walking home to my previous home I would some across feathers here and there.I often call on Archangel Raphael and other healing guides when I go to the dentist especially.

    1. It certainly is fun to find the feathers!! Sometimes they appear in a place where you really have to wonder at the miracle of it. Yet, there’s an energy that comes with these angelic finds that brings a smile to heart and mind.

  5. Recently, I was returning from taking a friend to the doctor for a post-op visit. We were returning home by way of the interstate. I was in the inner lane. All of a sudden, an SUV came across two lanes of traffic into the front of my car headed toward an exit. I was going 70 mph at the time. I remember seeing her SUV coming toward me and preparing my body for impact. I swerved to my right and could see out of my peripheral vision oncoming cars on the exit she was trying to get make. The last thing I thought was that we were going to be hit! All of a sudden, I was driving straight on the exit ramp and as I looked to my right, the lady in the SUV was on my right driving straight in the other exit lane! I was surprised to see that she was on the other side of me and we were not in an accident; neither were the oncoming cars on the exit ramp anywhere around. My friend commented on what an excellent driver I was, and he said he did not know how in the world I avoided the accident . I commented that it was not me who saved us from that accident, it was my guardian angel! I firmly believed we were all saved by our angels. I was braced for impact and have no memory or awareness of moving my car out of the path of the other driver as she was headed directly for the driver’s side of my car. I am so very thankful!! Thank you Sonia for this wonderful class!! I just completed “Trust Your Vibes” and this class is icing on the cake!!

    1. Yes, it’s so true, the Angels are out there in traffic with us. Once over ten years ago, my friend and I were visiting her Mom in a NYC hospital and getting onto a parkway, a commercial van came barreling toward us very fast, and then we both felt a puff of air, and the van was pushed away from us. We glanced at each other and agreed there had been Divine intervention!

  6. I took a Reiki level one and two training years ago and I had connected with my guardian angel. Her name came to me as LOVE. I still call her that and pray that she is with me. I try to feel her presence and sometimes I get a glimpse. I have been away on vacation with friends and so I didn’t really connect with my spirit guides and GA. But, I was sitting in row 25 on the plane and that was right on the planes wing and I felt like my GA LOVE was there. I also saw a white orb light in the plane and felt safe and knew my guides, spirits and GA was with me. So Blessed!

    1. Thank you, that’s a beautiful story, Karen. I love the energy that surrounds Reiki. Once I was on the parkway driving 25 miles to teach a class to a Mom with 2 young children. A White Dove was flying next to my car. It was a sure sign to me that I was on a Heavenly mission to share Energy healing.

  7. Many years ago, one evening, my husband took a trip into the city to visit his grown up daughter. I said on instinct, ‘please don’t stay late, leave before midnight,’ like he was Cinderella or something. I went to bed and was asleep when something jolted me awake. I realised he was no in bed beside me. I began to say the Lords prayer and asked that he be looked after. It was after midnight. I stayed awake then waiting for him to come home. about 40 mins later he arrived. He had been driving along what we call windy ridge and was dropping off to sleep, when a white figure appeared on the road in front of the car. He thought it was a real woman and braked to avoid them, but she disappeared as he got closer. He got such a shock. Needless to say, he was wide awake for the rest of the journey home. Guardian angel? Yes, I believe so! Saved him having a bad accident or worse, for sure. This course is reminding me to call on my angels and guides more and get to know them better. And I am making sure I ask them to look after my now grown children, when I think they need a little help. Love to all.

    1. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing, yes, it is a reminder for me to continue to pray and do the work here!

    2. WoW! A reminder for me to keep praying and asking for help for my loved ones. Thx for sharing Marina.

  8. I have a funny story about connecting with my guardian angel and getting her name. Many years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn the name of my GA, so I got quiet and asked for a name. The name Ariel came to me. It was really wonderful to learn her name, but time marched on and I forgot about that experince, and I stopped connecting with her on a regular basis. A couple of years later, I decided that I wanted to learn the name of my Guardian Angel and I repeated the exercise, and as soon as the name Ariel came to me, I started laughing, because I then remembered having done this before. It was a nice confirmation that her name is Ariel, but I just had this image of her standing there with her arms crossed, leaning against a wall, saying her name with a weary sigh. LOL I have never forgotten her name since then, and I talk to her frequently. My Angelic Posse, as I call them, consists of Ariel, Archangel Michael, Lord Ganesha, and Green Tara. I’m sure there are plenty more, but those are the four I call on regularly.

  9. I have been working with 7 Archangels for a few months now. Michael is helping me with a difficult situation with my not-yet-X who has been attempting to embezzle my share of an office building we own together. Michael has him pinned down keeping him from doing his evil deeds. It is working, I was able to get a judgment in my favor to sell the building collecting my fair share.
    Still trying to locate form for Sonia to give me name of my guide?

    1. Linda if you go to the page where all the lessons are listed and scroll down all the way, you will see it there ;0)

  10. this morning i found a white feather on my work desk and just before that i heard a voice off in the distance say hello …so awesome i love it. thanks so much sonia for teaching us how to communicate with our guide…

    1. Wow, I haven’t had your experience yet, but I look forward to it soon. I’ve sent my angel (and some others) to help my sister and I was very sure they had. I await proof of my guardian angel, but since I do believe that my angel exists, maybe I will not see proof today.

  11. I still remember a face of an old lady who guided me out of a difficult situation I have put myself into about 20 years ago. First time in big city, on subway lost during night, not mastering the language of the country very well, completely tired and scared, she told me to sit next to her and to just relax. Never met her, but I trusted her immediately. She guided me then to the next right stop and how to get to the right bus stop….probably saved my life…forever thankful xx

  12. 4/16/19
    While listening to the video this morning, immediately a smile came over me and tingle feeling on my arms. Love knowing my guardian angel is with me.
    I remember time I was visiting family in Greece. We were walking home after a fun night of dancing. I was crossing the highway and a car came out of nowhere heading straight at me. I felt myself lifted off the pavement, running to the sidewalk. I never felt the ground. When I returned to my aunt’s house they said I looked like I had seen a ghost! I knew my angel saved me that night. 💙

  13. This was fantastic!
    Since this morning after meditation and listening to Today’s video, I was open to this experience. Although I did not have any expectations neither resistance to receive signs, I could say I was taking it slow and calmly.
    Here is when surprises come delightfully. Today around 10 am I saw an update on Facebook that could not be more explicit:
    “have you ever seen an angel?
    WOW! that was really nice to experience. There is my sign.
    Love you all and send hugs to my guardian angel and his team.

  14. I can feel my guardian angel behind me as a light vibration, a bit like a hand on my shoulder. I also had an experience two mornings ago, when I awoke with a sore throat, an ailment I have always been prone to. Usually, when I would get a sore throat, it would last for days and require antibiotics, painkillers, and turmeric tea to heal. I noticed the sore throat during my morning Zen meditation and felt worry that I would need to go to the doctor and get a prescription. But this time I greeted the angels as described in the Ask Your Guides book by saying good morning to them. To my amazement, the sore throat dissipated within 10-20 minutes maximum, without any medicine or herbal remedies. Now my throat feels fine. I am excited to learn more.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am dealing with a constant sore throat and ear ache and your post
      offered me much encouragement!

  15. I received a scent of vanilla when asking for my guardian angels’ vibration. It came a few hours later but was received.

  16. I’m very new at this and not so sure yet what I feel or see , but as I was doing the exercise and turned my head to the right and back, I felt some joy and soon after felt a breeze . I have a lot to thank my guardian angel for, specially in 1993 and 2011.

  17. I have had an on and off connection with my guardian angel. I can remember 2 instances where I felt protection. I was sailing through a storm on my down to Miami. The boat I was in went through a bad storm. But We arrived safely. Another example I was driving in my car and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid an accident. My car spun around completely in the intersection and I was facing oncoming traffic. I said a prayer, and was able to turn off a side street and continue on my way. No one was hurt. I was a little shaky though. Thank you to my guardian angel.

  18. In the 70’s, I was driving up a familiar road. As I was coming around the bend, “someone” yelled at me, “SLOW DOWN” – I did slow down but as I turned the bend a small pick up pulled out in front of my oncoming car. I hit the pick up and he spun around the road, making two circles. No one was hurt! But had I not heeded the voice (my angel’s command), I might have killed the driver.
    One year later, to the day…I was driving up the same road with my mother in the passenger seat. I was on the outside lane, another vehicle about 400′ feet ahead was on the inside lane. Parked on the other side of me was a parked dump truck. As I approached the vehicle on my left, “someone” told me very quietly, ‘that car is coming over in your lane’ – IT DID! I held my ground and collided but I avoided hitting the back of the dump truck which probably saved my Mother’s life.

  19. I have many encounters with my guardian angel I remember when I was only ten my guardian angel woke me up I heard Ann waken up the bed is on fire at that time I shared a room with my two sisters and one of my sister’s shared the same bed as me I woke her up and told her to get out the bed then I woke my other sister up who was in the bed across from mine and then I went and woke my mum and dad up by the time my dad came into then room the bed was in flames my dad put the mattress out the window it was an electric blanket that went on fire I have never had an electric blanket since we could all have died in that fire I thank my guardian angel every day for shouting my name or I wouldn’t have woken up namaste xxx

  20. I can feel my Guard Angel. I trust him. ☺

  21. Really connecting with my angels is a new thing for me. But I knew my guardian angel was with me at an accident I had in 2007. Driving on a mountain pass I encountered an upside down car and a semi on the right side of the interstate at the base of a wall of rock. I touched my brakes and immediately the car turned 90 degrees right, facing into people on the side of the road who had nowhere to go. I turned to the left and my car went out of control and flipped back end over front as I hit some small, low lying As it was starting to flip I realized my life might end. Seconds later on the ground I came to and all I could say was “I’m alive! I’m alive!”. The people I didn’t hit ran over and helped me get out of my car. I was very afraid the car would blow up and a few minutes later the other car did do just that. I really felt the angels were with me as I didn’t hurt anyone. Previously two weeks ago a woman had died in the exact same circumstances as she stood in the same place. I felt I had been saved since I immediately avoided the people by the side of the road. I didn’t think about it.Other than a serious bruise and a slight concussion I was fine. The insurance company was amazed. Thanks angels!

  22. Hello Sonia and our wonderful community,

    I love this lesson, when I did the exercice I had one clear cute gurgle in my tummy as if the energy was passing through.

    Happy Saint Valentine’s day to everyone 🙂

  23. Sonia, while listening to your inspirational video, I was thanking all of my angle and archangel to whom I prayed for, this is the first time truely felt a tug at my heart and I had this happy feeling. Thank you, I send much love………

  24. I saw purple and felt very peaceful in my heart felt the loving embrace of my angel a warm glow all around me was a beautiful experience thank you Sonia xxx

    1. Well haven’t seen or felt anything yet, however many times an unusual person has shown up to give me a message.
      Back in 2003 instead of being in a major accident by being broadsided and death and or critical injuries to my daughter & I, the little red rental car was suddenly off of 5 the Avenue in NYC, & at the curb of the side street.
      Not a person, car, or anything was near the car. Shaking, yet safe & alive

  25. I feel it on my right shoulder and neck. It is warm and light, and gives me tingles. Moments beforehand I felt my body relax. It was beautiful

  26. As I was closing my eyes and trying to feel my guardian angel, a picture came to mind of giant while wings enfolding me in a warm hug and I just felt such love, and tears started flowing. It was wonderful!

  27. One more thing.. I was receiving a crystal healing, and was told by the healing practitioner that I was surrounded by angels, many angels.

  28. About 7 years ago I was facilitating our work team meeting and the Director of the program was sitting to my right and my supervisor was directly across from me. I had been suffering from Hypersomnia and didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep and awoke with a snorted snore. That might not have awakened me fully, but I saw a very tall Angel smiling at me and I was able to continue the meeting without difficulty and I don’t think the Director had any idea that I had fallen asleep.

    Another time, I was driving home during a bad snowstorm after work in the dark on the expressway driving too fast and swerving from lane to lane because I had fallen asleep. All of a sudden I awoke to see a man standing beside his car far enough for me to slow to a near stop. There were no other cars around and just as suddenly, he and the car disappeared into thin air. I was awake and drove safely home.

    Many years ago I was driving out of state during a snow and ice storm and after having had only 45 min of sleep, started dozing and started to slide into the next lane. All of a sudden I felt the steering wheel grabbed forcefully from me and my car was driven back into the correct lane. I thought it was my mother at the time??

  29. I see purple and a beautiful sense of peace and my mind goes into another space. This has been happening for years and I have always known this was special and divine. now Sonia has confirmed for me that this is my guardian angel. Gives me chills. Love.

  30. I feel a sense of inner peace and certainty when i call upon my guardian angel throughout the day, but i don’t see feathers or anything like that. Mostly its just a quiet sense of a luminous presence that’s there watching over me, which i then can ask to extend to all beings needing protection…like wings encircling our precious earth with lovingkindness.

  31. hi, I want to share an Interesting story, the picture was taken and I didn’t notice anything, just a beautiful sunset, the next day I did this class about Angels , we had again a beautiful sunset and I took some more pictures and when I looked at the ones from the day before i saw the cloud in the middle looks like an Angel.
    I’m sorry I wanted to post the picture but doesn’t allow me to. I hope you can see it with this link

  32. SEEN LOADS of feathers all the WAY when ltting the dogs OUT after asking to send me signals WHEN around me. FELT excited !

  33. I have been seeing white feathers for over a month now. I have collected them and put them on my shrine. Yesterday when meditating I saw a blank face with long white hair. Thanks for mentioning the film Harvey, it’s one of my favourite films. I cried when Harvey left but then decided he would stay with him, pure joy.

  34. I can not check lesson 4 as completed. I have watched it many times and it won’t let me check it. Oh well…

    1. Send a message to support Raquel.

  35. I have been working with Angels every day since I learned about the 4 main archangels. My teacher had me researching them. My life has been 200% better ever since. I feel like a whole new person with them around me every day. They are so strong and instantly come to you whenever you thank them or ask them for something. I have been meditating with a chakra cleanse/empowerment, Reiki and the archangels every morning and night. They really do show themselves to you and guide you!!!

  36. I see feathers very often, every day and sometimes even many times in a day at different moment. Now I know it is my angel’s presence around me. Also, lately I see something like a shadow usually with the side of my right eye but when I turn around I don’t see anything. Sorry not very sure how to explain

  37. I woke up a week ago and sitting on my couch there is a big patio door right beside me. A butterfly was getting my attention flying around my door as if wanting to be invited in. I knew right away it was an angel bringing a message. My daughter father in laws body was preparing to leave this earth. I closed my eyes and saw many angels surrounding his bed above him, it was like his room was shining with a bright light. Later my daughter called to tell me her father in law was seeing angels. This past week on Saturday doctors told the children it’s hr for him and frankincense came to me, I wanted to tell someone to put frankincense on him so I asked his angels to put frankincense on him. I was asked to sit with my grandchildren while my daughter and her husband went to sit with him, when she came back she said oh mother we walked into her father in laws room and there was a smell of frankincense, only she smelled it. She looked for a diffuser , which there wasn’t one in the room. All I could say was that is awesome his angels and mine helped put the oil on him.

  38. I actually saw a small white feather on someone else yesterday, I felt such Joy and thanked them for the sign.

  39. I have been connected with my angels and guides for years. I sense them through feelings in my body with different angels guides touching different places… I notice repetitive numbers…. in the past weeks I have been releasing some old emotions and I had to say goodbye to my beloved 20 year old cat… since then I have been seeing clouds in the forms of angels (skies full) and inundated with rainbow sightings. There is always and associated feeling of joy and bathing in love.

  40. I have had many things show up like feathers white butterflies certain smells but mostly numbers, 1111 111 444 on a daily bases. Also pennies lots of pennies.

    1. This is amazing, I have read your post yesterday and I was happy that you share it. And today I found a dime on the floor. I am living in Switzerland, so I was very surprised to found an American coin. My energy shifted and I was really happy 🙂 Also here is a taxi with Phone Number 444 44 44 and another one 777 77 77 and I see them very often.

  41. I woke up this morning to a beautiful feather next to my outdoor meditation chair!!

  42. Oh my god, this morning I could not log into the program, so I just did the exercise from yesterday with the figure 8 instead. I had after that exercise a visit from my angel – she’s been here before but no so strong – I feel her vibration as being very light and an opening of the heart and then I see her in my inner eye – and she spoke to me very calm one word at a time which I wrote down – this is the first time I’ve gotten something so long from her. I then took a long nap on her suggestion and as I got up tried to enter the course again and it work – and you were talking about how to connect with your angel 🙂 <3

  43. I see lots of feathers!! But Im going to do this exercise as you said Sonia, you are a wonderful teacher!

  44. Wow loving this information having fun getting to know my guardian angel and the vibration

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