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12 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 5

  1. My seven year old granddaughter and I have a very strong connection. I think she is an old soul and that I have known her before. She is intuitive and old beyond her seven years.
    I purchased a new car in January. When the dealership called for me to come pick up my license plate, this is what I got. The salesperson handed it to me. It had a white paper over it. As I began peeling it off from left to right…..the three letters were my granddaughters initials. I stopped for a moment and told the attendant that if a zero comes up next, I’m going to freak out. Her birth month is 08. A zero appeared…the remaining three letters were 152 ….. not “8”, but added up to 8. My Angels or Guides or whomever orchestrated that must have had an awful lot of FUN.

  2. Hi there, because I think it is interesting, wanna share a strory with you..I was in Athens recently and As I was moving some boxes, I called a taxi to help me.. the taxi pulled over to the curve and in that time a motorbike wanted to pass through a small space, a Coffee delivery, if you know how the Greeks live and drive.. It is funny.. So I let the pure fella to pass by moving my parked bike in order to create the space for him.. And I pressed by mistake the horn of my bike as I was moving it.. The sound could wake up even the dead person.. I didn’t pay any attantion to it and loaded my stuff to the taxi.. When the taxi was ready to go, he mentioned that I forgot one of my boxes behind the glass door.. Amazing? Then I realized that why my horn went off.. To tell me about the forgotten box.. Omg.. I feel lucky that my guiding angels are so alive plus a taxi driver. . Ha ha ha.. And thay are all protecting me.. Thank you Sonia through the course I’m able to see it.. And feel it.. Amazing!

  3. Good lesson. I know and believe – have had enough experiences to know Sonya is right. I fight Procrastination and need to be more focused and practice what we are learning in a much more determined and organized manner. I also believe that is also what my guidance has been telling me for a while now.. Now I need to apply lessons and take some ACTION.

  4. I’m not sure why am still resisting all this and not believing . I will work on changing my attitude today and see what comes through!

  5. ‘How many sorrows do you try to hide…’was one message from well jnown song…☺

  6. Yesterday, scheduling a client for her next appointment on my phone calendar, the time 11:11 popped up out to me. I smiled knowing it was a clear wave from angels.
    This morning, after today’s lesson, I still was feeling yesterday’s lesson on meeting my master guide(s) was incomplete. It was even not smoothly clicking to the next lesson. The “next lesson” button wasn’t bringing me to today’s lesson. I had to log in again. That’s not happened before except perhaps in the beginning when I was still navigating the site.
    I found myself not wanting to repeat yesterday’s lesson and fought the “message” to do so by clicking the “complete” button while Sonia was talking about Jesus Christ as one of her master guides knowing him since she was a child. That sort of chimed like a bell in my brain as I simultaneously wanted to move forward with today’s lesson about to click the button. I too grew up in a catholic family/school/church with Jesus’ lessons. But I feel like I’ve never known Jesus. Like I have a huge block to him.
    So after today’s lesson and writing down my notes, I opened my angel card box to see if I could get a message about what’s off with me instead of turning on my timer to meditate like I have always done after listening to the mornings lesson.
    As I began to shuffle my cards, one was turned over which I thought was odd. I turned it over. It was the “meditation card”. I laughed and said “okay, I’ll meditate!”
    So I quieted my mind that is feeling off this morning and went back to basics. Infinity sign.
    After awhile, a chant came out of my voice box on an exhale. So I went with it on the next exhale, this time chanting Je-sus. The next exhale again Je-sus coming out deeper. Next one deeper still. It was not digested from my head. It was just whatever came out.
    Then I heard my dog stir. My timer chime (its bells 😊-very angelic sounding) went off. I opened my eyes and my dogs face was in my lap. I laughed with a knowing that my dog is very much a part of my spiritual journey and Jesus was somehow saying “I’m right here” in my digs face. 😊
    I know my mind wants to make it so complicated. It’s really so simple.
    The biblical passage about the children of God coming to him, and being like a child coming to God…that seems to be my way, my path. And it is supposed in a choir of angels dancing and singing and so happy with me, like I e reached a finish line or something—yes yes she’s got it!!!! Be like a child to hear us. You know. You remember. You heard us all the time when you were a child.

    Something else I’ve learned and curious if anyone else feels this sensation or something like it…my jaw gets a relaxed feeling. An openness. It’s like my bodies way of opening to spirit. And then I imagine my heart opening.
    When I was a child, I could breathe into my whole body and feel myself expand. It was fun to do. And one time I remember looking up at bare winter trees in a blue sky, feeling that expansion, feeling one with nature. That is the memory I’ve gone back to during some of my meditations as reassurance I’m on the right track.

    My very first meditation brought me back to that memory and I felt like dancing and singing. I had so much joy and energy before the sun even rose! It was a surprising feeling as I’ve always looked at meditating as something serious. And I was so far from serious! Yet I felt free. And right. This was MY way. MY truth. It has no words. Just pure joy. Love. Clarity. The way life is intended for all of us.

    I do understand life also has hardship and horror. But joy and love is our intended nature.

    It is no surprise yet still amazing to me that I am embarking on this course during Lent. I’ve been an ex-catholic for a good 30 years. I still feel I don’t know or understand Jesus as Gods son who had to die a horrific death on a cross for us. I’ve bwwn led to a church I love which seems crazy as I haven’t been to church in years nor wanted to attend. Lent is by far the hardest season for me as it is the core reason for my fleeing. It’s too horrible to me. I’ve never understood it. I left in my heart in 3rd grade when all I could see was my brother in the movie we were made to watch about the crucifixion. I’m still that 3rd grader in my relationship with Christ. Unexcepting of this story. I will not except it because I don’t ever want to be asked to give up my brother like that. I don’t want anyone to have to be asked. What kind of loving Father would ask that? I’ve never gotten an answer. I’ve nevef wanted to hear the answer.
    So today, I’m sensing that maybe I’m ready to hear the answer. It’s scary as hell, but I have the joy of my dogs face, the angels doing their happy dance, and this course losing my hand as I walk closer into this life long fear of God and his relationship with Christ-who is the spitting image of my brother.
    This probably should have gone in my journal but oh well!!!!! If you’ve come this far with me reading this, thank you🙏

    1. Katherine, thank you for sharing! What a journey, right?

  7. With respect to seeing license plates today as I was seeing a lot of repetitive numbers such as 111, 222, 444 twice, 555, 777, 999 as I was driving and thought wow they are really speaking to me today. I was thinking to myself how grateful and blessed I am. I then saw a license plate TYSPIRIT coming toward me and I said out loud Thank You Spirit hahaha!

  8. Getting ready to give a residential retreat next weekend – and suddenly my USB stick became corrupted and i could not retrieve my most recent updates (poetry and music in particular) that i wanted to use! I became so stressed that i lost contact with guidance and when one of my colleagues gave me a healing session yesterday, i realized how much silence and inner spaciousness i was needing to really hear the guidance again. And this morning, i received very clear guidance from each of the four main archangels…and wrote it all down. i am so grateful! also to Sonia for this course!

  9. Sacre bleu, no croissants?? Welcome to the gluten-free sisterhood. It isn’t too difficult to live by . . . unless you live in Paris. . .
    (my daughter Juliana moves to her favorite city, The City of Light, this summer! We both adore Paris!)

  10. I lost my 20 year old cat recently and during the transition and grief process a little white fluffy dog become the guardian of this time. I had hopped in my car after work and was sobbing and asked for help from my guides/angels and as I turned the corner there was an eccentric old man on a moped with an old milk crate on the back (very unusual for where I was)…. and inside the crate was this white fluffy dog. The number plate “ICU”. I immediately recognised it as a message that I was well supported and held. They can be so funny. This same dog was behind the counter when I went to the vet to book my cat in to be put down.

  11. I’ve been considering either going to get my masters in architecture or to start my own business.

    The last 3 movies I watched, the main characters were architects….

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