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6 thoughts on “Be Open To Guidance – Part 2

  1. I open my heart to bring the spirit and joy back.
    I am letting the my spirit and joy back into my life.

    Thank you Sonia!
    Thank you Universe!

  2. Thanks Sonia!

  3. I want guidance in relationships
    I want guidance in finances
    I want guidance re soul partner
    I want guidance in serving others
    Divine employment.
    I want guidance in writing poetry and prose


    This will arrive through feelings
    Being in the right place at right time
    I receive through inner knowing.

  4. You mention doing the meditations for each lesson but I don’t know where to find these? Are they guided meditations or are we just to meditate on the subject we are currently working on?
    Thank you.

    1. She is referring to the Attunememt to Creativity meditations in the Bonus section

  5. I live in a 5th wheel camper the only thing I could clean out was my shed. I have been stuck in the past and yesterday the boss called me and wants me to move to Tampa I said yes without thinking about it at all. Had second thoughts all afternoon. Then I decided it would be the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I need the universe to open the door for a place to live a pay raise !

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