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26 thoughts on “Gain the Support of Your Subconscious Mind – Part 2

  1. I know this works! I have test anxiety! 9 months prior to my big engineering exam I started saying over and over out loud “ I’m taking this exam in a calm and confident manner.” Day after day. The exam wasn’t exactly easy but I didn’t panic and passed it on the first try. And I think the mantra made studying for the test more constructive.

    1. thank you

  2. My business thrives and Im alive
    I attract money like it’s my best buddy
    Love surrounds me like a ship in the sea

  3. Oh yes this is wonderful advice! I have 2 mantras right now, so let’s see how I do 🙂

  4. My Spirit is letting me know she wants to help me get filled up. She’s also a bit rebellious and does not want me to confine her with a name, for now. But I feel her, I know her and I love her. These are the fun mantras she gave me:
    I meditate to levitate.

    I love to write and reach a new height.

    I sit and hear that Love is near.

    I laugh my way through each day.

    I am supported and never thwarted.

    1. These are awesome! I am totally borrowing!!! You are really good at this!

    2. thanks, I like that!

  5. “I am a pro -in motion(promotion) to help find E-motion and set people in Motion to feel better”

    I give “tips” on how to self heal and “tips” come back in shape of money.
    I teach to be well ,the more I reach the better I feel.

  6. Sonia this is so fun.
    I’m singing and dancing with my spirit Crystal about the my hearts desire.
    Thank you for this gift

  7. Money flows and there are no woes

    Love is alive and to live is to love.

    My heart is awoken and wonderfully open.

  8. My heart is awoken and wonderfully open!!

  9. Are there meditations for these lessons?

    1. “I am a pro -in motion(promotion) to help find E-motion and set Motion
      To move to health”
      I give “tips” on how to self heal and “tips” come back in shape of money.
      I teach to be well ,the more I reach the better I feel.

  10. where can i find the meditation that goes with this?

  11. Thank you Sonia -I love this -I already wrote them down -I will also record myself and listen to them in daily basis .I am not able to find the mediations that you mentioned .Can you please tell me where they are ? Thank you Mirela

  12. I liked this a lot. I am a writer and poet, and so, I like writing rhymes. Also, I love making song parodies, so this is a fun exercise. I do not know how to access the meditations, though. Please help.

  13. Thank you

  14. This part was so much fun! The statements were pouring out of me! My favourite was and you are allowed to laugh: ‘I am a Mick Jagger of spirituality, oh Yeah!’ haha. Love you xxxx

  15. This is a very good exercise makes you plan things and motivate you to do it.

  16. I have read books on such matters, and I never stuck with it or understood it. But it is all so much clearer now, thanks to Sonia. I now know HOW and WHAT to do!

  17. Just looking for the meditations that go with this 😀

  18. So here is mine:
    Meal Planning is fun
    because do it once and you’re done.
    They excitedly anticipate the feast you have created.
    The beauty lies in the uniqueness of each meal – never replicated.
    And on each success you build
    time-saving tricks, more time for a soul filled.

  19. Thank you Sonia. Can we do statement for our kids? . For example, I want my kids be happy. Or we are doing only statements for ourself? I mean, Can we create a statement for someone who needs help.?

  20. I am truly loving this!!
    I can’t see where to find the meditations though. I would really find them helpful, can you please let me know how to access them?

  21. I wrote a little song after watching this and now I can’t get it out of my head! lol

    “My man is charming, loving and sweet.
    He’s good to me. He’s all I need.
    My search is over. I found the one.
    I’m finally happy with someone.”

  22. I used to tell myself I wanted to become a successful designer with a specialty in color combining and then I opened a shop and had great success. What a joy to listen to your ideas in this video. Thank you… I already feel the fire being lit within me again!

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