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7 thoughts on “Surrender Control – Part 1

  1. I’ve downloaded attunement its 2 meditations, then I have encouraging audio,with steps 1-55 for ex 3 is tools you need, then I have sing your hearts desire which has genesis, action etc. are any of these the meditations I’m supposed to be doing?

    1. Having been though this course and all of the materials, I think Sonia is actually referencing the meditations for her Heart’s Desire book. I purchased it separately from Amazon. Here is a summary of the meditation included in her book for Principle 7:

      Set aside a few minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes, then pay attention to your breath. Imagine yourself becoming a tree, feeling the earth’s energy flowing up from your feet, through your body, and branching out from the top of your head into the universe. Feel supported by the universe, and relax deeply, letting go the effort you use to support yourself using your own will. Slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

  2. Big thanks.

  3. Trip to new movie theatre.
    Friends curry in London
    Play tennis in bubble.

    Thanks Sonia.

  4. Hi the video seems to be missing

  5. Love this. It was fantastic! Thank you! As I sometimes get overwhelmed by my own doingness and the sense of responsibility. Thank you Sonia x

  6. This video is not “surrender control” part 1. It is principle 2 part 2. Where is surrender control part 1?

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