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10 thoughts on “Attunement to Creating CD

  1. How lovely- saved it to phone homepage!!
    Can almost imagine it being recorded in some underground fantastic ‘dive bar’ in Chi town! Have always had good times in Chicago! Favourite US city hands down!

  2. just downloaded, good vibes!

  3. that was absolutely fantastic! Could really feel several shifts during the meditation. So much gratitude, thank you!

  4. I love th second meditation as well and would love to buy it. x

  5. I love the Joachim meditation. It does raise our vibration. It gets interrupted, however 2 or 3 times ad I need to return to where it stopped. Is it possible to by this meditation so I cna just upload it on my ipod? Thank you x

  6. Waouhhhh !!! It’s really powerful and magic…. and your voice, the guitar and the singer, it’s beautiful !

  7. Hello, Does it still work if I fall asleep during it? I seem to do that each time!

  8. Expansive and beautiful! 🙏

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It won’t work! I have tried it on several devises with no luck!

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