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11 thoughts on “Imagine Your Hearts Desire – Part 2

  1. Should have got her card- she can do a documentary on me ha ha ha!!
    Will look up her documentary on the poet!!

  2. So the girl to my right is a TV producer and she did a documentary called the detectives also one in a poet which is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I did the 100
    I wonders awesome- loads of positive energy flowing.
    A positive image on my phone works!!!!!!

  3. So funny I used to play ‘I wonder- the whole time as a kid’

    I wonder what that girl sitting to my rights story????

    I wonder what amazing things are going to happen today??

    Ok will write 100 things ‘I wonder’….awesome!!!!!!!!
    Will put it in my file!!!

    Play List…………..
    1. Frank Sinatra- My Way
    2.Queen- We are the champions
    3.My Sweet Lord- George Harrison
    4.The Midnight- Bend and Break
    5.Trevor Something- Summer Love
    6.Wolfpack- Summer
    7.Endless Summer- The Midnight
    8.Don Henley- Boys of Summer
    9.ABC- Look of Love
    10.The Midnight- Comeback kid…..

  4. Hi Sonia, I have a question for you. All that wondering… should it be about our desire/dream? Or should it be about anything at all? Also, should it be wondering about the future – like I wonder what colour his eyes will be? Or should it just be wondering about current things that we know of? Thanks!

    1. It can be about anything you want. It’s what ever you’re wondering.

  5. I cannot find the meditation either. Could you guide me?

    1. Hello Sonia,
      You can find the meditation on the Bonus part at the end of your courses. Attunement to creating are the meditations.

  6. I used to wonder a lot and imagining myself living in Stavanger, Norway. Then I stopped! Ten years later I was deployed from Angola – my home country – to Stavanger for 12 months. That was when I discovered that dreams do come true. I just didn’t know there is a process that can be followed. Thanks for remind me of the power of imagination

  7. Thank you

  8. It took me over a week to come up with 100 “I Wonders” but I did it. I noticed that I am not inclined to wonder about the natural world. It just is the amazing miracle that it is. Most of my “I Wonders” were about other people. One of them even said, “I wonder how Sonia is doing in Paris!”
    This module also inspired me to make time to read fiction to engage my imagination just as the author did to write their book.

  9. I can’t wait to wonder. My Inner Child is in love with this chapter of wonderment x

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