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21 thoughts on “It Begins With Focus – Part 1

  1. The intro and first lesson mad me realize that I’ve never created an action plan for any of my current desires. My earlier successes had very straight forward and sequential steps. Since completing my degrees, credentials and purchasing my homes (all specific outlines set forth by others), I’ve not stopped to plan anything. I have thus ended up with numerous scattered attempts at achieving what I desire. I can already see the possibilities of completing my current Heart’s Desires… 2 or 3 at a time w/action plans. I’m excited.!!! I had no idea that “Creating Your Heart’s Desire” would assist me in organizing my world. I am ECSTATIC to begin with an ACTION plan.

  2. This lesson was very helpful. I moved to NC from Buffalo after 31 years of academia to start a business. I have been overwhelmed and procrastinating for several months. Breaking this down into pieces has helped so much. Thank you!

  3. Sonia🙏🏽♥️ Thank you for proving this course🙌🏽 I am looking forward to learning with each module. I am looking forward to completing and understanding each module. I purchased this course a while ago and stopped at the end of the first module ; I did this many times. I listened to all of module one ; probably 6 or 8 times maybe even more!! (It begins with Focus):
    Today I Intuitively received an important answer and I have not even started homework yet , but I’m about too!!😃
    What I learnt is that yes I’m great at manifesting lots of Amazing things and people in my life, I’m very grateful and very appreciative too. However i’m not focusing on my hearts desire . I fell a few weeks ago and I have not felt well enough since : I fell because I was not focusing on my hearts desire. I was focusing on other people’s hearts desire, running on their time frame ; making sure I completed tasks for others, before attending to my needs. This meant I had little or no time left to focus on me and that’s why I fell .
    Sonia I am now ready to focus🙏🏽♥️ Today I am in Singapore; holidaying and made this course one of my priorities 💓thanks again🌟Sonia I was in Paris two years ago and I so wanted to meet you xo 💐

  4. Thank you Sonia for shearing.
    I am good at focusing, the first exercise helped me realized that I am good at manifesting too. The issue right now is that I don’t enjoy what I have or do. I don’t appreciate the moments, i am constantly thinking on what is next.

    The question is: Can i use these tools on non-tangible things? I want to be able to appreciate and enjoy!

    1. I believe that I am to send a reply to the first lesson? Right?
      I have thought about discovering my life’s passion for some time. I have worked through my family and my husband’s alcohol issues the best I can. I go to Al-anon and love it very much. My husband is now in AA, but things are still not easy.
      I am an artist, retired teacher and have had a deep relationship with my own spirituality. Through many changes in my past, I am wanting to develop my spirituality, along with my art more and more. I want to be clear about it all and have my life a reflection of these goals, as a healer, an intuitive and artist. I want to have a more deep, clear, positive visionary, intuitive and an inspired self supporting life.

  5. figuring things out!

  6. Focus is my number one problem. I am constantly torn between two very different Jessica’s although their futures are similar…. and since I have tried one path, maybe I should give the other one a try and see what it is like!

  7. These things are all I think about and yet nothing … money raining down on me .. rolling in money.. for over 3 years .. lots of feeling in it ..
    Clients so happy to find and have me and me them 🤗 … yet after 25 years … barely keeping my head above water .. when I work for someone I help their biz soar as I’m great at what i do ..
    friends all dead through my life … as I get older not so easy to make friends and I like being home now and with me 🤗
    Plus it all winds back to “money “ so I can go and do things 🤔

  8. I am so excited with this first lesson While listen to you I started to visualize my hearts desires, and I have my heart pulling and racing. It’s amazing. I know I took the right decision taking this course with you Sonia. Thank you!!!

  9. Thank you so much Sonia!

  10. I love this! My schedule is a bit funky, but I am taking it seriously and will be doing the work starting today! I have a question. Do we watch the videos and then do the guide, or is it a companionship that we do at the same time?

  11. Thank you! This is going to be a most helpful course to me as I feel I am in a transitional phase of my life. There are so many things that sound interesting and fun to me, so I need help narrowing down what is truly my heart’s desire. I agree that fiery focus is the first key, as that was the case for me in the past. So now I want to regain that level of focus and the writing exercise and workbook will help me figure that out.

  12. Hi SoniaI am starting this late after purchasing before Christmas.
    I wanted the time to be right for me this year so here I am.
    The assignments so far have given me a lot to think about, to get clear. I am not sure where i am at with quite a few things in my life. Not putting pressure on myself but hoping to pace it and come out the other end after each session.
    Thank You

  13. Thank you Sonia. It was very helpful for me to find what is more important for me right now.

  14. I love listening to you Sonia! Love the update on the course, thank you from my heart

  15. Thank you Sonia!!! You have an enthusiasm that is contagious!! I’m very excited!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!!! I love your work!!!!! Yay!!!!! Lots of Love, Lolly

  16. Hi Sonia. Thank you. Just hearing this part a few helped me so much. I just moved to a new apartment where I wanted to but at first thought I couldn’t find anything affordable to me. I wrote down what what I needed, focused on that and just when I started to look elsewhere and let it go I found where my new studio apartment. Its perfect for me for now for what I needed.
    thank you Sonia,

  17. Exactly what I need right now!! Thank you! I read the book and did a class in 1995 but the work is so powerful it found me again!

  18. Thank you, Sonia!!!

  19. Sonia! so happy to see that you’ve updated this course!

  20. Thank you! This course is helping me regain what I’ve lost sight of in the past decade.

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