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5 thoughts on “Surrender Control – Part 2

  1. This was a fun and tricky one. Definitely took my time with this one!

  2. Looking forward to creating my box. I think I would prefer to draw pictures of my desires rather than finding pictures from other sources. What do the rest of you think?

  3. Is there any guidance about what to do with last year’s box or other past boxes once you’ve opened them and moved on to create the next box? Or do you keep re-using and layering? It seems to feel better to start fresh, but I’m not sure what to do with the old alchemy box…guidance from Sonia would be most welcome. ❤️

  4. Created my box with my mix playing and while I was holding my rolled up heart’s desires (placing in box and stating that I surrender control of the outcome trusting that only that which is my highest good will come to me) the song Brighter than the Sun came on … “Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart, It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun, Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky, Shining how we want, brighter than the sun”. Made me think it was a message from my higher power saying…. this is how it starts! 🙂

  5. did it. Lots of fun. Thank you. I also dance to my tunes when I look at it xxx

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