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22 thoughts on “Imagine Your Hearts Desire – Part 1

  1. If anyone else wants to connect on your heart’s desire, email me at Wishing you all the best. Paz

  2. Morning everyone, looking for a support buddy if anyone is up for it.
    3 hears desires – creating wonderful works of art so i can have my very own art exhibition
    – a bank account that always has a HUGE credit
    – a new and unique home with art studio and library/ office / pool
    Just putting it out there xxx

    1. Hi there,
      I am in a big transition, but I would like to be a support buddy for you. My dreams are similar. They involve art, creativity, health and financial abundance. šŸ™‚

    2. HI Nicole – Great ! here’s my email so please feel free to get in touch and I’m together we can make it a wonderful positive, supportive experience. Look forward to ‘meeting’ you and your guides lol Love LAxx

  3. How amazing what a synchronicity! Sitting in a cafe place and Sonia starts talking about Imagination!!
    Then John Lennon starts playing imagine!! Perfect timing…..
    You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one… lovely!!

    1. wow love it xxx

  4. This is awesome!!

  5. My guides have helped me become that weird writer healer poet person I had always wanted to be!!!!!

  6. In my first hearts desire my eyes are alive and bright I am excited and happy!! My beard is fully trimmed and I am vibing high with full energy having just helped my morning client before I get stuck in preparing for the speech!! I feel some nerves about being in the spotlight but that is ok I know it will go well.
    My girlfriend/wife is preparing a vegetarian roast and I am practicing my speech in front of friends….. I have made my move before I am ready!!! All is falling into place beautifully- the vegetarian roast smells fantastic and my eyes are sparkling brightly it is so great to be alive… woooooohooooooo

  7. My email

    If anyone wants to share with some believing eyes…

  8. Ha ha ha yes thank God for Sonia!!!!
    Better than Einstein !!!

    I love dream time!! This program is so amazing!!!!


    My home is built into the hillside supernatural and super natural…
    I have lots of friends all around…
    I smell the aga and cooked vegetarian roast….

    I am sharing my message of love and divinity with more people and preparing for a large speaking event which I know is going to go really well whilst my wife watches on!!!

  9. Iā€™m loving this!. Would anyone like to be a Hearts Desires buddy?

    1. Sure my email is

  10. Thank you Sonia, your so easy to listen and relate to.

  11. Thank you

  12. Love it but I am still waiting for meditations that were a part of this particular special? Thank you šŸ™‚ xxx

  13. I am seeking a heart’s desire buddy, is there any one I can connect with?

    1. Hi Tess,
      I am happy to be your hearts desire buddy.

      My email is

      Angela šŸ™‚

  14. Enjoying this so much!
    Thank you!

  15. Thank you Sonia. This whole process so far has been so helpful and eye opening in recognizing so much.
    I look forward to being a more conscious deliberate and focused creator.

  16. I am so excited to do this xxx

  17. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank Heaven for Miracles!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for Sonia!!!!!!!!!

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