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4 thoughts on “Claim Your Dream – Part 1

  1. Thank you Sonia xxx

  2. Bonjour Sonia! I have to tell you that to me this is a powerful lesson. I believe that you should put it in between the first lessons. I say this because here you work the heart, the soul and the mind and that is very powerful when you want to achieve your heart’s desire. My weakness has being and still is, to coordinate my mind with my will power to move towards achieving what I want to do, from smalls things to big ones. Words are powerful to hear and are the only ones that can quiet your monkey 🐒 mainly because in our heads we are just listening to somebody else’s opinionating opinions that make ours to shut up. I can say that mental health experts many time have created this false statement that to talk to yourself is “crazy”, but is not. However, you must learn to properly talk to yourself saying he right words. To fight with your monkey mind, like the book says, is a wast of energy but one must learn how to stop feeding thoughts that are stopping you to reach your goals. It’s not easy but it can be learn. 🌻 Namaste 🙏🏻

  3. Thank you Sonia! Your course is changing my life since the day I started it

  4. Lovely and reassuring!!!

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