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41 thoughts on “It Begins With Focus – Part 2

  1. My spirit’s name is Glow πŸ™‚ feels good connecting with her <3

  2. thank you all for sharing your names. I feel so inspired because the names of your true spirits invoke their essences in my heart too. I had a couple names in mind but went with the words I heard which happen to sum up my feelings when I was very young; Joyful Knowing Trust. It’s longer than I was hoping for but it’s right. Perhaps someday I can come up with a cool name to express those three names. maybe Lilly….. but for now the words

  3. At first I heard “Enlightened Being” and then switched to “Enlightened One”. I had lots of fears. Whew

  4. My name is Radiant Knowing

  5. Thank you

  6. Beautiful what my spirit said. have to talk to it a lot more. Lots of clarity there!

  7. THANK YOU SONIA …. MY SPIRIT IS CALLED FANCY DREAM ! Ξ™ hope it listens to me …..:)

  8. I named my spirit, Dear One… came to me instantly.

  9. Thank you Sonia, my spirit guide is Lady Gwendolyn. Sweet Lady Gwendolyn. The garbage looks familiar (always the same, I am chucking). Thanks for the course.

  10. MY Spirit name came very fast – “SugarBear”! I love it.
    Too, I could see where I get confused about my heart’s desire, and really defining it was very helpful for me. I could answer to what my fear is.
    I am grateful for this teaching. Thank you!

  11. Thank you Sonia! My spirit’s name is Belle. I am looking forward to this journey into new dimensions.

  12. This was excellent…
    Shining Light…

    The second hearts desire- following emptying the garbage….
    Was different to the first!!
    So β€˜Writing an Amazing Book’
    That’s what came up!!
    Thanks very much!!

  13. Higher Self.


  15. Well, I got Rainbow Butterfly. LOL. But my first part of focus and my 2nd part of focus do match so I guess I am starting to get somewhere so that’s a plus!

  16. Mine is KIA – Know It All lol

  17. I need time to think about my name and to do the exercises.I am sure that I ll need to β€œdeclutter β€œ!!!!!

    1. how are you coming along?

  18. My Spirit name is Blue. I emptied my garbage with my voice on my phone via a loop. So I guess you could call me a recycler! I never get tired of hearing myself speak. I wonder what’s coming next?

  19. Hello Sonia, Thank you for the methods. My spirit name came as ‘Authentic Counselor’. I’m still working on what I’m afraid of.
    Is it possible to change the spirit name with time the way we can get a nickname?
    Your response will be very appreciated.
    Thanks in advance. Nicole

    1. Finally, my spirit Name is ‘Sweety Authentic’.

  20. This is so working! After three days I got it! My mind was full of ideas for the world wide bestseller! And I’m just a little woman from little country called Finland.
    My spirit name is Holy Spirit πŸ˜€

  21. My spirit name is Celtic Ria. As I was doing the exercise, I wrote down my fears and countered them immediately with the truth is what I’d really love…so in that way, it immediately dispelled what the fear was and gave me a sense of joy in the possibilities of negating the fears. Thank you. Great exercise.

  22. My spirit name is “Raio de Luz”. I was surprised with one of my hearts desire that came up from this exercise – and the truth is…
    Thank you!

  23. Thank you Sonia for the fun. More x

  24. My name came up as Bunny! πŸ™‚ Emptying the garbage is wonderful.
    It puts everything in perspective.
    Thank you

  25. Hi Sonia,
    My spirit name is Butterfly. The exercise on your video with ‘The truth is what I’d really love to…’ was very powerful. It just came to me. I also had a long list of fears but the funny thing is that as I was saying them out loud, I also wrote them down in my journal and as I did this, they slowly dissipated. Very powerful!
    Thank you!

  26. My spirit guide is named Starlight and I honor and salute my work with Sonia. We started working together decades ago in her apartment in Chicago as I started my spiritual journey.

  27. Wow! Did I empty some garbage. Right back to past life/lives. And my what Id really like surprised me so much. A lot less about achieving and more about being able to relax and stop striving.
    Thank you so much Sonia xx

  28. Love you πŸ™‚

    1. Are you doing this right now Gabriella? Would you like to connect? Mary x

  29. that first exercise comparing the manifest with the unmanifest against the three tools was very illuminating. No wonder I’ve been spinning my wheels! What a great way to start! Looking forward to the journey. Love Sonia.
    Blessings to all.

    1. I must have missed that part of the manifest unmanifest exercise. Where is that exercise please? If anyone can direct me I would appreciate it. I don’t see it. Thanks. Rebecca/Venus Lighthouse

  30. My spirit name is Sparkle. Emptying the garbage really spoke to me.

    1. hi Pam, How are you doing? my name is Nooshin. I have signed up for the creating your heart’s desire course. I feel a little alone doing it by myself.. Would you like to connect and talk about the course?

      my email is :

      I love sparkle πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Sonia,
    I named my spirit HORIZON <3… because it is open,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and i loovvee openess,,,

  32. What a wonderful idea. I named my spirit Star Dust.

  33. Sonia …
    I LOVE these videos. I LOVE you. I Love this course. I named my spirit starbrightangela ! Happy! Love Angela x

  34. thank you Sonia. I’ve named my spirit Morning star.

  35. Sonia has such a way of simplifying what seems complicated. Thank you!

  36. I really connect with Sonia! I am glad I’m finally “working” the course and not simply listening to the videos.

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