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10 thoughts on “Choose to Support Your Dream With Love – Part 1

  1. Or is it turquoise:)

  2. Thanks so much for this.
    I love the way my phone digits glow green with your teachings.

    1. I am choosing to go for a run/play tennis each day. This will help with Hearts Desire 1 and 3.
    Soul partner and relationships.

    2. I commit to- 3 pages of writing and or at least 1 poem a day!!

    Am resetting the timer-on my phone.
    Thanks Sonia! Great stuff!!

  3. I as well can’t find the meditations, which is very frustrating. Can anyone help?

    1. I think they are in the bonus section at the beginning of the course ~

  4. I have found with other dreams I have manifested, that the result is not instantaneous, but it DOES manifest eventually. I have faith now based on this, that staying in happy expectation is key and to TRUST it’s happening in the right time and trusting and appreciating WHAT IS in the moment. Sometimes there are aspects we cannot know nor see that does not allow the exact desire to come in the time you are anticipating, even if you’ve done all the excavating work that you are able. THis course is wonderful. I think it takes studying these principles over and over again that allows more access to the magic.

  5. Thank you, Sonia. It works awesome for me.

  6. HI Sonia, Thank you and I agree. I am very committed and self-disciplined and understand that we need to take the responsibility. But here is my frustration: The reason why i took this course ( and I love it) is because I have tried everything within my power to succeed in my Heart’s Desire but I am still not where I want to be. So, in my case, it is not because I did not take actions or did not follow through but rather that I am still not where I want to be. I did manifest some parts of the desire but still stuck at a job and deal with the the lack of incongruity between the way I earn a living and what makes my soul sing. I still do what makes my soul sing but only part -time as I have not manage to earn a living by doing by what I love. So the frustration is that I did take actions, I am committed and little has changed. Had I known ‘How’ I would not be taking the course. If anything, I took this course because I did everything within my power already. Yet I experience incongruence between how I earn a living and what I can offer. So I am not sure what new ‘actions I could do since I feel I exhausted my capacity here?

    1. I’ve been manifesting one goal for 10 years and it’s in good progress but still not where I wish it to be. Time though. I hope in 20 years it will be further along. How long time frame have you put on achievement and is it possible to outsource in some way or change perspective to bring in other related possibilities. Good luck in attaining your goals x

  7. Please give me access to the Bonus part as it does not show up anywhere on my page. Thank you, Joanna

    1. Look at the Menu for the course and you’ll see the additional videos she’s referring to at the end.

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