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10 thoughts on “Stay True To Your Dream – Part 2

  1. WOW, wat een prachtige cursus! De cursus heeft een ‘diepe inhoud’, een innerlijke kracht. Ik ben zeker door deze cursus gegroeid als mens, mijn geest is wakker geworden! Ik was vergeten hoe leuk ik muziek en dansen vind, dankzij deze cursus geniet ik weer van. De playlist is magisch, doet echt wonderen! De cursus veranderd je manier van zijn, je wordt een ander mens. Je gaat meer genieten van alles, en de rest komt van zelf. Ik vertrouw de Universum en weet dat de mooiste nog moet komen, het is onderweg. Door open te zijn kan je je zegeningen zien, horen, voelen en weet met zekerheid dat het beste nog moet komen.
    Bedankt voor de mooie meditaties.
    Sonia, super super bedankt! Je bent fantastisch!

  2. I have attended the hearts desires/trust your guides weekend several years back in Chicago – amazing.
    Now I have recently purchased the hearts desires online course….
    feeling back in the groove after a difficult decade of losing me… losing my standards and my self worth, I have created a self help massage technique program for those who are in careers or volunteer positions to use safe, supportive touch as part of their services. I have a massage therapy license, but find it somewhat ignorant to need a license to offer compassionate moments to those who need their hearts and spirits calmed by a neutral party. Nonetheless, I obtained my license and now have a DVD program for caring hearts to purchase in an effort to enhance their services.
    I know my course is easy, yet valid and I ‘desire’ to have as many people know about it, use it and serve others through it….
    I’ve gotten this far through the hearts desires program and continue to have ah-ha moments every day….
    Gratitude, service and letting our spirits lead the way is truly the key. Giving happiness and support is a pay it forward momentum. We can all be a Blessing to one another…!!!
    I am now serving people through my program and in turn, they get to be amazing people who serve others in the world around them!
    Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Thank you Sonia! I finally get it! Ilove how you have put this all together in a make sense sequence.
    Hugs, Marti

  4. Thank you Sonia, the course is brilliant. One unexpected outcome of the course for me is a renewed love affair with music. Playing, dancing, singing, listening, sharing. What a joy this is. I feel like a child again, in love.

  5. Well, I had a big lesson on trust this week and then I log on here and rewatch the last video bc I forgot to complete it and it’s all about trust… so I am trying to TRUST big right now. 🙂

  6. Loved this and am excited to see how things play out for me! Will definitely be revisiting these videos for what’s next! 🙂

  7. Sonia, what a magnificent course! It has been so helpful and inspiring. I could watch each part over and over again. Thank you!!!! ❤️🌹

  8. Thank you Sonia! You’re a blessing to the world!

  9. Thank you, Sonia. This was incredible and I have enjoyed it immensely. I am also making some changes already :). When I can, I will also have a private session with you. Much love, Joanna x

  10. Thank You Miss Sonia! You really made sence out of principles that I have learned over the years, but no one evre took the time to put them in a sequence that caused me to see the whole picture. Thank you for the step by step processesand for your kind loving delivery. I appreciate all of your help very much. Now time to go back to the beginning and work it!…Lol 🙂

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