Part 1 Guides – How Do Guidance Already Touch Your Life? Part I

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5 thoughts on “Part 1 Guides – How Do Guidance Already Touch Your Life? Part I

  1. The most dramatic memory I have of Guidance touching my life is having a thought to lock the kitchen door one night on my way out, a door I never locked because that door led to the laundry room/sunroom, which door I did usually lock. That night somebody broke a window to get into the laundry room, but they weren’t able to access the rest of the house because the kitchen door was locked and all the other windows had bars on them.

    Other times, I felt guided (drawn) to befriend someone who ended up playing a key role in my life, or I felt drawn to take a course. How the latter guidance will pan out is still unfolding.

  2. This is the training I was searching for. Just did not understand I was being guided here

  3. This lesson has resonated with me. Over the last few years due to various circumstances I have been lost on my spiritual path. A series of synchronicities has led me to this course. I had forgotten that my spiritual relationships take just as much effort as my earthly relationships. πŸ™πŸ»

  4. DearSonia this is so fun I’d love to savor savor savor! Wondering if possible to access download audio.? When traveling unable to β€œwork” the videos
    Love always Lee

    1. That’s a great idea! πŸ™‚

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