Part 2 Section 5 – Who You Are

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What Is True For Now? What’s The Next Step? 

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3 thoughts on “Part 2 Section 5 – Who You Are

  1. I take too much of my time as a caregiver even to my detriment

  2. I am Avery good scientist
    My word is my bond
    I won’t exaggerate

  3. 1. I have little tolerance for lazy people who won’t work
    2. I lose my patience and am a total bitch when people are not helping when it’s their job and I’m responsible for completion
    3. I have great fear over being “found Out” over something I did wrong or neglected to do at all.
    4. I’m lousy at being “wrong”.
    5. If I’m pushed to far, I blow up then shut up and retreat. Then sometimes come back with a vengeance.

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