Part 1 Section 2 – Describe Your Spirit

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14 thoughts on “Part 1 Section 2 – Describe Your Spirit

  1. My spirit has faith is happy and full of heartfelt feelings. My spirit loves the outdoors. And all that nature has to offer. And is so grateful for everything. ❤

  2. mirthful and giddy

  3. Loves adventure and new experiences, loves sharing and teaching, Loves Loves Loves being silly, Loves creating thru flow. 🙂

  4. My authentic self would be described as a St. Bernard puppy. Happy, goofy, a little uncoordinated and clumsy, friendly, always wanting to explore and be inquisitive, cuddly. Being outside is wonderful. And beautiful vistas brings tears to my eyes. I’m so happy right now I could soar. I’m grateful. More of this and surprise me!

  5. As I thought to describe my spirit and went into the place of connection, I remembered the years spent watching my son as a 2-4 year old, exploring his world FULLY through all senses and totally unaware of anything outside of that moment/experience. My Spirit is just like that. Inquisitive, excited for each new moment as it unfolds, fully present in the experience, whether it be “work” or play. My essence delights in “working”, as the joy of doing something while fully present is completely fulfilling. Being outdoors and with plants and animals is heaven and where “I am”.

  6. My spirit – joyful, loving, loyal

  7. Innocent, joyful, light, warm, no judgments, connection with dance and music. Singing and movement. Curious and in tune with the natural world.

  8. Music joy blue wild moonchild healer

  9. open hearted, joy,confident being fully present calm i feel like being at the right place , let go surrender ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Hi Lee’s Spirit you are “a flibbideeetibit, a willow whisp, a clown your Spirit is joy, color, flavor, fun, adventure, movement, cuddles, water, joy of action, joy in action, primordial, environment clean, curiosity, music

  11. Describe my spirit: Enjoy just “being” vs. doing, mischievious/fiesty sense of humor, honest, mostly introverted, giving. Love rock music (especially Mark Slaughter), NDE books, fascinated with psychics & their gifts. Love family friends, swimming, being in or near the water, love comedy, laughing and cutting up. I’m a kind person. Love animals. I’ve been trying to consiously connect with my spirit guides for several years. I want to connect with them and be able to hear them so bad!

  12. So I had a strange experience a few weeks ago. Had to get up at 3 am for work. There was a red fox 0utside. not normal. I live in Salt Lake City.. My first instinct was to protect my kitty. Got her inside. He had no fear. Looked back at me as he stroled away. Talk about symbols. But have no idea how to interprete them. Any insite?

    1. Animal Totem?

    2. For sure animal Totem.

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