Part 2 Section 2 – Dance

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Think of someone who frustrates you. Talk about why and how it feels.

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4 thoughts on “Part 2 Section 2 – Dance

  1. My kid brother is my person that does not get me. He has to be the center of everyone’s universe. No one else counts except as a means to slam them so he feels superior

  2. frustrated by someone you vampirise me , wanted my help , phone everyday to talk aout her problem, when i try to help her she said yes , but don t listen and then never talk to me as i tell my truth , i m fed up with her blablabla

  3. Why do I frustrate myself? By disconnecting, disowning, disappointing – no more “Dissing” Love!

  4. I frustrate myself! I’m so plugged into this introspective, introverted, “Unclear perspectives” LOG IN MY EYE! That I disconnect myself from myself and I am thrilled to be connecting to myself in new ways in this new moon under clear skies of joy.

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