Part 1 Section 2 – Where Is Your Spirit Now?

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6 thoughts on “Part 1 Section 2 – Where Is Your Spirit Now?

  1. My spirit is lonely but still thriving doing what I need to do. Loving everything and everyone. That I know cares for me. And that I love dearly. My home is empty for the first time In my life. only I am here. My spirit is happy but not as happy as I would love to be. I am going to try much harder now to speak with my spirit guide with intention and truth for what my spirit would like to tell me.

  2. I’m reminded of a curious incident with a spider that happened almost a decade ago. I was sure it was a message but I don’t think I figured it out. Now, I’m remembering the spider had no web. I wonder if it meant I needed to create a new home base for myself. The web is the spider’s home and means of survival. Seeing the web-like mandalas behind Sonia as she speaks makes me think I’m on the right track. I’m working towards a goal at the moment. I’m not quite sure where it will take me, but I have a good feeling about the direction I’m heading in.
    I would say my current struggles are maintaining a consistent practice. I think this course will help with that!

  3. Less than 1 hr before watching this video a snake was right in front of me and I stood and watched as it looked at me and slithered away. 2 days ago I came across a dead owl on my path. I have been confused to what the message was (because it was dead) and then hearing Sonia relay her experience with the rattlesnake and the owl I tuned in again to my message (talk about synchronicity!). I am needing help with becoming super clear on guidance and yet it was and is always there. And I need to relax and trust. The old part of me is dying and transforming. I am in the exact right place and am so grateful that spirit lead me here. Thank you.

  4. My spirit is emerging. I struggle with trying to be all things to all people and making everything ok for everyone else. I am at a point where I am trying to bring myself to the fore. My ‘habit’ is to put everyone else first and to be accommodating. I have taken tentative steps saying ‘No’ and this is my work in progress, learning to say no to others and yes to myself. I am learning to recognise that what I think is being helpful is actually disempowering others as I am not allowing them to take responsibility for themselves. To recognise, acknowledge and action my own needs is quite new, this course being a step towards it!

  5. my lack of confidence , i know that my guide are around me , but sometimes i just can’t do anything , like i put obstacles in front of me , lazy not really sure, more or less afraid to be really myself

  6. The hubris piece really hit home-I felt that, deeply. I would say I’d like guidance in confidence. The kind that comes from inside in humble gentle nature and to set clear boundaries without shunning Another struggle is staying the course , I’d like help creating my own celebration sign posts that are also useful to refer to. I feel happy writing this. I don’t wish to be so in sorrow and remorse or regret. I’d prefer to be true to myself all the time and kind when I make a mess and have to begin again. I t is fun to learn in community and be surprised by how tender loving care can be full of wonder

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