Part 1 Section 2 – What Guidance Has Come To You So Far?

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13 thoughts on “Part 1 Section 2 – What Guidance Has Come To You So Far?

  1. So many things. First my son passed away in a car accident. Before it happened I started seeing through my third eye. Things like all kinds of animals then old day people dressed very nice. Some things were scary so I would open my eyes for it to go away. I asked my daughter why I see things like that. She told me what it was. Then after a while I new the police were going to come to the door one night. To tell me and my husband. I didn’t want to believe it. I thought I never saw a picture of that just new it. So a few weeks later they came. And the devine let me know. I didn’t share that information only to my sister. But never believed it would come true. I met my spirit guide in my third eye. And named him Joe and my Guardian angel named her Rachel. Those pictures stopped in one place and in colour and that didn’t happen very often. I new there names right away. And who they were. I did a couple of Sonia’s angel courses after that. And they were amazing. She is so wonderful. And such a great teacher. I am so thankful for her teachings. I found 4 leaf clovers all the time and five leaf clovers and feathers in odd places I made a picture display of all my clovers behind the glass. I love it. Sonia has the ability to bring magic to our world’s in way of spirit. Thank you Sonia❤

  2. I’ve had a lot of guidance that I’m grateful for. However, there are many times that I thought I was following guidance and things didn’t quite pan out so well (ie, wasted money, wasted time, nothing of consequence) and that has made me a little confused about when to interpret something as guidance and when to ignore it. But I’m going to write down examples of when guidance was helpful and maybe I’ll see a pattern.

  3. Ok, so the deer is Loving Kindness, Gentleness and unconditional love. Approaching difficult situations from this perspective. WOW, both were spot on.
    I now see this guidance that I thought was just a special experience. Both animals appeared twice.

  4. Wow, I have long had the thought that I would know that I am evolving spiritually when I wild animals and birds allow me to come near to them. No longer fleeing out of fear. I just realized that this is beginning to happen. A young deer has been showing up on my property, near my home and then a Robin has been in the same place twice and stared at me withing 10 feet. I looked up the symbolism of a Robin and it is spot on in all aspects of my current pattern/need for spiritual growth. A challenging road map of sorts.
    I will look up the deer next. Another stretch, I’m sure.

  5. I see that I have been given guidance for years for the same relationship question. Keeps coming back in different and stronger messages. Finally opening this course today after much procrastination is exactly a major gift from my guides. Thank you so much Sonia ! This means so much to me.

  6. This is my spirit : healer / wounded healer , teacher , true voice
    this is my block : boundaries & asserting myself in personal relationships
    where has guidance already come : gut feelings

  7. Notice awareness what is me “struggle?” What is my Soul longing to know from my spirit, the consciousness?

  8. “No bypass. Essential to guidance, am I listening from my Highest Frequency?” Wow that’s got to be accepting heart rules! Thanks, Sonia

  9. trough the web, mails come in my maibox, birds, animals, signs in the universe, in the sky never feel alone

  10. I learned I am never forlorn- to

  11. There is a balm, a silent comfort when I’m stiller, listening, animals, insects, birds and birdsong. Music, a smile, the stewardess asking everyone to look at me I’m so happy, spirit is everywhere in everything. What I notice is I dhave ont feel t wait long enough when I’ve received a visit and don’t, or won’t, assimilate

  12. Now, several hours later, I’ve experienced much “Seperation” what would it take for me to truly , verily, see and hear mys of as Spirit. What’s happening. “It’s time for me to releas the relationship of the past and come into the now. What would it take?

  13. My family – I feel happier and safer around them- Blocks to watching these videos- gone it’s easy now
    I’m not expecting to see anything I’m willing to feel. I wonder about my physical reactions to food- I wonder what that is telling me? I’m not staring into other people so much hoping to see a soul, I’m playing with myself and much much kinder. Hmmm maturity I’m learning to love you

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