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15 thoughts on “Part 1 Guides – How Do Guidance Already Touch Your Life? Part IV

  1. My guidance comes from everywhere and anywhere. When ever I am having feelings from my heart. And synchronisity when I am looking for something and have know idea where it is and all of a sudden there it is. And when I look through my third eye and I am very quiet and still in my heart space. Even if I don’t see anything except colours. I always get some kind of information. Even if I think it’s insignificant I try to think what it could mean. Sometimes it takes a very long time but in the end it is so worth it. And know matter what it makes me feel good. Like I am a part of something so beautiful. And I am so thankful. ❤

  2. I think my guidance comes through a barely perceptible awareness, a fleeting thought that I dismiss so easily.

  3. I receive subtle urges and thoughts. Ah-Ha feelings. A sure feeling of alignment (can almost feel things clicking together into place). I notice amazing synchronicities in my life. I have a ringing in my ears and sometimes a clicking that I believe is coming from my guides and angels. It started after I started feeling them near me.

  4. My guides provide feelings. Intense feelings or thoughts. Verbal answers as thoughts. I just need to listen more

  5. My guidance comes as a little feeling sometimes with a little light and sometimes with a wisp of air. Other times I just know and act on impulse, often cringing later, but knowing that it will turn out for the best.

  6. My guidance comes in a variety of ways – It always makes me smile as something I was wanting is suddenly given to me or appears “out of nowhere”. I usually use the rule of thumb, if I hear the message 3 times, I must follow it and/ or relate it to the person for whom I received it. I pass it on and let them do whatever they wish with the information. When I’m teaching my severely disabled students, I count on my guidance as there is no other avenue through which to know what they truly need.
    I live a guided life, when I get out of the way and center myself in the present moment.

  7. My guides come to me through feelings, sound, a knowing, seeing, synchronicities. I have felt odd at times as reading other authors seemed to indicate that you could only receive guidance through one sense but I am able to receive through several senses. For a long time I had taken this to mean that I was not receiving guidance. However, that has now changed. I am whom I am and the way I receive is relevant to me and is as it should be.

  8. Guidance comes to me Naturally by things I pick up by ear, people who show up perfect strangers

  9. everyday i have small white feathers in my paddock , so i say hello to my angels guide ,then i can say i have dreams, thought that pop in my head , the smell of roses suddenly in the place where i am , response in songs or books

  10. So far, I would say I’m at the very beginning of getting to know my conscious self. How I receive guidance is very similar to other comments. I wonder if I haven’t been eavesdropping on other people’s Guides because I didn’t believe it possible for me! This is invigorating and clearing to be on this journey with you, Sonia and the Others who are experiencing the class. I’m thrilled the tech seems to be working better for me now, too. I am relaxing! I loved the snow storm story. Oh wow!

    1. same… I loved that snow storm story so much!!!

  11. 1. How does guidance come to me so far? Coincidences, dreams, gut feelings, thoughts that pop into my head, books I’m drawn to.

  12. My guides come in many ways. they come through whispers, they are little ideas that come out of no where. Some of those whispers have been life changing, brought great surprises to my life.
    They also come through animals I very often attract bees and butterflies .
    Also certain books.
    And sometimes strangers that come to talk to me for no reason.
    I am looking forward to intentionally nourishing this relationship.
    Thank you Sonia

  13. My guides really make me feel comfortable. I can feel more and more of them sending or showing things to make me giggle more. Who doesn’t truly want that? When I see eagles or hawks soaring it’s a real reminder to let my heart relax.
    Paragraphs in books that make my mind really think, oh wow, I was supposed to hear that.

    1. I have been doing a lot of work on myself. I now realize I’ve been more connected then I thought. When I first moved to California a few years ago, I started a healing journey. I read accounts of people talking to angels, seeing angels an then some. I was ticked off, how come they all know this stuff an I don’t ? It lit a bigger fire in me to learn more.
      I get my guidance many ways, often I just know, it comes to me and I don’t know how but I know. Often I get a urge to start something an suddenly in in Colorado.

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